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Interview with Future People (インタビュー・ウィズ・未来人 Intabyū Wizu Miraijin) is the twelfth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O: Supplementary Plan. It was released on TTFC accompanying the twelfth episode of Kamen Rider Zi-O as its "episode 12.5".


As Geiz recaps the latest episode, Woz appears and criticizes Geiz's uninteresting narration. Woz and Geiz discuss the possibility that the audience may get confused between them and the Time Jackers, as they all are from the future. After Swartz - who displays a more comical and melodramatic personality - comes out of nowhere and joins them, Woz declares that they would hold a surprise interview:

  • "Where are you from?" (This segment censor the faces and the voices of all interviewees): Geiz answers that he is from 2068, the same years as Woz. Although, due of several circumstances, Woz is becoming Geiz's nemesis. While Swartz claims that he is merely from the future as the details have not been worked out yet.
  • "What are your goals?" (This segment removes the face blurring as the interviewees twist their own voices): Geiz says he needs to stop Ohma Zi-O, whom Woz claims to have sworn loyalty to. Swartz says he wants to throne a new king in his favor.
  • "What do you think for Japan in 2018?" (From this point, nothing is censored anymore): Geiz complains that Namie Amuro has retired, while Woz says the US-China trade dispute and the Korean Penisula issues are more worrisome. However, Swartz says he discovered a place called Ōizumi-gakuen, which is even cooler than Akihabara, especially in the winter.
  • "Tell us your real goals":
    • Geiz says he really wants to kill Zi-O , but other people say the way he reluctantly nice to the people he should hate is his appeal, which confuses him.
    • Woz insists that he is loyal to his king, and denies to have any ulterior motives, even though twists are needed for the story development.
    • Swartz says since he failed a lot, he may need a bodyguard, which fits the trend of the villain to be powered up before Christmas. His comedic acting eventually causes a serious technical difficulty (even distorted the beeping sound).

Woz concludes that their interview has shed some light for the viewers, to which Geiz doubts. Swartz says they should visit Ōizumi together. Geiz then points that the only reason Swartz was here in the first place was that a lot of people requested him to appear, as shown in Swartz script cover, much to Swartz astonishment.

The episode ends with Swartz performs another comical acting.




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  • Similar to the conclusion of previous arc, the Gaim Arc does not have returning legends (Kouta Kazuraba and Kaito Kumon in this case) make an appearance at all in any Supplementary Plan episode.
  • Swartz's words about finding a bodyguard before Christmas foreshadows his control of Kasshine to fight Zi-O in episode 16.
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