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"The Almighty Book. With this, I'll become a god!"
―Isaac uniting the Seiken and Wonder Ride Books[src]

"My clan has been shackled with protecting humanity since time immemorial. They knew of the existence of power with infinite potential, yet they did nothing. Truly a languorous and brainless clan. The same goes for you humans. They refuse to change through the ages; truly moronic creatures. My duty? To the world? I have discarded that so long ago. I have obtained power, so I wish to use it! I shall take this tedious world, and then imbue it with the excitement of destruction and carnage! To all the foolish humans... I shall now show you a small present."
―Isaac reveals his motives to the swordsmen.[src]

"Greetings, ladies and gentlemen! My name is Isaac, the one destined to be your new ruler. I am the god who will bring forth ruin to this world. But fret not, for I am merciful. I shall tell you how you can survive. It is by war. Fight amongst yourselves and the victor shall live! Now begin!"
―Isaac's speech to the world[src]

"Kneel before me!"
―Isaac's last words before his death.[src]

Isaac (イザク, Izaku)[1] was the most recent holder of the title Master Logos (マスターロゴス, Masutā Rogosu) and one of the main antagonists in Kamen Rider Saber. As the elusive, yet corrupt and power-hungry leader of the Sword of Logos, he sought to bring destruction to the world using the Almighty Book by becoming Kamen Rider Solomon (仮面ライダーソロモン, Kamen Raidā Soromon) and declaring war against Touma Kamiyama and his resistance within the Northern Base. After being defeated by Touma during their final battle, Storious betrayed and killed Isaac.



Isaac was a member of the Sword of Logos, as well as the descendant of the first Master Logos, and was elected the leader of the guild as the most recent holder of the Master Logos title. Unlike his predecessors however, Isaac was more evil and power-hungry as he was disillusioned with humanity's lack of progression and sought to wipe them out by replacing them with a new world order. As Master Logos, he took his position to lead the swordsmen of the Sword of Logos, while carrying out a hidden agenda to awaken the Almighty Book. He also had the four Wise Sages eliminated to ensure they would never become threats to his plan.

Fifteen years prior to the start of the series, Master Logos' plans would catch the attention of Hayato Fukamiya, who witnessed visions of the world's destruction through Ankokuken Kurayami and foresaw the Master being the main perpetrator. Master Logos then manipulated Hayato into believing what he was doing was truly going to save the world and tasked him to sacrifice his son's friend Luna in order to save the world. What came after was a disastrous event that led to the Megid reawakening, along with many swordsmen and civilians perished or had gone missing.

Fifteen years later, Master Logos was introduced to Rintaro, Kento, and Ren, who currently bear the mantle of Blades, Espada, and Kenzan respectively. The Master would receive word that a man named Touma Kamiyama had discovered the lost Kaenken Rekka and took on the mantle as Kamen Rider Saber, much to his amusement.

Obtaining the Book of Ruin

Master Logos placing the Book of Ruin in a special container

After Kamen Rider Saber defeated and sealed Kamen Rider Falchion, Master Logos was first seen in the Southern Base's forbidden library, having obtained the Book of Ruin containing Bahato. He then placed the book in a special container that shackled it with glowing red chains, ensuring that the Immortal Swordsman can never escape his prison again.

Manipulating Touma Kamiyama

After the defeat of Kamen Rider Calibur, Master Logos retrieved Ankokuken Kurayami from Reika and later ordering her to invite Touma Kamiyama into the Southern Base. However, Touma would decline the offer as he had grown fond with the Northern Base members. Reika would then assume control of the Northern Base and convince everyone that Touma has turned against them. This however was a ploy by Master Logos to draw out the sword of light, the light counterpart of the Ankokuken Kurayami wielded by Yuri, after being thought to have been lost for a thousand years.

Master Logos approaching the captured Sophia

After Reika Shindai secretly abducted her with the Eneiken Noroshi, Master Logos was shown meeting with Sophia inside a hidden chamber in the Southern Base.

Master Logos, without his robes, "aiding" Touma.

One day, Touma Kamiyama stormed into the Southern Base with Tetsuo Daishinji to speak with Master Logos personally, before the alarms were sounded. Master Logos appeared before Storious, with the latter realizing he is the current bearer of the "Master Logos" title. When Touma went off on his own, he encountered a soldier from the Southern Base, who is actually Master Logos without his hood, and took him to another area from the Base. Touma encountered Storious, who stole a forbidden book, and the soldier vanished from his side. When Touma was forcibly transformed by the Primitive Dragon into Saber Primitive Dragon by the forbidden book, back in the base, Master Logos revealed a smile.

After Ryo Ogami defected from the guild, Master Logos gave Reika permission to fight as Sabela and declared that everything was going as he had planned. He then ordered her to not kill Touma, as he needed the novelist for his plans, much to her confusion; she disobeys his orders and manipulates the Northern Base further to kill Saber anyways.

Master Logos banishing Tassel

Tassel later met with Master Logos for a reasoning. Tassel is worried that what the current Master Logos had done would bring chaos. Unfortunately, that was part of Master Logos' plans. He smiled and claimed that he had no intention to inherit the will of the previous masters and everyone was his pawns for his goal. Before he banished Tassel in front of him, Tassel warned him that humanity's fate is not to be played.

War Against Humanity

Rintaro reporting to Master Logos

After Touma had saved the Primitive Dragon from its everlasting sorrow, Master Logos, fearing that Touma would put a wrench in his plans, sends the last swordsman, Ryoga Shindai, to handle him.

When Rintaro was convinced that Touma was right about the Sword of Logos, Rintaro reported to Master Logos that Reika Shindai was the traitor of the guild. However, Master Logos proceeded to laugh at Rintaro because of his misjudgment towards the situation; he then immediately revealed his amoral goals to the Water Swordsman, showing that he was the traitor behind the Sword of Logos and the mastermind behind everything. He even admitted that he killed the four Wise Gods when they got in the way of his plans. The broken-hearted Rintaro vowed to kill Master Logos, but Ryoga then steps in to take care of the Water Swordsman.

Master Logos would briefly aid during the invasion of the Northern Base by single-handedly destroyed the enemy Base's barrier by using an energy bow and arrow that his Almighty Book fragment had created for him to use. After Sabela obtained the Dogouken Gekido, the Raimeiken Ikazuchi, and the sealed Onjuuken Suzune, Master Logos ordered Durendal to retreat and before pulling him from the Base after he disobeyed orders to withdraw due to his damaged pride. In the end, he praised the Shindai siblings for their efforts in gaining three of the Seiken, waving off their failures to kill the Northern Base's swordsmen.

Master Logos appearing in front of Touma and Kento

After Touma tried to convince Kento to return and fight with him, Master Logos arrives to greet them. He unveils his hood, with Touma recognizing him as the one who guided him at the Southern Base. Touma and Kento transformed to face him, with Master Logos dual wielding with Raimeiken Ikazuchi and Dogouken Gekido against the two. He revealed to Kento that he was responsible for his father's betrayal against the guild, then he witnessed Kaenken Rekka glow, which created portal that revealed Luna. Unfortunately, Touma failed to reach her out of the portal before it closed. Master Logos remarks that he saw something interesting and leaves.

At the Southern Base, Master Logos gave the order to the Shindai siblings to confront Touma and capture Luna. After the siblings left the base to find Touma and Luna, Master Logos then decides to continue his plan by opening the Book of Ruin to free Bahato.

Master Logos laughing when he obtained the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book.

After Reika captured Luna, Master Logos decided to finally finish his plans to obtain the power of the Almighty Book. The Northern Base swordsmen then gathered at the ritual site to save Luna, but Master Logos and the Shindai siblings managed to claim Rintaro's Suiseiken Nagare and Wonder Ride Books. He would also claim the Shindai siblings' Seikens and Books. Once Calibur, Falchion, Kenzan, and Saber arrived, Master Logos kept claiming more of their Seiken and Books one by one before he had enough to complete the ritual, thanks to the Mumeiken Kyomu nullifying the Ankokuken Kurayami's sealing. He then uses Luna as the catalyst needed to summon the Almighty Book. Fortunately, Touma would save Luna and use the Kaenken Rekka to destroy the Seiken tree, causing all the Seikens to be returned to their rightful owners. However, a fragment of the incomplete Almighty Book slowly descends to him and becomes the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, causing Master Logos to laugh in madness as the godly power that he wanted still ended up in his hands anyway. The book granted him a new sword known as Caladbolg, which he immediately used to escape with the Shindai siblings.

Kamen Rider Solomon's first appearance

Deciding to test the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book's power, Master Logos unleashed the power to the skies and turned it into a pitch black storm. The Northern Base swordsmen arrived to challenge him, but Master Logos transformed into Kamen Rider Solomon and proved to be completely invincible against the Northern Base Riders. After defeating them, Master Logos summoned multiple Almighty Books in different locations in the planet and announced himself to the world by his real name, Isaac, using a large projection of himself and declared himself as the God who will rule of the world. He urged humanity to battle each other as a means to live before he vanished. When the Shindai siblings realize that Master Logos is refusing to take responsibilities as leader of the Sword of Logos, the two finally rebel against their vile leader. However, Kamen Rider Solomon proved to be a complete match against Sabela and Durendal, and it was only with the aid of Saber, Blades, and Saikou where the siblings managed to escape unharmed.

Kento didn't stay quiet and went to face Isaac, planning on sealing him by sacrificing himself. However, Kento's plan was disturbed by Rintaro and foiled by Touma because he didn't want Kento to sacrifice himself and telling him to defeat Isaac together. The weakened Isaac laughed off Touma's stupid deed and almost able to kill him after throwing off his, Rintaro's, and Kento's transformations, but Yuri came in the nick of time to rescue the trio and temporarily seals Isaac in a dimension rift by using Saikou and Kurayami together.

After escaping the rift, Isaac began to enact the destruction of the world. While not completely united as one, the Shindai siblings and Ren arrived to aid Touma's team in fighting against Isaac. He was aided by Bahato, but Touma arrived at the same time to face the Immortal Swordsman. After defeating Bahato, Touma and the rest of the swordsmen along with Kento united their Seikens and would end up creating the ultimate Seiken, Haouken Xross Saber. Despite desiring to take the new Seiken, Isaac was subsequently defeated by Kamen Rider Xross Saber and would escape after Touma had foiled his plans.

After his spectacular defeat by Touma, Isaac then tries to convince the Flame Swordsman to join him in creating a new world along with Storious, claiming that Isaac is the one that actually saves Touma from the fate of disappearing 15 years ago thanks to War of Wonder World. However, Isaac talk about Luna being Touma's death results in his refusal, as Touma remembered the ones who suffered because of the said war. Isaac is ultimately defeated once more by Touma using the Crimson Saber form.

Final Battle and Death

"What nonsense is that?! You're in the presence of God!! Kneel before me!"
―Isaac's final words to Storious before his death.[src]

Isaac's death at the hands of Storious

Isaac, sensing Luna's presence after reappearing in Wonder World, goes to capture her in order to summon the Almighty Book. The other Riders would catch wind on Issac's plans and attempt to stop him. Solomon succeeded in forcing Durendal to attack Sabela against his will. Once Touma, Rintaro, Kento arrived to save Luna, Kamen Rider Solomon succeeded in taking Kougouken Saikou and Ankokuken Kurayami from them and temporaily forced Blades and Espada to turn against Xross Saber. But Touma, using the powers of Rintaro and Kento's main Wonder Ride books, transformed into Featuring Saber and together with the two, finally defeated Solomon.

Isaac, left defeated, continues to grasp what was left of his "godly" power, however Storious appears and disagrees, saying that Isaac's tale was now over. As Isaac rants that Storious should kneel before his godly presence, he is instead left to disintegrate without mercy, leaning only the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book that remains of the fallen Master. After his death, Storious calls Isaac's atttempts to reach godhood, extremely laughable and miserable, yet however, beautiful.


Master Logos revealing his true colors to Tassel.

As Master Logos, Isaac appeared to be a wise and calm leader who guided the swordsmen in the Sword of Logos to protect the world by any means. Unlike previous holders of the title, however, Isaac betrayed the rules, defied his sworn duty for his own nefarious goals, and had a maddening god complex. He was obsessed with bringing ruin to the world and recreating it in his own image, which would be nothing but a crazy nightmarish hell as humans suffered, killed, destroyed, and fought; he wickedly found it all exciting when confronting Tassel, and later the Kamen Riders from the Northern Base. He desired to fulfill his goal simply because he viewed the current world as boring. This dangerous obsession stemmed from the fact that his predecessors were reluctant to use the power of the Almighty Book for their own gains, despite knowing its existence; because of this, Isaac deemed them pathetic. His hatred for someone to follow their bloodline's order was even shown to the Shindai siblings once they betrayed him. Despite being a psychotic god-wannabe, he kept his true ambitions a secret from all of his followers. While he did put up a calm face, Master Logos often let his true unhinged, maniacal and insane nature slip in private, especially when around Storious. He was willing to take any underhanded action that would advance his selfish goals, being completely callous and uncaring to the destruction that his plans would bring.

As an opportunist, Isaac was shown to have a clear grasp of people's personalities and exploited them to his advantage, manipulating both heroes and villains like fiddles so he could ascend into godhood by taking all of the Seikens and Wonder Ride Books. He had successfully risen to the top of the Sword of Logos in a very short time, even eliminating the 4 Wise Gods in secret just to ensure that they would not stand in his way. He corrupted Hayato Fukamiya 15 years prior into believing what he was doing was truly going to save the world. He also took advantage of Touma's break-in into the Southern Base so he could lead him to the forbidden book containing the Primitive Dragon, all while playing on his frantic emotions to get back Luna, who was a key factor in recreating the Almighty Book. He released Bahato due to their goals being similar, and even used the loyalty of the Shindai clan, mainly Reika and Ryoga Shindai, to have them serve him. He allied himself with Storious at the same time and used Luna only for completing the Almighty Book.

Isaac had a sinister air of happiness and confidence whenever things go his way, and was often seen laughing or boasting about his actions. His god complex was taken to the extreme upon obtaining the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, in which he called himself an actual god. But, this would eventually become his fatal flaw; his aforementioned god complex, coupled with his hubris, nihilistic and destructive worldview, ultimately contributed to his eventual downfall. This started with Touma using the Haouken Xross Saber to continually set back his plans; once he was beaten time and time again, he refused to accept defeat in suffocating darkness while proclaiming that his story had yet to begin, resulting in him being reduced to a screaming and deranged wreck of his former self. When he was later betrayed before being quickly killed by Storious, Isaac was livid over how things did not proceed in his way.

In the end, Issac died a karmic death; he wanted to use everyone like pawns so he could ravage the world as a god simply because he was bored, but his god-like power was destroyed right before his very eyes and spent his last moments as a whimpering wreck unable to comprehend his fear; he was then killed ingloriously by the chessmaster he believed that he could control like anyone he believed to be below him.

Powers and Abilities


  • Clairvoyance: Master Logos can observe the actions of the Northern and Southern Base swordsmen, even when he is sitting in his throne. He was able to see Touma Kamiyama using the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Book and Ryoga Shindai ignoring his orders to fall back.
  • Teleportation: Master Logos can teleport himself and others to any place that he wishes. When he uses this power, he or the subject disappears in a cloud of red smoke.
  • Energy Blasts: Master Logos can project red energy blasts at his enemies. He once used it to shoot down Bahato when the latter attempted to attack him, and used it on Sophia when she tried to sacrifice herself.
  • Superhuman Strength: Master Logos has considerable superhuman strength. He is able to wield the Dogouken Gekido with one hand, while the original and previous owners used both hands. Moreover, his superhuman strength allows him to physically overpower both Saber and Calibur at the same time while both of them were transformed, even though Saber is using Elemental Dragon form, which was his strongest form at that time. Master Logos was able to block their heavy attacks effortlessly using his stolen Seiken, and landed considerable damage to them.
  • Superhuman Durability: Master Logos has considerable superhuman durability. He could directly withstand an energy wave caused by opening a portal unconsciously by Touma, which was very impressive as he has suffered no harm or injuries at all; that same energy wave canceled both of Saber and Calibur's transformations.
  • Superhuman Speed: Master Logos was fast enough to counter all Saber and Calibur's attacks at the same time while simultaneously striking them multiple times. They were also unable to block his attacks and couldn't land a single hit on him.
  • Superhuman Reflexes: Master Logos was able to fight both Saber and Calibur at the same time, while dodging their attacks with ease.

Isaac turning day into night

  • Circadian Manipulation: By using Omni Force Wonder Ride Book's power, he can easily turn day into night (or vice versa) in his civilian form.
  • Body Control: Using conjured red smoke from Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, Isaac can hijack the bodies of another swordsman, and have them do his bidding. All known victims still have their consciousness intact while their bodies are under his control.
  • Forced Transformation: Using the same red smoke, Master Logos can force a swordsman to transform.

Master Logos' energy bow

  • Almighty Book Fragment: By using a fragment of the Almighty Book, he can utilize the following powers:
    • Energy Arrow: Master Logos can manifest an energy bow from his Almighty Book fragment, and shoot an arrow from the Southern Base to the Northern Base. The arrow can split into multiple smaller arrows, and is strong enough to severely damage the barrier of the Northern Base.
    • Seiken Summoning: Master Logos can summon Seikens to his side via using a book portal, although it is unknown how many he can spawn.
    • Longevity: Due to the Almighty Book fragment, Isaac can live a little longer than an ordinary human, but not equal to Tassel or Yuri, when both of them can live for thousands of years.


  • Master Swordsman: Being the leader of the Sword of Logos, Master Logos is a master swordsman, being extraordinarily skilled in swordsmanship. He is able to competently wield both the Dogouken Gekido and the Raimeiken Ikazuchi simultaneously, uses the Seiken's special ability to attack opponents. Even without being transformed, he was able to effortlessly fight Saber and Calibur at the same time while both of them were transformed, and completely overpowering them. With his newly obtained powers from the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, he was able to fight five Riders simultaneously.
  • Expert Tactician: Isaac is an expert strategist and can think of intricate plans tens of years into the future. He formulated and initiated several events in the background involving the Sword of Logos, including Hayato Fukamiya's betrayal and unleashing Bahato from the Book of Ruin, all so he can get his hands on the Almighty Book and become a god to rule the world.
  • Master Manipulator: Master Logos has been shown to be charming and persuasive, using his status and knowledge to coax allies and enemies alike into doing his bidding. These manipulative tendencies were what allowed him to maintain his lies for decades, while he secretly worked from the shadows to gather pieces of the Almighty Book.


  • Ankokuken Kurayami: Once Kurayami's sealing power is unleashed to its maximum capacity at the cost of its user's life, even Solomon's power is no match against it.
  • Strong Will: Solomon can force a Wonder Ride Book user to do his bidding in their Rider form. However, a user who has a strong will can resist and even break free.

Kamen Rider Solomon

Omni Force

Solomon Omni Force

"Open the omnibus! Force of the god! Kamen Rider Solomon! Fear is coming soon."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics[2]

  • Rider Height: 217.6 cm
  • Rider Weight: 136.2 kg

Ability Parameters[2]

  • Punching Power: 63.3 t
  • Kicking Power: 110.9 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 112.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 0.7 seconds

Omni Force (オムニフォース, Omuni Fōsu) is Solomon's primary form accessed by inserting the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book into the Dooms Driver Buckle and pressing the button on top.

In this form, Solomon's power outclasses most of the Riders, having the highest punching and kicking power. He could handle several Kamen Riders at once, and even break Buster's Dai Dandan finisher. He also showcased enhanced environmental perception and reflexes, such as being able to react to Sabela's mist form and Durandal's time skipping with ease. The only Kamen Rider who surpasses Solomon is Xross Saber.

While Solomon is not linked to any element, his powers generally revolve around destruction. He could start the destruction of the world several times, reducing several cities and areas to ash and rubble when uninterrupted.

As the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book is the manifestation of all Wonder Ride Books, Solomon can possess and command the body of a Kamen Rider who uses one to do his bidding. He could even force Yuri back into the Kogouken Saikou, leaving him defenseless.

The Omni Force Wonder Ride Book can actually be destroyed and reduced to black rubble. However, the gathered fragments will eventually revert into the Wonder Ride Book again, allowing the user to transform once more.

Omni Force consists of the following parts:

  • Solomon Helm Omni Force (ソロモンヘルム オムニフォース, Soromon Herumu Omuni Fōsu): The helmet.
    • Gods Sword Crown (ゴッズソードクラウン, Gozzu Sōdo Kuraun): The blade placed on the top of the helmet as proof of the owner of the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book. It has the role of managing the state of Kamen Rider Solomon and Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, adjusting the power balance of both and canceling the transformation in an emergency. In addition, it is a blade with a sharp edge, and can be used in battle.
    • Omni Force Mask (オムニフォースマスク, Omuni Fōsu Masuku): The facial mask. The users can summon both God Beasts and Animals from the folklore in the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book and manipulate them at will.
    • Omni Force Visor (オムニフォースバイザー, Omuni Fōsu Baizā): The visor. It is possible to capture all the flow of power surrounding oneself as visual information. It is said that even the truth of this world can be determined by a user who is suitable for the power of omnipotence.
  • Omni Force Robe (オムニフォースローブ, Omuni Fōsu Rōbu): An armor worn by the user of Solomon Omni Force. It brings the same power to omnipotence to the user while utilizing the user's mind as a power source.
  • Solomon Cuirass (ソロモンキュイラス, Soromon Kyuirasu): The chest and shoulder armor. It plays the role of a construction circuit that spins the power of the both Wonder Ride Books and Alter Ride Books, included in the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book, and can cause a powerful phenomenon through armor and armor. It is also possible to combine different folklore powers in a complex way to bring about a wide range of immeasurable events.
  • Obscure Cloak (オブスキュアマント, Obusukyua Manto): The cape. An unstable substance generated between two different worlds is woven in, and its characteristics can be used to parry the enemy's attack to another world and nullify it.
  • Ridominant Arm (ライドミナントアーム, Raidominanto Āmu): The arms. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The user can manifest strength far beyond his physical ability with only a strong thought.
  • Phenomegaunt (フェノメガント, Fenomeganto): The gauntlets and gloves. It has the role of controlling the numerous folklore powers accumulated in the golden armor "Omni Force Scale" (オムニフォースケイル, Omuni Fō Sukeiru), and can be developed as phenomena such as the explosion of prison flames and the rupture of space.
  • Ridominant Leg (ライドミナントレッグ, Raidominanto Reggu): The legs. The main material of the exterior is special wrought steel that responds to the user's thoughts, and it is possible to strengthen and control the movement of each part through the exterior. The user can behave far beyond his physical ability with only a strong thought.
  • Phenomegranda (フェノメグランダ, Fenomeguranda): The boots. It has the role of controlling the numerous traditional forces accumulated in the golden armor "Omni Force Scale", and can demonstrate the ability to stay in the air by manipulating airflow and deploy ultra-high load areas.

This form has three finishers:

  • Solomon Break (ソロモンブレイク, Soromon Bureiku): This finisher has four variations.
    • Solomon blocks enemy attacks with his hand and absorbs them into a ball of purple energy. He then sends the energy back at the opponent, which releases the original absorbed attacks upon impact but redirected to damage the target.
    • Solomon charges Caladbolg with crimson and black energy before thrusting the sword forward, sending the energy in the form of a blast towards the opponent
    • Solomon raises Caladbolg into the air with the sword surrounded in gold energy as a group of meteors appears above him. He then swings the sword downward, causing the meteors to crash into the opponents.
    • Solomon creates a wave of dark red energy from his hand. Anyone struck by it becomes controlled by Solomon and will attack their own allies. In the case of Yuri, he will become trapped in the form of the Kougouken Saikou, which Solomon can wield. Isaac can also use this attack while untransformed. However, anyone under Solomon's control can break out of it with enough willpower.
  • Solomon Stlash (ソロモンストラッシュ, Soromon Sutorasshu): This finisher has five variations.
    • Solomon creates a giant energy construct of Caladbolg that copies his movements and delivers a horizontal slash with it to a group of enemies.
    • A giant version of the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book appears in the air and summons a giant copy of Caladbolg from its pages. The giant Caladbolg then performs a downward slash into the target.
    • A giant version of the Omni Force Wonder Ride Book appears in the air and summons numerous giant copies of Caladbolg, some of which transform into King of Solomon and land on the ground.
    • Solomon charges Caladbolg with red energy before his eyes glow and his entire body is surrounded by an aura of dark orange energy. He then performs two red energy slashes in an X formation, which combine and are sent toward the enemy.
    • Solomon raises Caladbolg into the air with its blade covered in dark red energy. Numerous copies of Caladbolg then appear in the air and rain down on enemies.
  • Solomon Zone (ソロモンゾーン, Soromon Zōn): Has four variations.
    • Spiraling orange energy surrounds Solomon before he raises Caladbolg into the air, creating a sustained red ray of energy that travels upward until striking one of the books that Solomon has suspended in the air. This causes the book to open and create a spherical red field of energy below it. Anything besides a Rider that touches the sphere is destroyed, leaving behind only rock and dust.
    • Solomon transports himself and others to a different location in the form of a gold page turning.
    • Solomon produces three bursts of energy, transforming the surroundings into the Wonder World. He then creates five meteors and launches them at the enemy, before creating a stream of many more meteors covered in purple energy. Next, Solomon charges Caladbolg with red energy and launches two orange energy slashes, with the first being horizontal and the second being vertical. Finally, he swings Caladbolg downward, summoning a giant copy of it and sending it toward the enemy.
    • Solomon opens a portal to the Wonder World and reaches his arm into it. On the other side of the portal, a giant version of Solomon's arm breaks through the Wonder World's sky and reaches for his target.

Appearances: Saber Episodes: 36-40






  • Bahato/Kamen Rider Falchion: After Saber resealed Bahato in the Book or Ruin, Master Logos kept the Book in the Southern Base library, presumably for safe-keeping. He would later free the Immortal Swordsman from the Book, due to their goals being similar. However, once Bahato lost to Touma and Master Logos gained his Eternal Phoenix Wonder Ride Book and the Mumeiken Kyomu, Bahato faded once again into the Book of Ruin. Bahato then returned and assisted Isaac against the swordsmen. He was later killed by Touma for good.


  • Touma Kamiyama's team
    • Touma Kamiyama/Kamen Rider Saber (II): At first, Master Logos saw Touma only as a means to fulfill his plans. However, once Touma had gained control over the Primitive Dragon Wonder Ride Book, he sees him as a threat and seeks to eliminate him once and for all. After acquiring Haouken Xross Saber, and defeating Issac multiple times, Touma tried to convince him to atone for his sins and start anew, only for Isaac to flatly refuse due to his god complex.
    • Yuri/Kamen Rider Saikou: Yuri held a distrust against Isaac since the latter deviates from the first Master Logos vow to protect humanity.
    • Tetsuo Daishinji/Kamen Rider Slash: To be added
    • Ryo Ogami/Kamen Rider Buster (II): To be added
    • Rintaro Shindo/Kamen Rider Blades (II): Initially one of his most ardent supporters, Rintaro's faith in Master Logos faded completely after the latter revealed that he himself was the traitor within the Sword of Logos.
    • Sophia: He held her as a hostage to frame-up Touma as a traitor. He also created her from the image of Luna.
    • Reika Shindai/Kamen Rider Sabela: Reika acts as his messenger and enforcer. Master Logos only trusts her because she only views him as the symbol of the world's savior, despite being the opposite. However, her faith in him begins to fade after being faced with the possibility of him collaborating with the Megid, which was proven true once Master Logos reveals his true colors.
    • Ryoga Shindai/Kamen Rider Durendal: Ryoga acts as his enforcer, just like Reika. When Ryoga has learned Isaac's true color, Ryoga asked to Isaac once again if he is still a 'Master Logos'. After Isaac arrogantly claiming that he has graduated from it, Ryoga becomes his enemy. Isaac mocks Ryoga to be a pathetic person who just let himself to be bind by his clan's law, the ultimate reason for why Ryoga keeps his alliance with Isaac before he has the Omni Force Wonder Ridebook.
    • Kento Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Espada/Kamen Rider Calibur (III): Master Logos seems to know a lot about Kento and his father as he revealed to Kento that he is the one who resulted in his the latter's father's corruption by giving him the task to sacrifice Luna to connecting both Earth and Wonder World. Kento was initially driven to kill Master Logos, as he was present in Kurayami's Vision as the cause of world end, to the point that Kento was about to sacrifice himself, though the attempt failed due to Touma intervention.
  • Ren Akamichi/Kamen Rider Kenzan (II): Once a member of the Southern Branch, Master Logos ordered Reika to eliminate Ren for serving his purpose.
  • Tassel: After Tassel's meeting with him, Master Logos banishes him.
  • Hayato Fukamiya/Kamen Rider Calibur: Once in service to him, Logos manipulates him in his schemes as an unknowing pawn.
  • Storious: Unlike the other Megid generals, Master Logos seems to be pretty close with Storious and does not see him as a threat. His relationship with Storious is unknown to the Shindai siblings. However, this partnership ended after Storious decided to finally kill him, having outlived his usefulness after Master Logos' repeated losses to Touma.


  • Master Logos (original): Isaac hates the previous Master Logos before him, including the first. He views him as a fool who doesn't enjoy the gift to rule all living beings.
  • Luna: Isaac only view Luna as a mean to achieve his goal and has no qualm to endanger her life.

Behind the Scenes


Isaac/Master Logos is portrayed by Keisuke Soma (相馬 圭祐, Sōma Keisuke), who had previously portrayed Genta UmemoriIcon-crosswiki.png/Shinken Gold in Samurai Sentai ShinkengerIcon-crosswiki.png. Soma had expressed his excitement in returning to Tokusatsu and prayed that Genta would support him.[3] As Kamen Rider Solomon, his suit actor is Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma).


  • Solomon is named after the biblical figure of the same name, a wealthy and wise king of Israel who succeeded his father, King David.
    • King Solomon's transformation from a wise and just king to a sinful one in his later years parallels Isaac's personality over the course of the series.
  • His real name, Isaac, is also derived from a biblical figure.


  • Because Isaac is the soldier that "aided" Touma during his raid inside the Southern Base headquarters, he is credited as the Southern Base Guard (サウザンベースの衛兵, Sauzanbēsu no Eihei) in Soma's first credited episode.
  • According to secondary writer, Keiichi Hasegawa, his full name is Isaac Kanda (神田イザク, Kanda Izaku) and his age is 1,028 years old. However, no other official material has acknowledged this.[4]
    • As with the naming scheme of other members of Sword of Logos, Isaac's surname Kanda () includes the Kanji character "Kan" meaning "god" or "deity".
    • As Kamen Rider Solomon, Isaac might be one of the oldest known Kamen Rider active at 1,028 years old.
    • However, It was later revealed that 1,028 was not official setting, his real age is still unknown.[5]

Master Logos' Throne




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