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Amazon Omega's Junglaider (Green Eyes)

Amazon Neo's Junglaider (Yellow Eyes)

Junglaider (manga)

The Junglaider (ジャングレイダー Jangureidā) is Kamen Rider Amazon Omega and Amazon Neo's Rider Machine in Kamen Rider Amazons. A high-tech motorcycle, it synchronizes with the user's Amazon Cells and thoughts.


The Junglaider is unveiled by Shogo Kano to Haruka after Reika Mizusawa admits him to the Nozama Peston Service, with Haruka proceeding to ride it for the first time to catch up with the exterminators engaging the Ant Amazons. COLONY OF ANTS


  • Maximum Speed: 437 km/h
  • Horsepower: 187ps (127.5kw)
  • Base Model: Honda XR250


  • Jun Searcher (ジャンサーチャー Jan Sāchā): Head lights + sensor. It shoots a special beam to scan the surrounding, and catch hiding enemies in the dark.
  • Cowlraider (カウルレツダー Kaurureidā): Junglaider's armor parts for protecting the "inside". Also minimizes air resistance.
  • Grader Seat (グレイダーシート Gureidā Shīto): Seat of bike that transforms based on the Rider's posture and movements.
  • Boost Winger (ブーストウィンガー Būsuto Uingā): Booster unit of the bike that compress and detonate energy comes from the engine.
  • Sprin Tire (スプリンタイヤ Supurin Tāiya): Transforms based on road conditions.
  • AMZ-NP: Engine of the bike. The mysterious crystal "Inti-stone" provides a large amount of energy with a small amount of fuel. The bike can run for a month with 1 cup of gasoline.

Behind the scenes

In popular culture

Kamen Rider Alpha & Omega in Crayon Shin-chan.jpg

A toy of Amazon Omega on the Junglaider alongside Amazon Alpha makes a cameo in the anime spin-off, Crayon Shin-chan Gaiden: Omocha War; coincidentally also released on Amazon Prime like Amazons.


  • Junglaider is a portmanteau of "jungle" and "raider".
  • The engine sound of Junglaider sounds like the beasts' growl.
  • Junglaider shares the same red color scheme of Amazon Alpha. Ironically, Alpha doesn't have a Junglaider.


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