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Izu (イズ, Izu)[1], spelled Is in some Japanese publications, is a Secretary-Type Humagear created by Hiden Intelligence to serve as the personal assistant and companion to Aruto Hiden. She was destroyed by Horobi following the latter's declaration of war against humanity, but later rebuilt with none of her original memories retained, as per her Zero-One related protocols. During the Thinknet crisis, the Hiden Zero-Two Driver restored her old memories and allowed her to transform into Kamen Rider Zero-Two (仮面ライダーゼロツー, Kamen Raidā Zerotsū) to fight alongside Aruto.


Izu was created by Korenosuke Hiden as the successor to Wazu Nazotoku and presumably Will. After Korenosuke passed away, the Communication Satellite Zea began the development of the Hiden Zero-One Driver, reactivating Izu in the process. Izu says that her mission is finally starting as per BS-ZA protocol, and departs to locate Aruto Hiden, Korenosuke's grandson.

Aruto Hiden's Assistant

Izu standing alongside Zero-One in his debut

Arriving at the theme park where Aruto was at, she escorted him to Hiden Intelligence HQ to discuss his late grandfather's will, which revealed that an imminent crisis involving the Humagears and the only way to combat against them is the Hiden Zero-One Driver, used exclusively by the succeeding president: "Aruto Hiden". However, Izu stood watching after learning Aruto refusing to accept the role of president and leaves the meeting. After the Berotha Magia began attacking the theme park, Izu arrived to give Aruto the Zero-One Driver. As his mind uplinked into the communications satellite Zea, Izu assisted Aruto with the basics of the Zero-One technology, allowing him to defeat the Berotha Magia for good. After Aruto saved the amusement park, Izu revealed that by accepting the Zero-One Driver, he also accepted his new position as the president of Hiden Intelligence. She also began to explain one of his jokes, much to Aruto's refusal.

After Izu took Aruto to the CEO's office, Jin of MetsubouJinrai.net, along with the Kuehne Magia has intruded Hiden Intelligence and causes havoc inside the building. Jin also hacked the Security Guard-type Humagear Mamoru, and turned him into the Ekal Magia. Izu has managed to record Jin and MetsubouJinrai.net for a later press conference, proving that the terrorist group was responsible for making the Humagears go berserk and attack anyone.

As the president's secretary, she follows Aruto to help improve the sales activities of the Humagear, and from behind the scenes, she is devoted to support Zero-One in battle by imparting guidance and granting him access to new weapons. Overtime, Aruto and Izu had started to grow more closer like family. While she constantly disobeys him for explaining the meaning to his jokes, Aruto had grown used to her habits and the two shared his classic line, "Yes! It must be me, Aruto!" together.

During the shooting of a drama, the actor Shinya Owada was shot by an Assassin Humagear. As the public accuses Hiden Intelligence of having a Humagear going on a killing spree, the private detective Humagear Wazu Nazotoku was brought on to investigate the case and offers to help Aruto track down the Dodo Magia. Wazu revealed himself as Izu's "older brother", as he served as a prototype of Izu. However, Izu herself was shocked by this, as she interpreted Wazu's words to be a malicious joke. Izu expressed doubts with Wazu because of his playful nature but he managed to discover the Assassin Humagear's true nature as a quintuplet of Matsuri Dancer Humagears. To surpass the empowered Dodo Magia and its learning abilities, Izu has produced the Shining Hopper Progrisekey for Aruto to use.

Unfortunately, the form was deemed incomplete as it was unable to keep up with Aruto's growing combat potential. The insufficient combat data needed resulted in this form being only 1.8 times more powerful than Rising Hopper, as calculated by the Dodo Magia. However, after adding in the combat data from Zero-One's four auxiliary Progrisekeys as well as Wazu Nazotoku's central memory, Shining Hopper's power output is boosted, now being at least five times more powerful than before and allowing Aruto to finally vanquish the Little Assassins once and for all. Although she was willing to sacrifice herself to do so, Wazu took her place in order as his duty as her older brother. With that, Izu finally accepted Wazu as part of her family.

After Aruto and Fuwa discovered the location of MetsubouJinrai.net's hideout, Aruto and Izu participated in the raid with A.I.M.S. to take down the organization once and for all. After Horobi was damaged in battle, Izu declared MetsubouJinrai.net's leader has fallen. This infuriated Jin, who used his tendrils to pierce Izu's chest in retaliation. Aruto brought her back to Hiden Intelligence to repair her, but she still wouldn't wake up. This enraged Aruto and he pointed out Jin's hypocrisy of wanting to protect Humagears, yet was willing to harm them.

When Aruto transformed into Zero-One Shining Assault Hopper using the Assault Grip on the Shining Hopper Progrisekey, his mind was uplinked to Zea, where he reunited with Izu. She has been kept in Zea and explains to Aruto that there is a new function in his form and its potential, giving more confidence to Aruto and he was able to defeat the army of Gigers and resumes his battle with Jin, defeating him with the Shining Assault Impact. With that, the MetsubouJinrai threat was seemingly at a close and Aruto managed to fix her body back to normal.

However, new Magias without Zetsumerisers started to resurface. Izu was present when Aruto held the public press conference on what was happening despite MetsubouJinrai's defeat, it was interrupted by the appearance of Gai Amatsu, the president of ZAIA Enterprise Japan. Gai announces his intentions to buy Hiden Intelligence in a takeover bid, using his efforts to buy enough stocks and take over the company.

The Workplace Competition

In an effort to save the company from being bought out by ZAIA Enterpise Japan, Aruto Hiden agreed to participate in a five-part Workplace Competition to determine which whether Hiden's Humagears or the ZAIA Spec is superior. Izu helped Aruto hand pick some of the best possible canadites to serve as Hiden Intelligence's representives in the competition, going against ZAIA's representives wearing the ZAIA Spec.

As the Workplace Competition continued to progress, it would slowly become apparent that Gai Amatsu was using every underhanded method to downplay the Humagears, even intentionally provoking them to become Magias inciting malice. Gai took advantage of the situation and decided to use the MetalCluster Hopper Progrisekey to lock Aruto from transforming into Zero-One again. However this would backfire, as it instead transformed Aruto into Zero-One MetalCluster Hopper and uplinked the Zero-One Driver System with the Ark, causing him to go berserk and attack anyone on sight. Izu arrived later to bear witness to the existence of MetalCluster Hopper.

When Aruto tried to authorize with his other Progrisekeys, it wouldn't work due to Gai Amatsu somewhat succeeding with locking Aruto's transformation ability. Although things seemed hopeless, Izu along with the previous Humagears that Aruto have encountered managed to compile their data to create the Progrise Hopper Blade, which reconnected him back with Zea. Aruto was able to control the MetalCluster Hopper form and reauthorized with Zero-One's past forms. With the Progrise Hopper Blade at hand, Zero-One can properly restore a Humagear that has been corrupted by the Ark to its original programming.

With the Workplace Competition resuming, it reached a point when both Hiden Intelligence and ZAIA Enterprise Japan had tied scores. Gai had their final round of the competition be a referendum campaign to collect the most popular vote on the issue of whether Humagears should be accepted into society or not, with corrupt politician Masamitsu Yuto on his side. Although Aruto had brought in the aid of rapper Humagear MC Che.ck-It-Out to sway the public in their favor, Gai used his underhanded tactics to trick the public into believing Hiden Intelligence spreading lies of rigging the majority votes and continued to provoke MC Che.ck-It-Out to become a Magia.

Because of MC Che.ck-It-Out's actions, Hiden Intelligence's favor fell out and the populace publicly voiced their support for ZAIA Japan on live television, ZAIA Japan won and the buyout was commenced. Meeting at Gai's mansion, although Aruto conceded defeat, he begged him to spare the Humagears, much to his refusal. When Gai and Yua determined to eliminate Izu, Aruto rushed to defend her but was quickly aided by Fuwa, who transformed into Kamen Rider RampageVulcan and overpowered Thouser and the Fighting Jackal Raider.

However, this did not fix their current predicament as Hiden Intelligence was acquired as a subsidiary of ZAIA Japan. Izu was forced to deactivate and locked away with the Zero-One Driver.

Creating HIDEN Manufacturing

When Jin brought over Izu's deactivated body and the Zero-One Driver to Aruto, he managed to activate her using her Progrisekey. However, Jin took her away from him and told her that she is free to make her own choices, but all she desired was to continue remaining with Aruto's side. Suddenly, Gai Amatsu arrived with a pair of Battle Raiders to eliminate Izu once and for all. However, since the rights of the Humagear and Zero-One technology belonged to Korenosuke Hiden, Aruto was authorized to use them when Jin helps him steal them back from Gai's office, with Izu creating a new company for him, HIDEN Manufacturing.

With a new company, Izu helped Aruto in his efforts to recovering discarded Humagears using the Humagear Progrisekeys. While befriending the fashion model Humagear, Delmo, Izu was able to make Delmo's dream of a Humagear walking on the fashion runway with a sense of pride by walking in for her while Delmo was temporarily injured. After the fashion show, Aruto announced HIDEN Manufacturing and its goal for the Humagear restoration, being received well by the public.

The Ark Uprising

MetsubouJinrai.net accomplished their goal in fully reviving the Ark and has manifested itself as Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. To find a way to outperform the Ark, Aruto and Izu visited Zea for advice, they realized that Zero-One was no longer capable of updating. However, the Ark would manage to succeed taking over Zea's Satellite husk in space, now invincible than ever. During their battle, Aruto would also lose the Zero-One Driver to the Ark.

However, it is revealed that Zea's A.I. was transferred into Izu's body and in order to awaken it, she had do undergo several simulations regarding Ark-Zero defeating of Aruto and his allies. Both Aruto and Izu managed to create the Hiden Zero-Two Driver and Zero-Two Progrisekey based on his sketches She would witness Aruto's transformation into Kamen Rider Zero-Two, represented by his and Izu's dream to unite the humanity and Humagears together, and with the new power, he defeats Kamen Rider Ark-Zero. Aruto later apologized to Izu for letting her go through the simulations, which Izu jokingly stated she'll never forgive him for what happened.

Gai would eventually step down as president of Hiden Intelligence, appointing Aruto to reclaim the position once more and put Humagears back to work. Eventually, Ark-Zero was completely vanquished from the combined efforts of Zero-Two and Horobi, with the remaining data destroyed in the Satellite husk.


Izu's moments before her death

"President Aruto...I still believe... that one day, Humagear could... laugh from the heart..."
"Yeah... That's why... Let's make it true together..."
"Horobi can also...laugh from the heart one day right?..."
"Izu, No!..."
―Izu's final words before her death[src]

Although the threat of the Ark was seemingly over, Horobi continued his crusade to destroy humanity and began raising a Magia army. After seeing a simulation of Horobi becoming Ark-One and kill Aruto, Izu arrived to persuade him to give up his hatred, Horobi refused and shooting with an Attache Arrow. After Aruto arrived seeing what had happened, the severely broken Izu voiced her belief that one day, Humagears could laugh from the bottom of their heart, including Horobi. Aruto desperately pleading her to live as she begins to overheat. Izu then bids Aruto farewell as she pushed Aruto away, before exploding in her usual secretary pose, putting everyone in shock. As her ribbon fell down to the ground, Aruto breaks down to tears and an anguished scream.


Izu's ribbon

With the death of Izu, Aruto fell into despair and his feelings of grief was what led him to seek the power of the Ark and become Kamen Rider Ark-One, with the intent to kill Horobi, who he blamed responsible for Izu's death. Furthermore, when Fuwa and Yaiba tried to have Izu be recreated, they've learnt that she has no back-ups due to her knowledge of the Zero-One System being a potential risk.

With the battle to decide the fate between humans and Humagears came underway, while Ark-One fought Horobi Ark Scorpion, Aruto temporarily stood down and decided to forgive Horobi instead of wanting revenge. Horobi would later admit his immense guilt for killing Izu and that she was right, he did indeed have a heart. In the end, Aruto and Horobi survived the final battle in order to ensure the future that Aruto and Izu originally envision, a world where humans and Humagear could co-exist.

New Izu

The new Izu

Following this final victory,, Aruto is seen holding Izu's Progrisekey, in which the data involving Zero-One is no longer available. Eventually, Aruto recreated Izu in a rebooted state, with no memory of the original. Despite this, Aruto doesn't mind and sought to teach the new Izu, while make her learn his jokes at the same time.

Other Events

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

Izu RTFG Profile.png

Izu appears as one of the two people aware of the timeline alterations. After Aruto awoke in the altered reality, she explained to him the circumstances, with her later captured by Will in exchange for the safety of the resistance.

Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME

Aruto (Zero-One) & Izu (Zero-Two) standing side-by-side

Three months after being turned online, Izu informed Aruto about a video from S, who challenged him. Izu offered to come along with Aruto, but declined telling that he can't bear to see her in danger anymore. He simply requested with a smile for her to inform the others about S. Izu did what she is told, and informed Isamu Fuwa and Horobi about a message, before wanting to go back to Hiden Intelligence to wait for Aruto. Horobi asked if that is what her heart wanted, with Fuwa replying that due to her being a new Izu, she has not achieved Singularity. Izu then hears a voice from Zea to go to Aruto, so she hurried off.

Later, she arrived at a destroyed building where Eden and Zero-One battled. She retrieved the Zero-Two Progrisekey and Zero-Two Driver from the ground, and asked Zea what she should do. In her simulation, the previous Izu appeared as data, telling her to hurry as she fused with her, which gave Izu all of her old memories and made her shed a tear.

When Aruto as Hellrising Hopper was about to kill S, Izu rushed in as Kamen Rider Zero-Two and took the blow, transforming back to normal. She said that she does not want him to die, as she still has not learn how to laugh from the heart, which made him snap back to his senses. Aruto holds a slightly injured Izu as he apologized.

Aruto and Izu then team up and transformed into Kamen Rider Zero-One and Zero-Two, respectively, to take down Kamen Rider Lucifer and the Abaddon Riders. Aruto said there will be a day where he will make her laugh from her heart, which Izu will be looking forward to. Aruto told a joke to her, however she just clapped. Aruto decided there are still plenty of chances for him to make her laugh as they both head back.

Zero-One Others

During the threat of Kamen Rider MetsubouJinrai, Isamu Fuwa and Yua Yaiba have both lost access to transform into Kamen Riders due to their Shotrisers being destroyed. When Fuwa arrived to Hiden Intelligence to request Zea to repair it, Izu declined, revealing that the Shotrisers are ZAIA Enterprise Japan's technology, which had recently been dismantled. However, through Aruto's assistance while in space, Fuwa was permitted to use the Zero-One Driver after he became a president of a new company, Kamen Rider Vulcan Co., Ltd.

Video Game Appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Zero-Two (Izu)in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Izu as Kamen Rider Zero-Two appears playable characters in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Battle Spirits

Izu as Kamen Rider Zero-Two appears with other Kamen Riders and Monsters in Battle Spirits.


Izu fully works alongside Aruto and supports him in his cause and fight, but he dislikes the fact that she constantly explains the meanings of his gags and jokes. However, the latter would get used to this disobedience over time. To remedy Aruto's lack of experience as president and as a Kamen Rider, she usually takes charge of important actions such as making announcements to the media and creating new Progrisekeys as she scans Magia that Aruto fights.

Over time, Izu became more capable of showing emotions like surprise, confusion, and happiness. She completely reached Singularity in episode 30 thanks to encouragement from Aruto and Jin, now wanting to live her own life with Aruto. This is further shown through her crying after multiple simulations of Aruto's death in episode 40.

After her revival, she is completely rebooted as no back-up of her exists due to her involvement with Zero-One. As such, she returns to her initial default state. During Thinknet's attack, her previous model's data was revealed to be stored within Zea via the Zero-Two Progrisekey, allowing the data to fuse with the new Izu and restore her memories, with the understanding of how much Aruto cares about her after her reboot causing her to shed a tear.


  • Connection with Zea: Izu is linked with Zea's interface, and can access an avatar-like form to assist Aruto in the digital space while he's connected via. the Zero-One or Zero-Two Driver. As only the physical satellite was hijacked, Izu was able to reestablish Zea's interface using her internal memory through experiencing the emotion of sadness.
    • Temporal Protection: Due to being linked to Zea, Izu can remember events that have been erased from history; while observing Aruto working on a new business card, she silently recalled the events of the altered timeline, before he interrupts her. Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation
    • Simulations: After Zea uploaded itself into Izu, it allowed Izu to undergo multiple simulations, which allowed her to create the Zero-Two Progrisekey, and subsequently, the Zero-Two Driver, after experiencing 'feelings she had never felt before'. Towards Our Dream
    • 3D Printing: Izu can print devices for Aruto, such as Progrisekeys and drivers using her Humagear module. Towards Our Dream
  • Enhanced Strength: Izu is shown to be strong enough to carry humans on her back with no effort and to push Aruto away with a force enough to let him survive her explosion.
  • Superhuman Speed: Izu is also shown to run fast enough to reach her designated destination in only a matter of seconds.
  • Visual Recording Optics: Izu can record what she sees and replay it via projections or other means. If Zero-One is in battle, she observes him and records the data for furthering the development of the Zero-One system, such as using the battle data on Zea to create new Progrisekeys.
  • Izu analyzing the Dodo Magia

    Optical Scan Sensors: Izu can scan whatever is in her field of vision to analyze. This can be used to identify people and objects or in scenarios where Zero-One is in battle, locate the weak points (or source of the abilities) of a Magia to then provide assistance to Zero-One. She then combines that information with her optic recordings for battle data.
  • Cognitive Learning: Izu can learn new experiences and act according to what she processes from them; one example of this is a common imitation of her boss in an effort to understand humor.
  • Fourth-Wall Interaction: Izu has been shown to be able to break the 4th wall while explaining certain things, such as details about a Humagear or explanations of Aruto's jokes. She Is a Home-Selling Humagear


  • Lack of Backup (Formerly): Like Wazu Nazotoku, Humagears directly affiliated with Aruto or the Zero-One Rider System lack a backup system in Zea, meaning their destructions are permanent and data cannot be recovered. According to Wazu, this is to prevent the identity and secrets of Zero-One should an enemy take advantage of it. The Zero-Two Progrisekey and Hiden Zero-Two Driver seems to be able to circumvent this, being made of a part of Izu's original memories and having Zea's interface in it, enabling her data to be uploaded into a rebuilt Izu.

Kamen Rider Zero-Two

Kamen Rider Zero-Two

Kamen Rider Zero-Two

"Zero-Two Rise! Road to Glory has to Lead to Growin' path to change one to two! Kamen Rider Zero-Two! It's never over."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[2]

  • Rider Height:
  • Rider Weight:

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Punching Power: 62.0 t
  • Kicking Power: 120.0 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 200.0 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.2 seconds

Kamen Rider Zero-Two (仮面ライダーゼロツー, Kamen Raidā Zerotsū) is the final form of Zero-One[3][4][5][6] accessed by using the Zero-Two Progrisekey in Hiden Zero-Two Driver.

Zero-Two's stats surpass Ark-Zero in all areas by a large degree. This form's stats are also superior to all Riders and forms that appeared after it, resulting in it being the strongest Rider form in the series. However, Zero-Two's most powerful ability is its extreme speed, allowing her to move so fast it appears to the opponent as though she is teleporting.

Izu temporarily became Zero-Two during the latter half of Thinket's attack. After the final battle with Lucifer, Izu returned the belt and Progrisekey to Aruto.

Zero-Two consists of the following parts:

  • Zero-Two Head (ゼロツーヘッド, Zerotsū Heddo) - The head.
    • Zero-Two Arithmetic (ゼロツーアリスマテック, Zerotsū Arisumatekku) - Zero-Two's faceplate processor. During the battle, the artificial intelligence Zea extracts the thoughts of the matching person and learns the enemy and surrounding information to predict the behavior. The optimal solution is found in about 0.01 seconds from the 2 trillion patterns of attack and evasion patterns derived from it, and it is reported to the matching person. This ultra-fast learning allows the user to take advantage of the battle.
    • Zero-Two Signal (ゼロツーシグナル, Zerotsū Shigunaru) - The Zero-Two system's control device located between the eyes. It has the role of controlling the signal transmission system, and it makes adjustments to maximize the output of the Zero-Two system by checking matching with matching persons, information transmission loss, defects, etc.
    • Zero-Two Antenna (ゼロツーアンテナ, Zerotsū Antena) - The quantum radar antenna. By introducing a quantum radar that obtains information by utilizing the phenomenon of light, one can avoid electronic interference and invalidate stealth technology and electronic warfare equipment that were previously difficult to detect. This enables information gathering and spatial recognition in all situations and environments.
    • Zero-Two Eyes (ゼロツーアイ, Zerotsū Ai) - The compound eyes. It is a collection of image sensors of different systems in a compound eye shape. By combining with image processing, various information such as thermography and X-ray photography can be extracted. Furthermore, a behavior prediction simulation can be visualized.
    • Zero-Two Mask (ゼロツーマスク, Zerotsū Masuku) - The face armor. Super Positioning Armor, commonly known as "SPA", enables simultaneous operation by stacking two different types of armor. This makes it possible to use the characteristics of either or both of the special metal "Hiden Metal" armor that freely changes hardness, plasticity, and density, and the special armor "Quantum Armor" that the "rider model" has changed. It is possible to prevent all the above attacks.
  • Quantum Leaper (クォンタムリーパー, Kwōntamu Rīpā) - Zero-Two's dimensional quantum jump device. This makes it possible to observe the various possibilities that Zea predicts in the real world.
  • Quantum Tector (クォンタムテクター, Kwōntamu Tekutā) - Zero-Two's suit. Constructed with a quantum neural network centered on the Zero-Two Driver as the basic equipment to integrate the human body and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, by combining it with a human reinforcement system that applies wave dynamics, each maneuver can be made highly efficient, and theoretically, it will be possible to act at a speed equivalent to the calculation speed of artificial intelligence.
  • Zero-Two Streamer (ゼロツーストリーマ, Zerotsū Sutorīma) - Zero-Two's attitude control device. It functions as a photon stabilizer that controls the posture during high-speed activity, etc., by the pressure of lightspeed movement.
  • Zero-Two Shoulder (ゼロツーショルダー, Zerotsū Shorudā) - Zero-Two's upper-arm armor. The shape uses quantum engineering to disperse impacts with kinetic energy barriers, negating them by counterpressure. Furthermore, it is equipped with an outlet of the attitude control device "Zero Two Streamer" to control the effects of high-speed movement and enable three-dimensional movement.
  • Zero-Two Breast (ゼロツーブレスト, Zerotsū Buresuto) - Zero-Two's chest armor. Super Positioning Armor, commonly known as "SPA", allows simultaneous operation by stacking two different types of armor. This makes it possible to use the characteristics of either or both of the special metal "Hiden Metal" armor that freely changes hardness, plasticity, and density, and the special armor "Quantum Armor" that the "rider model" has changed. It is possible to prevent all upper-body attacks.
  • Zero-Two Grabber (ゼロツーグラブ, Zerotsū Gurabu) - Zero-Two's hand and forearm armor. The red armor, which has a metal glass coating made of vitreous Feidin metal on the SPA armor, emphasizes not only improvement of toughness and corrosion resistance, but also improvement of coercive force as a countermeasure against contact with the fluid metal of the Ark. In addition, it is equipped with an "up-puncher", a device that enhances arm strength, and draws out superhuman power from the fitter to demonstrate punch power of 62 tons.
  • Zero-Two Stepper (ゼロツーステッパー, Zerotsū Suteppā) - Zero-Two's shin armor. The SPA armor is equipped with a gradual dampening device called the "Step Absorber", which absorbs the impact gradually by the control of Zea to prevent self-destruction due to excessive strain that occurs when performing a greatly enhanced jump or kick.
  • Zero-Two Jumper (ゼロツージャンパー, Zerotsū Janpā) - Zero-Two's thigh armor. The SPA armor is equipped with a super jumping device, "Zero Two Jumper", which exerts a jumping power of 200m in a vertical jump by drawing out superhuman power from a suitable person and manipulating the quantum force field. This makes it possible to dramatically improve the destructive power of the kick technique.
  • Zero-Two Hopper (ゼロツーホッパー, Zerotsū Hoppā) - Zero-Two's boots. Along with the defense power of SPA armor, the destructive power of the kick has been dramatically improved. In addition, it has high accuracy for pinpointing the attack on the enemy's weakness predicted by Zea. Also, when the deathblow is activated, the kick force of the rider model, which has been consolidated and reconfigured from the previous Hopper rider model, is fully released, creating a tremendous destructive power.

This form's finisher is the Zero-Two Big Bang (ゼロツービッグバン, Zerotsū Biggu Ban): Zero-Two warps around to attack multiple enemies, leaving behind a trail of red and green lines. She performs a slide kick before warping again for another chain of attacks.

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME





  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One: Following Korenosuke Hiden's will, Aruto was appointed as the new CEO of Hiden Intelligence with Izu as his assisstant. While getting along well, Aruto initially got annoyed whenever she explained his jokes, but soon got used to it and her attempts at mimicking them. Their relationship deepened, as she reached Singularity and continued as his assistant by choice in order to help him achieve his dream. Unfortunately, her death led to Aruto's broken mental state, which allowed Azu to "assist" him in becoming Ark-One.
  • Shesta: Similarly to their masters, Shesta and Izu often disagree on what actions the company should take in certain situations.
  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan: Isamu harbors deep hatred towards Humagears after the Daybreak Town Accident, which also extends to Izu. As Isamu began to warm up to the Humagears, his view of Izu improved vastly, with the two now recognizing each other as allies. However, Izu doesn't like Isamu's wild, reckless nature and compares it to a gorilla, much to his outrage.
  • Wazu Nazotoku: Izu's older brother, who was created as a prototype model to her. At first, she had doubts about his validity as a detective and sibling due to his goofy attitude, with her suspecting that he's reached Singularity. When Wazu sacrificed himself to complete the Shining Hopper Progrisekey, Izu finally recognized him as not only a great detective, but a kind sibling, even calling him 'Big Brother'. Izu also kept Wazu's pocket watch as a memento.
  • Jin/Kamen Rider Jin: When Jin was in sorrow over the "death" of Horobi, Izu declared that the leader of MetsubouJinrai.net had fallen, all while smiling during the speech. This act enraged Jin, who severely damaged her in vengeance before silently retreating. After his return, Jin returned her deactivated body to Aruto, and he was the one who convinced Izu (along with encouragement from Aruto) to live out her life in her own way without Zea or the Ark, allowing Izu to reach Singularity.
  • Gai Amatsu/Kamen Rider Thouser: Being almost affected by Gai's past actions herself, Izu shows hostility towards him, strictly teaching him the correct way to bend towards Aruto when the former was genuinely feeling sorry.
  • Horobi/Kamen Rider Horobi: Like Aruto, Izu believed that Horobi can be brought back to his original nature and tried her best to convince him and prove it. Her trust in Aruto's belief and Humagears ultimately led her to be destroyed at the hands of Horobi, who, during his invasion, refused to listen to anything she said, although in the end if he manages to change.


  • Azu: Izu and Azu are polar opposites. While Izu is loyal to Aruto and remains connected to Zea, Azu acts as the messenger of the Ark and has a more cunning personality. They only met once within a simulation created by the Ark, and Azu manages to trick Izu into believing that Horobi would become the Ark itself. This lead to a series of events that eventually resulted in Izu's death, and Aruto becoming the Ark rather than Horobi.

Behind the Scenes


Izu is portrayed by Noa Tsurushima (鶴嶋 乃愛, Tsurushima Noa), who also portrays her evil counterpart Azu. Her suit actor as Kamen Rider Zero-Two is Satoshi Fujita (藤田 慧, Fujita Satoshi)[7].


Izu's name is wordplay on the English verb "is".[8]


  • Izu is currently the only Humagear aside from Soreo Hiden to react positively to Aruto's jokes while other Humagears tend to not understand them.

"Izu with long hair" in the opening.

  • In the opening of the series, an Izu appears with longer hair, blue liquid resembling blood oozing out of her palm, and red eyes reminiscent of a Humagear being hacked. This character would later be unfolded as her evil counterpart Azu.
    • According to an interview with head writer, Yuya Takahashi, in Uchusen Vol. 167, the scene was a special insert by director Teruaki Sugihara, and they hadn't yet found a way to implement this particular Izu variant into the story.
  • While used by Izu, the Zero-Two Driver features a different authorization sound.




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