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Izu (イズ Izu), officially spelled Is, was a Secretary-Type Humagear who served as Aruto Hiden's personal assistant.


Izu was created by Korenosuke Hiden as the successor to Wazu Nazotoku. After Korenosuke passed away, the communication satellite Zea began the development of the Hiden Zero-One Driver, reactivating Izu in the process. Izu says that her mission is finally starting as per BS-ZA protocol, and departs to locate Aruto Hiden, Korenosuke's grandson.

Meeting Aruto

Arriving at the theme park where Aruto works, she asks the young man to go with her as per his grandfather's will. The two depart to attend Hiden Intelligence's executive meeting, where Aruto is given his late grandfather's will. Aruto, shocked that his grandfather inherited the company to him, is then presented the Hiden Zero-One Driver by Izu. Still in shock, Aruto chooses not to become the next president and leaves the meeting.

Izu heads back to the theme park following the attack of the Berotha Magia. Seeing the destruction caused, Aruto asks her for the Zero-One Driver. After equipping the Driver, his mind is uploaded into Zea, where Izu explains to him about the Driver's Tutorial Mode. After completing the tutorial, Aruto transforms into Kamen Rider Zero-One. With his newfound power, Aruto disposes of the Trilobite Magias with the Attache Calibur and destroys the Berotha Magia with the Rising Impact.

After Aruto saved the amusement park, Izu revealed that by accepting the Zero-One Driver, he also accepted his new position as the president of Hiden Intelligence. She gives Aruto the RisePhone as his ID Card and proceeds to depart back to the company's HQ.


After Izu took Aruto to the CEO's office, Jin of, along with the Kuehne Magia has intruded Hiden Intelligence and causes havoc inside the building. Jin also hacked the Security Guard-type Humagear Mamoru and turned him into Ekal Magia. Izu has managed to record Jin and for the press conference that they are responsible for making the Humagears go berserk and unwillingly attack anyone.

Izu's "Brother" & Creation of Shining Hopper

During the shooting of a drama, the actor Shinya Owada was shot by one of the Assassin-type Humagears nicknamed "Little Assassin" who is also the Dodo Magia. The film production accuses Hiden Intelligence of having a Humagear going on a killing spree. Police are investigating the case and the Private Detective-type Humagear Wazu Nazotoku introduces himself to Aruto and offers to help him to track down the Dodo Magia. Wazu deemed himself as Izu's older brother, as he served as a prototype of Izu.

Izu had doubt Wazu as her and Aruto's private detective due to his playful nature. However, Wazu managed to find a clue along with the help of Isamu Fuwa, Kamen Rider Vulcan. They have caught a group of thieves stealing Humagears, modifying them, and put them on the market. Wazu questions the thieves where he could find the Dodo Magia, which led them to a festival with an unmodified Festival Dancer-type Humagear named Matsurida Z No. 5, who escaped the clutches from the thieves. Izu has started to get rid of her doubts about her brother's skills.

To able to surpass the strength-enhanced Dodo Magia and its learning abilities, Izu has produced the Shining Hopper Progrisekey via Hiden Intelligence Three Dimensional Printing System for Aruto to use. Izu delivers Aruto the Shining Hopper Progrisekey during his struggle against the Dodo Magia. However, Wazu advised Aruto to use the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey, although his piece of advice was dismissed by Izu telling him the Shining Hopper Progrisekey is necessary to overcome the Dodo Magia's learning abilities. 

However, the Shining Hopper form Aruto is utilizing is incomplete as the form was unable to keep up with Aruto's combat skills. Wazu summons the Breaking Mammoth in its Jet Form by authorizing the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey through Hiden Zero-One Driver and rescues Aruto from the Dodo Magia and took him to the jet along with Izu, Isamu, and himself.

Workplace Competition and the birth of Metal Cluster Hopper

Creating HIDEN Manufacturing and the birth of Zero Two

Ark revival and Death

Other Events

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

Izu RTFG Profile

Izu appears as one of the two people aware of the timeline alterations. After Aruto awoke in the altered reality, she explained to him the circumstances, later getting captured by Will in exchange for the safety of the resistance. Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation


She fully works alongside the president and supports him in his cause and his fight, but Aruto hates the fact that she constantly explains his gags and jokes, the latter would get used this disobedience. To remedy Aruto's lack of experience as president and a Kamen Rider, she usually takes charge of important actions such as making announcements to the media and creating new Progrisekeys as she scans Magia that Aruto fights.

Over time, Izu became more capable of showing emotions like surprise, confusion, and happiness. She completely reached Singularity in episode 30 thanks to encouragement from Aruto and Jin, now wanting to live her own life with Aruto. This is further shown through her crying after certain events in episode 40.


  • Connection with Zea: Izu is linked with Zea's interface, and can access an avatar-like form to assist Aruto in the digital space while he's connected via. the Zero-One or Zero-Two Driver. As only the physical satellite was hijacked, Izu was able to reestablish Zea's interface using her internal memory through experiencing a new emotion.
    • Temporal Protection: Due to being linked to Zea, Izu can remember events that have been erased from history; while observing Aruto working on a new business card, she silently recalled the events of the altered timeline, before he interrupts her. Kamen Rider Reiwa: The First Generation
    • Simulations: After Zea uploaded itself into Izu, it allowed Izu to undergo multiple simulations, which allowed her to create the Zero-Two Progrisekey, and subsequently, the Zero-Two Driver, after experiencing 'feelings she had never felt before'. Towards My Dream And Mine Alone
    • 3D Printing: Izu can print devices for Aruto, such as Progrisekeys and drivers using her Humagear module. Towards My Dream And Mine Alone
  • Enhanced Strength: Izu is shown to be strong enough to carry a human with little effort.
  • Superhuman Speed: Izu is also shown to run fast enough to reach her designated destination in only a matter of seconds.
  • Visual Recording Optics: Izu can record what she sees and replay it via projections or other means. If Zero-One is in battle, she observes him and records the data for furthering the development of the Zero-One system, such as using the battle data on Zea to create new Progrisekeys.
  • Magia spelling

    Izu analyzing the Dodo Magia

    Optical Scan Sensors: Izu can scan whatever is in her field of vision to analyze. This can be used to identify people and objects or in scenarios where Zero-One is in battle, locate the weak points (or source of the abilities) of a Magia to then provide assistance to Zero-One. She then combines that information with her optic recordings for battle data.
  • Cognitive Learning: Izu can learn new experiences and act according to what she processes from them; one example of this is a one time imitation of her boss in an effort to understand humor.
  • Fourth Wall Interaction: Izu has been shown to be able to break the 4th wall while explaining certain things, like details about a Humagear or explainations of Aruto's jokes. She is a Home-Selling Humagear


  • Lack of Backup: Like Wazu Nazotoku, Humagears directly affiliated with Aruto in his activities as Zero-One do not have their data backed-up, meaning that Izu's death is permanent and her data cannot be recovered. According to Wazu, this is to protect the identity and secrets of Zero-One should an enemy take advantage of it.



  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One: Following Korenosuke Hiden's will, Aruto was pointed as the new CEO of Hiden Intelligence and Izu serves him as his secretary ever since. They get on well, but Aruto sometimes gets annoyed with her as she keeps on explaining his jokes back at him. Much to Aruto's surprise, Izu is also prone to copy his jokes, but with the same effect. Unfortunately, her death has lead to Aruto's extreme despair and makes him lose faith on HumaGears, thus becoming Ark-One.
  • Jun Fukuzoe: TBD
  • Shesta: Similarly to their masters, Shesta and Izu often disagree on what actions the company should take in certain situations.
  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan: Isamu harbors deep hatred towards Humagears after the Daybreak Town Accident, which also extends to Izu. As Isamu began to warm up to the Humagears, his view of Izu improved vastly, with the two now recognizing each other as allies. However, Izu doesn't like Isamu's wild, reckless nature and compares it to a gorilla, much to his outrage.
  • Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie: Izu confronted Yua when the news reported on unhacked Humagears going berserk, asking her about the person who recorded the tape before showing Yua an image of her testing Little Assassin. Yua turned sour and refused to answer further.
  • Korenosuke Hiden: Korenosuke is the previous CEO of Hiden Intelligence, thus making him Izu's former master.
  • Wazu Nazotoku: Izu's older brother, who was created as a prototype model to her. At first, she had doubts about his validity as a detective and sibling due to his goofy attitude, with her suspecting that he's reached Singularity. When Wazu sacrificed himself to complete the Shining Hopper Progrisekey, Izu finally recognized him as not only a great detective, but a kind sibling, even calling him 'Big Brother'. Izu also kept Wazu's pocket watch as a memento.
  • Jin: When Jin was in sorrow over the "death" of Horobi, Izu declared that the leader of had fallen, all while smiling during the speech. This act enraged Jin, who severely damaged her in vengeance before silently retreating. After his return, Jin returned her deactivated body to Aruto, and he was the one who convinced Izu (along with encouragement from Aruto) to live out her life in her own way without Zea or the Ark, allowing Izu to reach Singularity.


  • Horobi: TBD
  • Gai Amatsu: TBD
  • Azu: Izu and Azu seem to be polar opposites. While Izu is loyal to Aruto and remains connected to Zea, Azu acts as the messenger of the Ark and has a more cunning personality.

Behind the Scenes


Izu is portrayed by Noa Tsurushima (鶴嶋乃愛 Tsurushima Noa).


Izu's name is wordplay on the English verb "is".[1]


  • Izu is currently the only Humagear aside from Soreo Hiden to react positively to Aruto's jokes. As it was shown during the press-conference, where the other Humagears present were shown to also not to understand his punchline, and Shesta responding negatively to one of Aruto's puns. 
Long Hair Izu

"Izu with long hair" in the opening.

  • In the opening of the series, an Izu appears with longer hair, blue liquid resembling blood oozing out of her palm, and red eyes reminiscent of a Humagear being hacked. This character would later be unfolded as her evil counterpart Azu.
    • According in an interview with head writer, Yuya Takahashi, in Uchusen Vol. 167, the scene was a special insert by director Teruaki Sugihara, and hadn't yet found a way to implement this particular Izu variant into the story.  



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