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―Activation announcement via Ixa Knuckle[src]

"Fist On!"
―Transformation announcement via Ixa Knuckle[src]

"Garulu/Basshaa/Dogga Fake!"
―Frequency copying announcement via Ixa Knuckle[src]

"Ixa Knuckle/Calibur, Rise Up!"
―Finisher announcement via Ixa Knuckle[src]

The Transformation Belt Ixa Belt (変身ベルト イクサベルト Henshin Beruto Ikusa Beruto) is a necessary piece of equipment for the Ixa System. In conjunction with the Ixa Knuckle, the Belt lets the user transform to Ixa. It also stores the Fuestles designed for the Ixa Rider System. Unlike Kiva, the ones who become Ixa are seen to manually put the belt on themselves. The way a user wears the belt varies; Jiro tends to wear it with the Fueslots attached while Otoya wore it on his first two occasions (against Jiro) without them. Every other time after that, Otoya had the Fueslots attached.

The difference between the past/Ver. I (1986) and the present/Ver. X-XI (2008 - onwards) version of IXA's are that Fueslots:

  • The first version only have IXA Knuckles Fuestle due to Ixa Calibur and Ixariser still being developed, while they were still studying data about the Kiva families' Arms Monsters weapons since Otoya's first fight as Ixa against the original Dark Kiva.
  • As the development of new Fuestles and weapons are completed, current versions, starting with Ver. X are now equipped with Ixa Calibur weapon and its Fuestle, along with Arms Monsters Fake Fuestles. As for Ixariser and its Fuestle's developments, they were accessed with Ver. XI in around mid-2008.


The Ixa Belt consists of the following parts:

  • Access Lamp (アクセスランプ Akusesu Ranpu) - Red lights that flash above and below the Ixa Belt when the Ixa Knuckle is attached. it indicates that the Ixa knuckle is accessing the Ixa Belt's internal disk system. The Access Lamp turns off whenever an abnormality occurs.
  • Fuestle Reader (フエッスルリーダー Fuessuru Rīdā) - A reading device used to identify the Fuestle inserted into it, read its information, and send a signal to activate its function.
  • Ixa Generator (イクサジェネレーター Ikusa Jenerētā) - An energy generator built into the Ixa Belt's strap. It amplifies the electrical power needed to generate Ixa's suit tens of times.
  • Release Button (リリースボタン Rirīsu Botan) - The huge red circular button used to remove the Ixa Belt from the wearer after use.


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