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Front view of the restaurant.

The International Cuisine Restaurant Cous Coussier (多国籍料理店クスクシエ Takokuseki Ryōri Ten Kusukushie) is a restaurant owned by Chiyoko Shiraishi, that serves dishes from around the world.

The Cous Coussier is also home to Eiji Hino and Ankh. To fit in with the "around the world" theme, it is continuously redecorated into different world culture themes, and its employees also use cosplay to fit into those themes. Later, after Ankh is being absorbed by Ankh (Lost), Eiji decided to leave the Cous Coussier in order to prevent Izumi siblings (Hina and Shingo) from being involved in the battle.

Notable Characters

The following are characters who are seen frequently in Cous Coussier in the series.

Let's Go Kamen Riders

Cous Coussier as Snack Amigo in Let's Go Kamen Riders

Snack Amigo Sign

It is possible that Cous Coussier is located where Snack Amigo was, as shown in the movie Let's Go Kamen Rider where Shocker ruled the world in an alternate timeline. When Eiji and Ankh went to Cous Coussier, the front sign said Snack Amigo.

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