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Izu (イズ Izu) is a Secretary-Type AI Assistant HumaGear who serves as Aruto Hiden's personal secretary.


Izu is the secretary-type HumaGear who worked for CEO of Hiden IntelligenceKorenosuke Hiden. After he passed away, the communication satellite Zea starts to develop the Hiden Zero-One Driver, it also reactivated her. Izu says that her mission is finally starting as per BS-ZA protocol, and departs to locate Aruto Hiden.

Arriving at the theme park where Aruto works, she arrives in luxury car asks the young man to go with her as per his grandfather, Kurenosuke Hiden's will. They both are brought onto Hiden Intelligence's executive meeting and Aruto is given his late grandfather's will. Aruto is shocked that his grandfather requested in his will to be the next president of Hiden Intelligence and Izu presents to him to the Hiden Zero-One Driver. Despite this, Aruto chose not to become the next president and leaves the meeting.

Izu arrives back at the theme park following the attack of Berotha Magia . Once, Aruto began to stand up to fight back, he asks her for the Zero-One Driver. After equipping the Driver and his mind is uploaded into Zea, Izu explains to him about the Driver's Tutorial Mode and Aruto transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-One. Zero-One then proceeds to destroy the Magia henchmen and she throws his Attache Calibur, with rough delivery. In the end, Zero-One sucessfully defeated the rampaging Magias. After Aruto saved the amusement park, Izu reveals that by accepting the Zero-One Driver, he also accepts his new position as the president of Hiden Intelligence. She gives Aruto the RisePhone as his ID Card, and proceed to departs back to the company's HQ.


She fully works alongside the president and supports him in his cause and his fight, but Aruto hates the fact that she constantly explains his boring gags and jokes.


  • Data Avatar: Izu can be present as an avatar in the digital world to aid Aruto, such as interfacing and interacting with Zea or the Zero-One Driver.
  • Super Strength: Izu is shown to be strong enough to carry a human with little effort.
  • Visual Recording Optics: Izu can record what she sees and replay it via projections or other means. If Zero-One is in battle, she observes him and records the data for furthering the development of the Zero-One system such as using the battle data on Zea to create new Progrise Keys.
  • Cognitive Learning: Izu can learn new experiences and act according to what she processes from them, one example of this is a one time imitation of her boss in an effort to understand humor.




Behind the Scenes


Izu is portrayed by Noa Tsurushima (鶴嶋乃愛 Tsurushima Noa).


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