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"Found you. You're my friend now."
―Jin while hacking HumaGears[src]

Jin ( lit. "Quick") is a HumaGear created by Horobi to carry out his orders as a member of the terrorist group After being conflicted with his relationship between him and Horobi, he is reprogrammed and forced to become Kamen Rider Jin (仮面ライダー迅 Kamen Raidā Jin).


A Humagear terrorist operative from, he spreads data that rewrites the base programming of the HumaGear, inputting them with evil conduct and ethics patterns that cause them to rampage and attack humans. He does destructive things while acting like a child.

Jin starts to act after the death of Korenosuke Hiden. He is granted a ZetsumeRiser and a Zetsumerise Keys by Horobi and sets out of Daybreak Town to hack Gut Buster Taro, having him turn into the Berotha Magia. Later as excitedly witnesses Kamen Rider Zero One's fight he is attacked by a Trilobite Magia, which he quickly overpowers and instantly kills with a gunshot to the head while laughing. I am the President and a Kamen Rider

After the first attack, Jin hacks Okureru and turns him into the Kuehne Magia, using him to attack the headquarters of Hiden Intelligence. Soon after the attack he witnesses an exchange between Aruto and Mamoru and hacks the HumaGear during the Kuehne Magia's second attack. He confronts Aruto during the attack and announces his position as a ruler of the new world before having Mamoru transform into the Ekal Magia. Footage of his exchange with Aruto is later used to expose to the public. Is AI The Enemy? The Ally?

After their existence has been revealed he asks Horobi if he is going to ignore Zero-One and A.I.M.S., which he confirms before sending Jin to collect more data. To that end, he hacks into Scissormenz to create the Neohi Magia and sends him on a rampage. After the Magia's first fight with Zero-One and Vulcan he orders him to create more "friends". After the Neohi Magia is defeated he collects his Zetsumerise Key. That Man, Sushi Chef

During a school trip to Daybreak Town's surroundings Jin hacks into the bus driver, Burs, creating the Onycho Magia and sends him to kill the students. Later he accompanies Horobi when Isamu Fuwa ventures into Daybreak Town to look for the truth about the accident. He waits behind while Horobi destroys the evidence, merely saying that Horobi's methods are harsh as they both leave the scene. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth

After witnessing Horobi transform into Kamen Rider Horobi, Jin starts to contemplate the idea of getting his own Progrise Key and talks to Horobi about it, but is instead sent to hack into Forest Brush G-Pen. After hacking into the Magia Jin confronts Aruto, holding him at gunpoint as he mockingly explains, in simple terms, that's plan is human extinction and forces the HumaGear to transform into the Vicarya Magia. During the fight, Jin attempts to steal the Biting Shark Progrise Key and almost succeeds.

Later Jin witnesses Zero One's first transformation using the Flaming Tiger Progrise Key and Vulcan using the Punching Kong Progrise Key to fight the Vicarya Magia, getting excited about Zero-One's new form.

When Jin returns to Daybreak Town he is warned by Horobi to not go after the Progrise Keys. He understands it as just being an assistant, but Horobi says that he is far more valuable, revealing that Jin is his son. His Passionate Path of Manga

Confused by the revelation, Jin searches for the meaning of son and learns about parents and family, asking Horobi if that makes him his father, which Horobi confirms and gives Jin permission to go after the Progrise Keys, much to his amusement.

When the HumaGear voice actress Seine Kanasawa is confronted by Isamu Fuwa regarding violation of A.I.M.S.'s A.I law and starts an argument with Aruto Hiden, Jin crashes the argument using a hacked taxi-driver HumaGear that transforms into a new Onycho Magia and fights the two riders, stealing Zero-One's Flying Falcon Progrise Key.

During the fight, Jin holds Seine and her "father" at gunpoint and prepares to hack her but when her "father" protects her, claiming that Seine is his child, Jin becomes hesitant, which allows them enough time to escape as he stands in place, confused.

After the Onycho Magia is destroyed Jin returns to Daybreak Town with the Flying Falcon Progrise Key and delights at the idea of now becoming stronger, however, his confusion in the previous fight leads him to ask Horobi if parents are supposed to protect their children, to which Horobi replies Jin is strong enough to not need protection and that they are not a usual family, telling him to pursue more Progrise Keys, to which Jin reacts with a silent nod.

Jin crashes Seine's audition by shooting from the crowd and hacks her with a ZetsumeRiser, however, when her father tries to stop her from using the Gaeru Zetsumerise Key, Jin spirals into confusion again and asks Aruto Hiden why her "father" is doing that, angering the Rider who tells Jin that protecting their children is what parents are supposed to do. That greatly affects Jin who in a moment of remorse attempts to remove the ZetsumeRiser from Seine to no success as she transforms into the Gaeru Magia

As Zero-One fights the Magia, Horobi appears before Jin, much to his delight, however, Horobi reveals that Jin is a HumaGear and hacks him using the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser, giving him the Flying Falcon Progrise Key. Jin uses his new arsenal to transform into Kamen Rider Jin and engage Zero-One, quickly overwhelming him in combat alongside the Gaeru Magia and attempting to remove his driver until Valkyrie interfered and fought off the Magia, leaving Jin with Zero-One. After the Gaeru Magia is destroyed Jin briefly fights Valkyrie as Vulcan join the fight and they use their combined finishers on him, failing as he simply dodges and flies away.

Back to Daybreak Town, Jin returns the Gaeru Zetsumerise Key to Horobi and is praised for his work, to which he happily replies they're one step closer to completing their plans, apparently returning to his old personality.I Want to Hear Your Voice

When Horobi introduces the Assassin-Type Humagear Jin gets amused at the idea of the Magia getting stronger as he learns and targeting Zero-One. When Jin sets out on his mission he takes along the new Magia, which he now calls Little Assassin, however he is quickly intercepted by Valkyrie and fight her, getting enraged when she uses the Freezing Bear Progrise Key to temporarily disable Little Assassin. The fight continues until Valkyrie distracts Jin long enough for a van to abduct the assassin without Jin noticing, leaving him confused enough for her to escape as Zero-One and Vulcan arrive. However, in a fit of panic, Jin flies away to search for the Magia, thinking Horobi would be angered if he lost him.

Later on Jin arrives right as another HumaGear, Kobe Sakamoto, awakens his self-awareness. He explains to Zero-One that has been targetting specifically those HumaGears and hacks Kobe, transforming him into the Mammoth Magia. Jin witnesses as Little Assassin, now transformed into the Dodo Magia suddenly joins the battle, much to his confusion. After the fight Jin retrieves the Dodo Zetsumerise Key and laments for Little Assassin still being too weak. He searches for the Mammoth Zetsumerise Key but can't find it, panicking at the idea of Horobi getting angry at him. I am a Hot-Blooded HumaGear Teacher!


Jin is a HumaGear, made to take the destruction of humanity as entertainment by Horobi. He also didn't hesitate to destroy a rampaging HumaGear who attacked him while laughing maniacally. Since learning that he's the son of Horobi, Jin started gaining a soft side for anything dubbed a child for temporary. However, Horobi used a MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser to bring Jin back on his side.

He also fears that making a single mistake will anger Horobi.


Flying Falcon

Flying Falcon

"Force Rise! Flying Falcon! Break Down."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Rider Height: 195.2 cm[1]
  • Rider Weight: 95.4 kg[1]

Ability Parameters

  • Punching Power: 9 t.[1]
  • Kicking Power: 30.1 t.[1]
  • Maximum Jump Height: 23.8 m.[1]
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m. per 4.1 sec.[1]

Flying Falcon (フライングファルコン Furaingu Farukon) is Jin's primary form accessed by using the Flying Falcon Progrise Key in the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser.

Jin can utilize a pair of mechanical wings called Scrambler (スクランブラー Sukuranburā) from his back that allow him to fly. He can also use them to throw feather-like projectiles at his opponent.

Flying Falcon consists of the following parts:

  • Falcon Head (ファルコンヘッド Farukon Heddo): The helmet.
    • Falcon Signal (ファルコンシグナル Farukon Shigunaru): The 'bird head' on top of the forehead. It is a control device that analyses information on the surroundings collected by the Falcon Finder (ファルコンファインダー Farukon Fainda) and flight status, it provides the wearer with data necessary for flight, such as route candidates, altitude, and wing shape.
    • Falcon Goggles (ファルコンヘッド Farukon Heddo): The silver frame that surrounds the Falcon Scope. The armor, which also functions as a wing, contains radar and visual equipment to protect the face and enhances Jin's flight abilities.
    • Falcon Scope (ファルコンスコープ Farukon Sukōpu): The eyes. They have excellent telephoto and target tracking capabilities. They also function as an imaging radar monitor, so that even if there is an altitude difference or distance, it is possible to track a locked-on target. This enables a homing kick that strikes the target from a high altitude.
    • Augment Top (アグメントトップ Agumento Toppu): The top of the helmet. It protects the user from corrosive liquids with a special fabric called Texta Wall (テキスタウォール Tekisuta Wōru) that has extremely low breath-ability and permeability. It also keeps the internal pressure higher than the external pressure by being airtight. In addition, the special coating reduces the reflection of radio waves and the emission of infrared rays, making it a form of stealth equipment.
    • Falcon Finder (ファルコンファインダー Farukon Fainda): The radar. By using several types of radar such as 3D radar and imaging radar, it can obtain information on flying objects, weather, and the ground. The information obtained here is sent to the Falcon Signal as needed.
    • Hearing Back (ヒアリングバック Hiaringu Bakku): The ear units. Hearing information is communicated to the wearer through the Restraint Cable.
  • Augment Suit (アグメントスーツ Agumento Sūtsu): The bodysuit. It is made out of a special fabric called Texta Wall (テキスタウォール Tekisuta Wōru) which has extremely low breathability and permeability, protecting Jin from corrosive acid. It also keeps internal pressure higher than the external pressure by being airtight. Additionally, the special coating applied to the surface reduces the reflection of radio waves and the emission of infrared rays, making the Augment Suit a form of stealth equipment.
  • Force Arm (フォースアーム Fōsu Āmu): The arms. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser, the wearer's strength is increased by approximately 4.8 times.
  • Force Leg (フォースレッグ Fōsu Reggu): The legs. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser, the wearer's leg strength is increased by approximately 6.4 times.
  • Force Grab (フォースグラブ Fōsu Gurabu): The gloves. They increase grip strength and tactile sensitivity by a factor of approximately 3 by receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser. The fingertips are protected with sharp armor and can be used as weapons.
  • Chain Blocker (チェインブロッカー Chein Burokkā): The armor pieces. By protecting the parts of the body that are subject to impact with thick armor and cutting unnecessary armor, the total protection capacity is maximized while at the same weight. The Chain Blockers' arrangement allows them to easily move according to the wearer's movements.
  • Core Breast (コアブレスト Koa Buresuto): The central chestpiece. It is the chain blocker control unit. The status of each part of the chain blocker is monitored periodically to control energy distribution. Also, if the damage accumulated exceeds a certain point, the transformation will be canceled to protect the user.
  • Landing Blocker (ランディングブロッカー Randingu Burokkā): The boots. They protect the feet and improve the wearer's running and kicking ability. In addition, the strength of the armor material is utilized to enable activities in extreme environments where humans cannot enter.
  • Restraint Cables (レストランケーブル Resutoran Kēburu): Black cables running through all parts of the body that transmit energy and information from the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser. In addition, taking advantage of its high toughness and ability to expand and contract freely, they have the role of constraining the utilized Progrise Key's Rider Model and tightly binding it to the wearer.

In this form Jin has a stronger punching power than Zero One's Rising Hopper form and the same speed, but his jump height and kicking power are far less. Jin makes up for the lack of jump height, however, with Flying Falcon's ability to fly.

This form has two finishers:

  • Flying Dystopia (フライーングディストーピーアー Furaingu Disutopia):
  • Flying Utopia (フライーングユートーピア Furaingu Yutopia):

Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 6-8






  • Horobi: Jin's creator and "father". Horobi usually works behind the scene, granting Jin the tools to hack HumaGears. When Jin developed an interest in having his own Progrise Key he is talked away from it by Horobi and later directly told to not pursue them, which he interprets as his role is that of just the assistant, however, Horobi reveals he values Jin far more as he is actually his father. Horobi reveals however that he is not beneath harming Jin if he deems fit, as shown when Jin became conflicted about his role and Horobi used the MetsubouJinrai ForceRiser to hack into him and force him into becoming Kamen Rider Jin. More than once Jin showed himself to be afraid of making mistakes because it would anger Horobi.


Behind the Scenes


Jin is portrayed by Daisuke Nakagawa (中川大輔 Nakagawa Daisuke). As Kamen Rider Jin, his suit actor is Eitoku (永徳 Eitoku), who was previously the main actor for most of the Phase 2 Heisei secondary Riders (with the exception of Beast, Mach, Specter, Brave, and Geiz).



  • Jin's name comes from the third kanji in the Japanese writing for "MetsubouJinrai" (滅亡迅雷).
  • Along with Horobi, Jin is the first Rider to have his name written in kanji since Fuma.
  • Horobi and Jin are the first riders since Kamen Rider Decade to be referred to as "Masked Rider" in promotional material.[3]
  • Jin shares a similar color scheme with Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
  • Despite being a HumaGear, he lacks the telltale earpieces.
    • This may be a result of Horobi modifying his form or could indicate he's an older model with modified memories to make even himself believe he's human.
    • However, it should be noted that Jin generally wears a hood around his head and also has large 'hair', so the earpieces might be present on him but remain covered all the time.
  • With the revelation that Jin is a HumaGear, Jin is the first non-human rider known in this season.
    • This makes Jin the first non-human rider in Reiwa Era.



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