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If Everyone Was Actually Hard-Boiled (もしも誰もがハードボイルドだったら Moshimo Dare mo ga Hādoboirudo dattara) is the twelfth and final episode of the DVD feature series, Shotaro Hidari Hardboiled Delusion Diary. It is a feature on the Kamen Rider W Volume 12 DVD.


As Shotaro's friends realize that he has been having delusions all along, they decide to have delusions about being hard-boiled to see what it feels like. While his friends are in their delusions, Shotaro decides to stop having delusions after seeing what he apparently looked and acted like to those around him while in his delusions.

Continuity and Placement

The events of this final installment take place after the revelations about the Sonozaki family and the defeat of the Terror Dopant in episodes 45 and 46.



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