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Due to Finis altering the timeline, Isamu Fuwa (不破 諫 Fuwa Isamu) is Kamen Rider Vulcan (仮面ライダーバルカン Kamen Raidā Barukan) who fights as a member of the Human Resistance in a world ruled by Humagears.


Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

Due to the timeline changes caused by Time Jacker Finis, Isamu is seen fighting alongside the resistance fighters against Humagears under the command of Will.

Isamu and Yaiba later manage to defeat Another Zero-One by using their combined finishers.


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  • Peak Human Condition: Isamu is strong enough to break the locks on Progrisekeys and even nullify the Attache Shotgun's recoil after many uses as Assault Wolf.
  • Expert Combatant: As one of the resistance fighters against Humagears, Isamu is an expert in the military combat arts. Despite Vulcan originally being a unit designed for ranged attacks, Isamu is able to utilize Vulcan's full potential in close-quarters combat. He is also able to fully outwit his opponents with his quick thinking, despite rushing into battles without prior battle plans.
  • Expert Marksman: It has been shown that Isamu is an expert in firearms since he is capable of firing without missing his target in either long or short distances.


Shooting Wolf

Shooting Wolf

"Shotrise! Shooting Wolf! The elevation increases as the bullet is fired.[1]"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[2]

  • Rider Height: 197.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 95.6 kg

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Punching Power: 10.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 27.0 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 16.2 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 2.9 seconds

Shooting Wolf (シューティングウルフ Shūtingu Urufu) is Vulcan's wolf-based primary form, accessed by using the Shooting Wolf Progrisekey in the A.I.M.S. Shot Riser.

Compared to Zero-One's Rising Hopper form, this form has higher punching power and running speed, but is far outclassed in terms of both kicking power and jump height. It makes up for these weaknesses, however, by being specialized for long-range combat.

Shooting Wolf is composed of the following parts:

  • Wolf Head (ウルフヘッド Urufu Heddo) - The helmet.
    • Wolf Border (ウルフボーダー Urufu Bōdā) - The blue section on Vulcan's forehead area. It is equipped with an auditory sensor and a radar system, giving Vulcan excellent tracking ability. Additionally, it can improve accuracy of shots by sending obtained information toward the Shooting Leader program located within the Wolf Breast chestplate.
    • Wolf Border Ears (ウルフボーダーイヤー Urufu Bōdā Iyā) - The 'wolf ears' attached to the Wolf Border. They are sophisticated auditory devices that can track up to 26 targets simultaneously within a 5km radius by detecting their sound patterns.
    • Wolf Border Hair (ウルフボーダーヘアー Urufu Bōdā Heā) - The blue and red 'hair' located on the sides. Each 'hair' panel houses a type of reflector antenna that forms a beam. By changing the angles of each hair panel, the antennae patterns can be changed as well, allowing Vulcan to collect a wide range of information on his surroundings.
    • Vulcan Face (バルカンフェイス Barukan Feisu) - The white faceplate. It has a built in respiratory filter that removes impurities from the surrounding atmosphere, allowing Vulcan to breathe (akin to a gas mask). It is extremely strong, and can withstand 200 meters of water pressure.
    • Vulcan Optical Visor (バルカンオプティカルバイザー Barukan Oputikaru Baizā) - The blue compound eyes. It not only allows Vulcan to see at a 160° viewing angle at eight times the visual acuity of normal humans, but also allows him to see it in night vision or shading. Additionally, by synchronising with the A.I.M.S. Shot Riser and the Wolf Breast chestplate's Shooting Leader program, Vulcan can shoot targets precisely, with a margin of error of 0.05mm for targets within a 3 km radius.
    • Base Act Head (ベースアクトヘッド Bēsu Akuto Heddo) - The overall helmet. It is part of the Rise Base Actor. It is composed of Zain Ceramic (ザインセラミック Zain Seramikku) armor and is reinforced with a laminated exterior. It is equipped with many sensors. Furthermore, it is highly adaptable, able to change its abilities according to what Progrisekey is used.
    • Base Act Communicator (ベースアクトコミュニケーター Bēsu Akuto Komyunikētā) - The 'ears'/communication devices. Located to the left and right of the Base Act Head, it integrates wireless communication devices and speakers to communicate with outside forces.
  • Rise Base Actor (ライズベースアクター Raizu Bēsu Akutā) - The bodysuit; more specifically the white/silver areas. It is composed of Zain Ceramic armor and is reinforced with a laminated exterior. It is equipped with many sensors. Furthermore, it is highly adaptable, able to change its abilities according to what Progrisekey is used.
    • Base Act Arm (ベースアクトアーム Bēsu Akuto Āmu) - The left arm. Due to it being a part of the Rise Base Actor, it amplifies the wearer's arm strength, allowing Vulcan to lift up to 4 tons.
    • Base Act Grab (ベースアクトグラブ Bēsu Akuto Gurabu) - The left hand. Punching power is amplified and the Paw Pad Connector (パウパッドコネクタ Pau Paddo Konekuta) located on the palm synchronises with the A.I.M.S. Shot Riser as well as the Vulcan Optical Visor.
    • Base Act Leg (ベースアクトレッグ Bēsu Akuto Reggu) - The left leg. Strengthens kicking power and improves running power.
    • Base Act Boot (ベースアクトブーツ Bēsu Akuto Būtsu) - The left foot. Jumping power is enhanced thanks to the Paw Pad Soles (パウパッドソールによ Pau Paddo Sōru)
  • Wolf Breast (ウルフブレスト Urufu Buresuto) - The chest armor. It is equipped with a shooting control system dubbed Shooting Leader (シューティングリーダー Shūtingu Rīdā) that controls the operation of Vulcan's equipment, including firearms, searching, capturing and tracking, and the launch trajectory of bullets to maximise efficiency. In addition, the Wolf Breast has two programs that switch between each other to suit a situation; Frac Wolf (フラックウルフ Furakku Urufu) for operational behaviour and Alone Wolf (アローンウルフ Arōn Urufu) for infiltration operations.
  • Wolf Shoulder (ウルフショルダー Urufu Shorudā) - The blue right shoulder piece. It is equipped with a Howling Canceller (ハウリングキャンセラー Hauringu Kyanserā) device that counteracts the recoil of a shot, reducing damage to Vulcan.
  • Wolf Arm (ウルフアーム Urufu Āmu) - The right arm. Compared to the Base Act Arm, the Wolf Arm's agility is greatly enhanced.
  • Wolf Gauntlet (ウルフガントレット Urufu Gantoretto) - The right forearm armor. Allows Vulcan more accurate shots by utilising a sighting device located within the Wolf Breast and incorporating the data.
  • Wolf Grab (ウルフグラブ Urufu Gurabu) - The right hand. It is capable of fine finger movements, able to capture and lock on an enemy within 1/30 of a second. In addition, it is covered with a special armor made of carbide steel dubbed ZIA209-03 (「ZIA209-03」) in the shape of a wolf claw, allowing Vulcan to slash enemies at super close range.
  • Wolf Leg (ウルフレッグ Urufu Reggu) - The right leg. It incorporates a gyro stabiliser, allowing Vulcan to remain a stable posture when shooting and/or running.
  • Wolf Greave (ウルフグリーブ Urufu Gurību) - The lower right shin armor. Somehow allows Vulcan more accurate shots by utilising a sighting device located within the Wolf Breast and incorporating the data.
  • Wolf Boot (ウルフブーツ Urufu Būtsu) - The right foot. It is covered with a special armor made of carbide steel dubbed ZIA209-03 in the shape of a wolf claw, which not only increases the power of kicks, but also acts as a type of weight that allows Vulcan to remain stable when shooting.

This form has six finishers:

  • A.I.M.S. Shotriser finishers:
    • Shooting Blast (シューティングブラースト Shutingu Burasuto): Vulcan fires 4 blue energy constructs of wolf heads from the Shotriser that attach to the enemy's limbs and crash it into a nearby surface, followed by the energy heads transforming into energy pins and securing the target in place. Vulcan then charges the Shotriser and fires a ball of blue energy that can melt through anything in its path, including the enemy.
    • Shooting Blast Fever (シューティングブラーストフィーバー Shutingu Burasuto Fībā):

This form is exclusive to Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation.




  • Assault Rifle - Standard Armament

Behind the Scenes


Isamu Fuwa is portrayed by Ryutaro Okada (岡田 龍太郎 Okada Ryutaro). As Kamen Rider Vulcan, his suit actor is Kosuke Asai (浅井 宏輔 Asai Kōsuke).


  • To be added.



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