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"Wake Up!"
―Sagarc's finisher announcement[src]

The Jacorder (ジャコーダー Jakōdā)[1] is an item that is inserted into Sagarc to evoke the transformation into Saga. In battle, it has two modes, the rapier-like Rod Mode (ロッドモード Roddo Mōdo) and the whip-like Bute Mode (ビュートモード Byūto Mōdo).


The Jacorder is composed of the following parts:

  • Key Grip (キーグリップ Kī Gurippu) - The grip. When touched, it will connect to Kamen Rider Saga's nervous system, allowing it to change from Rod to Bute Mode at Saga's discretion.
  • Dunamis Table (デュナミステーブル Deyunamisu Tēburu) - The blue circular section. It is a power generator that amplifies Saga's power received through the Key Grip, greatly increasing the Jacorder's strength and lethality.
  • Cobra Hammer (コブラハンマー Kobura Hanmā) - The pommel. It is composed of the extremely durable Lucifer Metal (ルシファーメタル Rushifā Metaru), and because of it's strength, can be used as a striking hammer. It is extremely lethal in close combat, and can pour energy from it's tip into an opponent on touch, destroying it.
  • Viper Tongue (バイパートング Baipā Tongu) - A red rod that extends from the Jacorder. It is made of Bloody Iron (ブラッディアイアン Buraddi Aian), a memory shape alloy that can change it's rigidness depending on Kamen Rider Saga's intention.


After using the Wake Up Fuestle, Saga turns day into night (complete with a crescent moon) as he executes his Snaking Death-Break (スネーキングデスブレイク Sunēkingu Desubureiku) attack with the destructive power of the Jacorder's two modes, piercing the target with Rod Mode before jumping through the Kiva insignia formed in midair to hang the target using the Bute Mode until it is destroyed. As the new Dark Kiva, Taiga continues to use the Jacorder as a weapon.


The Jacorder is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


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