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"Gai, you can't be satisfied with only 100%. You must be a man who strives for 1000%."
―Ikkei lecturing his son[src]

Ikkei Amatsu (天津一京 Amatsu Ikkei) is the strict father of Gai Amatsu.


Gai being told by his father to return Thouser after receiving a 99% test score.

When Gai was 11, he owned an AI dog named Thouser, but his harsh father was angered by his 99 percent test score, which forced Gai to return it to secure his education.


As the father of Gai Amatsu, he was very strict with his son as he was disappointed at Gai for his nearly perfect score of his exam due to his son's obsession with his robot dog "Thouser". Even though Gai studied hard to get his exam with perfect score, he was still mad to Gai about his 99 percent test score and he demand Gai to return Thouser.

Behind the Scenes


Ikkei Amatsu is portrayed by Kosei Kato (加藤厚成 Katō Kōsei), who is best known for playing Hajime Yamaoka/Mitsuhiko Ishibori/Dark ZagiIcon-crosswiki.png in Ultraman NexusIcon-crosswiki.png and Mitsuhiko HirukawaIcon-crosswiki.png in Ultraman MebiusIcon-crosswiki.png.


  • Like his son, the second character of his first name Kyo () is a numeral character which means 1016 in Japanese.


  • Ikkei's strict parenting with Gai can be seen as a type of tiger parenting, where parents consistently push and pressure their child in attaining high levels of academic and/or extracurricular achievement, usually through authoritarian methods. Children raised this way usually portray elements of chronic mental health issues, which aren't entirely absent in Gai's character.



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