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"You're joking, right!?
"It's the truth."
"No way. No, I don't want to die!
―Jungo's reaction to Kiriya's prognosis.[src]

Jungo Aihara (藍原 淳吾 Aihara Jungo) was a friend of Kiriya Kujo who fell victim to the Game Disease around the time of Zero Day. After learning of his potentially fatal illness from Kiriya, who had discovered it via files he took from the Ministry of Health, Jungo panicked and ran away which resulted in his death as he was caught up in a traffic accident before he could sucuumb to the Bugster Virus.

Behind the Scenes


Jungo Aihara is portrayed by Kenji Shio (塩 顕治 Shio Kenji).



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