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Although called the 53rd existence, there are actually multiple Undeads known as Joker Undead or simply called the Jokers (ジョーカー Jōkā), much like in a card deck.

If any of them were to win the Battle Fight, it would mark the end of all life on Earth, and the Battle Fight would be reset to begin anew.

Individual Jokers

Original Black Joker

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Sometimes referred as the Black Joker (ブラックジョーカー Burakku Jōkā), he is the true identity of Hajime Aikawa. Technically "wins" the Battle Royale at the end of the series when Giraffa is sealed, but Kenzaki's sacrifice allows Hajime to continue living as a human and need not be sealed, with the Spirit Human keeping him in line. In Missing Ace, he was initially sealed by Blade and remained so in the four-year timeskip. After being unsealed by Leangle to protect Amane from Glaive's assault, Hajime chose to sacrifice himself in order to make Jashin 14 vulnerable for the others to attack, it is unlikely he died however, considering Undead can't be killed. In the series Kenzaki became a Joker to put the Battle Fight at a stalemate, thereby ending it without sealing Hajime. However, this causes both Kenzaki and Hajime to not meet each other again. Since, they will be forced to fight until either one is dead, as they are now rivals.

Artificial Joker

Joker reappeared in Kamen Rider Decade in the World of Blade as the final evolution of BOARD CEO Hajime Shijo. Hajime stole the Garren and Leangle Buckles, and used the life forces of Hishigata and Mutsuki to complete the Joker Rouse card, which he used as Chalice to transform himself into the Joker Undead. After assuming the Joker's form, however, he was destroyed by Blade (as a Final Form Ride) and Decade.


In Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen, Joker is one of the monsters ressurected by Doktor G and becomes one of Dai-Shocker's Great Commanders. He takes on the GokaigerIcon-crosswikisuccessfully alongside other commanders. In the final battle, Joker is seen for the last time facing Red1Icon-crosswiki.

Although his human identity isn't named, the fact that he is one of Dai-Shockers resurrected monsters means that he must be Hajime Shijo, who was actually destroyed in the past.

Albino Joker

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Albino Joker

In Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace, another Joker was revealed. This one was white and pink compared to Hajime and is called the Albino Joker by fans. When the fight ended with Kenzaki sealing Hajime, the Albino Joker (アルビノジョーカー Arubino Jōkā) attacked Karasuma to release the Undead from their Rouse Cards in order to restart the fight. It was then revealed that this Joker is the true identity of Junichi Shimura, who became Kamen Rider Glaive to capture all 4 Category King Undead while targeting the King Categories and Amane Kurihara to awaken Jashin 14. He was defeated due to the sacrifices of Hajime and Kamen Rider Blade King Form but it is unknown whether he was sealed inside the Albino Joker card or destroyed alongside Jashin 14.

Second Black Joker

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In the finale of Kamen Rider Blade, Kazuma Kenzaki used his King Form to mutate into a Joker, referred to by fans as the Navy Joker (ネイビージョーカー Neibī Jōkā) in order for Hajime to stay with their friends. His Joker form is never seen but he is seen with a belt with green accents similar to when Hajime is in Joker form. However, according to the S.I.C. Hero Saga side story, Kenzaki's Joker form is the same as that of Hajime's Joker form, and whereas Hajime's Joker form wields a dagger, this Joker wields a sword, discontinuing the Navy Joker fandom.

It is later revealed that, due to his status as Joker, any world wihout Undead that Kenzaki enters will be destroyed as seen when he confronted Kuroto Dan in his Game World. Maze 3: Gorider Forever