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Kamen Rider Jaki (仮面ライダー蛇鬼 Kamen Raidā Jaki, lit. "Masked Rider Snake Demon") is an Oni Kamen Rider from Hong Kong. appearing in the Kamen Rider Hibiki stageshow. His original name is Jacky Zhang (ジャッキー・ジャーン Jakkī Jan).

Kamen Rider Jaki


Unlike most modern Oni, Jaki's standard weapon is a saber. At an unknown time he was brainwashed by Mujaki into becoming her slave.


His Rider name is a homonym of the Japanese word Jaki (邪気 lit."evil")



Jaki in the show

  • The family name of Jaki, Zhang, is Mandarin Pinyin of , which also spell Cheung in Cantonese, a common language being used in Hong Kong, while Jacky Cheung is a famous singer.
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