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Judgment Received! (下されたJudgment!, Kudasareta Jajjimento!) is the thirty-second episode of Kamen Rider Ex-Aid. It features the debut of Masamune Dan as Kamen Rider Cronus, Genm Zombie Action Gamer Level X-0, Graphite Level 99, Ride-Player Haima Kagami, and the final appearance of Ren Amagasaki/Lovelica[1].


Ex-Aid and crews have gained the right to challenge the advanced Bugsters in order to clear Kamen Rider Chronicle. The three advanced Bugsters are Parado, Graphite, and Lovelica. The time of the final battle against the four Kamen Riders is at hand! At last, the curtain rises on the scene of the last battle! However, a disturbing darkness suddenly begins to appear...


Masamune Dan is released from prison as Ren Amagasaki, Graphite, and Parado prepare to enter the fray of Kamen Rider Chronicle themselves. At CR, Kuroto says that the Proto Gashats were confiscated from him by the Ministry of Health when they raided his hideout, Hiiro deflecting questions of him wanting to revive Saki. An emergency call leads the doctors to find Para-DX Perfect Knock Out Gamer Level 99, Lovelica, and Graphite toying with a lone Ride-Player with a bad back; Emu, Hiiro, and Taiga become Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99, Brave Fantasy Gamer Level 50, and Snipe Simulation Gamer Level 50 as Graphite takes a new red form, Guren Graphite. Ex-Aid and Para-DX fight as even opponents; Snipe fights Graphite, Graphite revealing he is now Level 99; and Brave faces Lovelica, his attacks as useless as ever. Hiiro and Taiga are knocked out of their transformations, when the Ride-Player races in again and tells Para-DX to stop, getting slapped aside, his transformation reverting to reveal Director Kagami; Hiiro calls a retreat.

Director Kagami is diagnosed with Lovelica's infection, begging them not to let the Ministry know he's been playing the banned Kamen Rider Chronicle; he joined to win and bring back Saki for Hiiro, but accomplished nothing. Hiiro asks his father to get the Proto Gashats from the Ministry for Saki's sake; he also reveals to Emu and Asuna that his father is who he's always looked up to as a doctor. Masamune has returned to his old desk in Genm Corp., his employees welcoming him back and begging for help against the ineffective new CEO. Ren confronts him and, threatened with the Bugvisor II, reveals it can only be used by Bugsters. CR goes over its game plan: they have 9 Gashatrophies, and need the last four from Lovelica, Graphite, and both of Parado's forms to challenge the final boss and clear Kamen Rider Chronicle, and they'll need a team effort, deciding to target Lovelica first to cure the Director. Kuroto describes the final boss, Gamedeus, an omniscient, omnipotent god that no one can defeat, leaving only tales of valiant attempts and noble losses for those who try; only Kamen Rider Cronus has the power to defeat Gamedeus, but he can only be used by someone immune to all Bugster virus strains. The Riders and Bugsters prepare for their fight, even as word comes in that the Proto Gashats have vanished from the Ministry's possession, secretly taken by Masamune.

Emu, Hiiro, Taiga, Kuroto, Parado, Graphite, and Ren assemble to fight, Asuna and Nico standing at the ready nearby. They transform into Ex-Aid and Para-DX Level 99, Brave and Snipe Level 50, and Genm Zombie Action Gamer Level X-0, Graphite and Ren becoming Bugsters, and the battle begins. Lovelica calls his "Lovely Girls", but Brave holds him back as Snipe blocks Graphite's attacks and Genm loses another life to keep Para-DX at bay, letting Ex-Aid use Maximum Mighty Critical Finish to Reprogram and delete the Lovely Girls from Lovelica's arsenal, removing his "fight by charm" technique and opening him to physical damage. Asuna and Nico attempt to enter the fight, but a sudden wave flows over the battlefield and turns it from day to night. Masamune walks between the fighters and declares the battle null and void, as Kamen Rider Chronicle is too valuable to let it end so early. Calling the fighters only by their Gashat names, he thanks Kuroto and the Bugsters for completing Kamen Rider Chronicle for him, the creator of Genm Corp. and owner of all of its products. He uses the Bugvisor II and master Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashat to become Kamen Rider Cronus Chronicle Gamer, explaining that he had infected himself with all strains of the Bugster virus 16 years ago and gained immunity to them. The Riders attack at once, but Cronus triggers "Pause", and in a flash the Riders have all been defeated. The Bugsters attack, but Cronus uses Pause again, freezing time around him; using the Bugvisor II, he shoots Para-DX with Beamgun Mode and slashes Graphite into the path of his own attack with Chainsaw Mode, the Bugsters remaining frozen in mid-impact. Walking to Lovelica, he says Toki Meki Crisis has lost its value and is discontinued, hitting him with Critical Crews-Aid before triggering Restart as time resumes flowing. The Bugsters are knocked down, but Lovelica fades away, curing Director Kagami; Graphite tries reviving Lovelica like normal, but nothing happens, Cronus explaining that those killed during a time freeze are suspended in permadeath without Continues, shocking Parado. Cronus claims control of Kamen Rider Chronicle and its participants before leaving.


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    • Unused
      • Speeding-Up, Iron-Body, Instigate, High-Jump, Muscular, Recover, Shrink, Giant, Invisible, Confusion, Emission, Separation, Dark, Stretch


  • The 'Dangerous Zombie' sound played before Dan pressed the button on the Gashat.


EA SYNG Screen.png

Cronus' silhouette in the opening sequence.

  • The opening sequence has been edited such that Ex-Aid, Brave, and Snipe now face Cronus instead of Para-DX Level 99.

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