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Jun Shigeno (繁野 ジュン Shigeno Jun) is a second-year student who is Miu's sidekick and fellow member in the cheerleading squad. She comes off as an airhead with a hearty appetite, but is left in charge of the cheerleaders by Miu since there was are no other substitutes for the moment, while Miu decides to spend more time in her role as the Kamen Rider Club President. As Miu's term is about to end, she comments on how much the squad improved on Jun's watch.

Behind the scenes


Jun Shigeno is portrayed by Arisa Fujisaki (藤嵜 亜莉沙 Fujisaki Arisa).


Jun Shigeno was named in homage to Shigeru Tama, a character from Kamen Rider V3.

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