This article is about a/an stageshow exclusive rider in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
"Her red flower blooms Heaven my way, "Inkohana Tendou", I am Kamen Rider Lady!"
―Kamen Rider Lady's self-introduction[src]

Inkohana Tendou (天道 院紅華 Tendou Inkohana)[1] is Kamen Rider Lady (仮面ライダーレディ), a stage show rider from Kamen Rider Kabuto Stage Show. She apparently has a battle with Kabuto, TheBee, and Gatack, but then aids them, most likely after a misunderstanding.

As the name suggests, the Kamen Rider Lady suit is based on the ladybug. The suit also bears a striking resemblance to Electro-Wave Human Tackle, who also had a ladybug motif.




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