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The J-Spirit (Jスピリット Jei Supiritto) is Kamen Rider J's transformation belt. It takes the form of a rhinestone belt buckle placed on Kouji's waist upon his transformation and revived by the Earth Spirits.

It is powered by a sacred crystal gem in its center, given to Kouji by the female Earth Spirit. This gem channels the holy J Power energy from the life force and spiritual energy of the planet Earth and its life forms. By channeling J Power, Kouji can transform into his Rider form and by drawing an even larger amount of J Power, can change into his Jumbo Formation giant form. Kouji can also use J Power from his belt to transform his motorcycle into the J-Crosser.


  • The J-Spirit is unique in that, unlike most Rider transformation belts, it does not retain its shape upon transformation. Instead, only its crystal remains on J's body while the rest of the belt becomes part of it.
  • While it is not very clear or stated outright, the belt's J Power seems to give Kouji some level of a healing factor. In the film, whenever Kamen Rider J took severe damage, after transforming again or absorbing more J Power, all his injuries healed.


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