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Junko Misaki (岬 順子 Misaki Junko) is a detective of Police Department Investigations Second Division who chasing after Shu Amagi's relationship with Roidmudes.


Junko is first seen tracking Shu Amagi with Shinnosuke Tomari and Genpachiro Otta, who runs a popular matchmaking service called Lover's Castle. Despite this, no evidence has been found proving Shu to be a Roidmude.

At Kuruma Driver's License Center, she furiously coerced the whole Unit to investigate Lover's Castle when a metal spoon dropped, making her crazy which made her comatose and hospitalized. Genpachiro deduced that all the earlier victims turned crazy after hearing a metallic sound. Shinnosuke explained that Voice/Shu Amagi hypnotized women with his hypnotic voice to make them see him as their ideal man while taking advantage of this to rob their money. Anyone who is affected by his voice would be sensitive to metal clattering sounds, with Detective Misaki being one of the victims affected.

Sometimes later, as Drive was about to deliver a blow to Voice, female victims under Voice's control came in and held them off, including Junko. Although she was eventually saved by the Kamen Riders and Kiriko Shijima.

Behind the Scenes


Junko Misaki is portrayed by Misato Tate (建 みさと Tate Misato).



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