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This article is about a villain from Kamen Rider Blade. For the Kamen Rider W villain, see Shinkuro Isaka.
"Why...am I...being...defeated...?"
―Isaka's last words before being sealed[src]

Isaka (伊坂) is the human form of the Category Jack of Diamonds Suit Peacock Undead (ピーコックアンデッド Pīkokku Andeddo) and the first Category Jack Undead that appeared in the show. He's also the creator of the Leangle Buckle.


Isaka first appeared in his limousine watching Hajime from a distance. At night, he saw Tachibana with Sayoko from outside the latter's window, later interacting with the Rider and engaged into combat without transforming. He later ordered his men to kidnap Kenzaki to use for his experiment, even knocking him out when he attempted to realiate against his scientists. He then offered to show Hajime his experiment, but when the Rider refused, Isaka showed him a video of his men placing a timed bomb at the Jacaranda Cafe to make him change his mind. Eventually, when Kenzaki transformed into Blade out of rage for supposedly seeing Hajime on his side, Isaka later noticed Blade's power level increasing over 1,000 due to his anger. Once Hajime joins in the fray against Kenzaki, Isaka told one of the scientists to calculate Hajime's power level as well. Tachibana later showed up to enter the fray, conveniencing Isaka the trouble of finding and capturing him. However, after Karasuma turned off the electricity, Isaka ordered his men to turn on the generator and capture the chief. Stating that he was done with the lab, Isaka has all the bombs he had blow up, including the one left in a paper bag, while he and his followers leave the area. The Challenge to the Past Chalice's True Identity The Trapped Two The Revived People

Isaka later observed Garren's fight with the Zebra Undead, later commending to the latter of its strength. The Zebra Undead then attcked him and knocked his shades off, making Isaka placed him in agony under his control to be used against Tachibana. Isaka later attempted to sway Tachibana into working for him, promising to make the Rider stronger. Tachibana refused and as such the two battled before Isaka defeated him. He later had Tachibana soaked in a large glass water tank filled with Schuld Kestner seaweed to get him under his control while also giving him the means to telepathically communicate with him. When Kenzaki decided the impuslsively fight him, Isaka stated that he had no choice but to do so, then told Tachibana to come to his aid against Kenzaki. A Fighter's Destiny The Manipulated Warrior

Upon noticing of the Spider Undead's presence, Isaka ordered Tachibana to go after it, citing him to be a much bigger target than Kenzaki. After noticing Sayoko trying to cure Tachibana from his predicament, Isaka went flying outside her window again and attacked her, threatening her not to interfere with his schemes. When Hajime fights Tachibana to prevent them from claiming the Spider Undead, the latter told Isaka of this and as such, Isaka joined in the battle to help Garren defeat Chalice. Afterwards, Isaka commanded Tachibana to continue after the Spider Undead, while claiming that the power would soon be his. The Whereabouts of Each Category Ace The Golden-Threaded Trap

Upon seeing Sayako trying to help Tachibana again, Isaka then killed her for meddling in his affairs. He later asked Tachibana to hand over the Change Spider card, but the Rider refused upon noticing Isaka's ambitions. Isaka then decided to fight him the get the card back, explaining to Garren that the time limit of the seaweed was up. Isaka then defeated Garren, took the Rouse Card from him, and told him to come to him if he wanted more power. Ace Sealed!

At the lab, Tachibana goes up to Isaka to confirm if he was the one who killed Sayoko. Isaka confirmed, thus leading to Tachibana to shoot at the water tank, claiming he was a fool for letting him do that to him. They then engaged in another fight near blossom trees, with Tachibana reigning victorious this time, prompting Isaka to use his fireballs to retreat. Tachibana then shouted Isaka's name in anger. After checking on his chest wound, Isaka then went to check up upon the teenage boys he had kidnapped. After Karasuma suggested that Mutsuki was the perfect candidate to be Leangle, Isaka had his men test out the belt's power, being amused at the immense power when the attempted transformation made Mutsuki fall down. While having his men kidnap more teenage boys, Isaka was later confronted by Kenzaki and started fighting him until Tachibana arrived to settle things with him. As Tachibana reigned victorious again, he screamed Sayoko's name right before using the Burning Divide to finish Isaka off. Afterwards, Isaka briefly reverts back to human form in disbelief of being defeat before falling down on the sand and switching back to his Undead form. Tachibana then used a Blank Card to finally seal Isaka, knowing that he avenged Sayoko. Fate's Conformer

With Isaka sealed, all the men that worked for him were free from his brainwashing as well as all his captives set free as well. However, Isaka's actions would cause the Spider Undead to corrupt Mutsuki, with the heroes trying to help him break free over the next several episodes. Leangle's Power

In a Missing Ace preview, he chases Natsumi Miwa and Shin Magaki before an offscreen defeat at the hands of Glaive. Kamen Rider Blade: New Generation


Isaka is presented as a mad scientist who uses others for his experiments and tools, with his ultimate scheme to make Leangle as his Ultimate Rider. He has emotionless, having only empathy for himself, with no qualms of bombing whatever he deems useless or the fact that the people he uses his experiments on were teenage boys. Isaka's modus operandi also includes brainwashing and manipulation, as shown on his own men and Tachibana. He is so very determined and arrogant with his schemes that when Sayoko tried to interfere with his schemes, Isaka decided to off her when she ignored his warning, which ultimately proved to be his undoing.

Powers and Abilities

  • Biological Immortality: As an Undead, Isaka can survive from most physical injuries, no matter how grave they may be.
  • Undead Tracking: As Undeads are attracted to each other by instinct.
  • Telekenisis: After soaking Tachibana in Schuld Kestner seaweed, Isaka can communicate with him telepathically.
  • Fireballs: Isaka can summon fireballs in battle, even when untransformed.
  • Mass Hypnosis: Isaka is shown to be able to use brainwashing, either on other Undeads or his own men.
  • Flight: Isaka can stand still in midair, as shown when he was outside the window of Sayoko's office.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Blade (video game)

The Peacock Undead is one of many Undead who appear in the Kamen Rider Blade video game.

Peacock Undead

Peacock Undead

  • Height: 221 cm
  • Weight: 135 kg

An immortal creature that is the ancestor of the peacock and belongs to the Category J of Diamond Suit. Attacks enemies with flammable explosive flames and shock waves, and long-distance battles with countless wing-like shuriken Eye Dart (アイダート Ai Dāto). He is also good at swordsmanship with giant swords Sworzer (スウォーザー Suu~ōzā).

Rouse Card

Peacock Undead Rouse Card

  • Suit: Diamond (♦)
  • Category: Jack (J)
  • Effect name: FUSION
  • Card name: Fusion Peacock (フュージョン・ピーコック Fūjon Pīkokku)
  • Consumption points: EP +2400

Behind the scenes


Isaka was portrayed by Yasukaze Motomiya (本宮 泰風 Motomiya Yasukaze). As the Peacock Undead, his suit actor was Eitoku (永徳), who is currently known as the suit actor of most Secondary Riders of the Neo-Heisei era so far. The Peacock Undead, among other Undead, were Eitoku's earliest suit roles in the Kamen Rider Series.

Concept Art

Peacock Undead concept art


  • Isaka has the most amount of appearances of the Royal Club Undeads, with a total of 11 episodes.
  • He is the only Category Jack Undead to not be sealed by Blade, but instead, his associated Rider, Garren.


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