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Jimmy Nakata (ジミー 中田 Jimī Nakata) is a musician.


Jimmy is a teen who thinks that he is a talented musician, when in fact his music is so terrible that it can knock birds out of the sky. He desperately tries to win first place on a show called Fuuuuuutic Idol with his song SPIK. He won the Fuuuuuutic Idol singing competition due to the Liar Dopant who was paid by Yukiho Sumida, a fan of Jimmy, to let Jimmy win by using his powers of suggestion on the judges. After learning that he had no talent for music he planned to give up on music altogether until Shotaro snapped him out it. Jimmy appeared on Fuuuuuutic Idol one last time singing another song. Jimmy then worked on his music with Yukiho and they both couldn't be happier.

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