This article is about a/an anime short in Kamen Rider Den-O.

The animated short Imagin Anime: Momotaros Forever! -Imagin Terminal Station-/The Movie (イマジンあにめ「モモタロスよ永遠に-イマジン終着駅-/劇場版」 Imajin Anime Momotarosu yo Eien ni -Imajin Shūchakueki-/Gekijōban) was shown as a double feature with Saraba Kamen Rider Den-O: Final Countdown. In the short, Momotaros feels bad that it is really the end of Kamen Rider Den-O as Urataros assures him that all good stories have to end sometime. After Kintaros and Ryutaros try to make sequels to classic stories that cannot have a sequel, the Imagin end up on the moon in homage to Galaxy Express 999, embracing their final story (although some feel uncomfort to their new surrounding) . But a later retelling of this short, Be Forever Momotaros: Imagin Terminal Station (モモタロスよ永遠に ~イマジン終着駅 Momotarosu yo Towa ni ~Imajin Shūchakueki), provides an alternate ending where the story does continue with numerous new characters and Momotaros freaks out about it.

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