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I Work as the President's Secretary (ワタシの仕事は社長秘書 Watashi no Shigoto wa Shachō Hisho) is the thirteenth episode of Kamen Rider Zero-One. It features the full debut of Zero-One Shining Hopper after its brief appearance in the previous episode. It also marks the final appearance of Little Assassin.


Zero-One, who has evolved into a shining new form known as Shining Hopper, will engage in a confrontation against the Dodo Magia who has evolved beyond comprehension! Despite the fact that Izu believes that Zero-One will be able to win using the Shining Hopper Progrisekey, she starts to notice something strange about Zero-One's state. Izu begins to feel like she is unqualified to be the president's secretary in the presence of this new form...


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Guest Cast

Suit Actors

Forms and Collectibles Used


  • Key Used:
    • Zero-One
      • Shining Hopper, Rising Hopper (once for Shining Mega Impact)
    • Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion
  • Form Used:
    • Zero-One
      • Shining Hopper, Rising Hopper
    • Vulcan
      • Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong
    • Valkyrie
      • Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Horobi
      • Sting Scorpion

Deleted Scene

  • Jin appears transformed alongside Horobi fighting Zero-One in a deleted scene.


Zero-One Ep 13 Closing Screen.png

  • Closing Screen Progrisekeys:
    • Kamen Riders: Zero-One
    • Progrisekeys:
      • Zero-One: Rising Hopper, Shining Hopper
  • Ending Sponsors Progrisekeys
    • 1. Breaking Mammoth
    • 2. Sting Scorpion
    • 3. Punching Kong
  • Count at episode end
    • Progrisekeys in Zero-One's possession: Rising Hopper, Biting Shark, Flaming Tiger, Freezing Bear, Breaking Mammoth, Shining Hopper
    • Progrisekeys in Vulcan's possession: Shooting Wolf, Punching Kong, Gatling Hedgehog
    • Progrisekeys in Valkyrie's possession: Rushing Cheetah, Lightning Hornet
    • Progrisekeys in Jin's possession: Flying Falcon
    • Progrisekeys in Horobi's possession: Sting Scorpion, Amazing Hercules
    • Progrisekeys in Gai Amatsu's possession: Sparking Giraffe, Exciting Stag, Trapping Spider, Crushing Buffalo, Splashing Whale, Dynamaiting Lion, Storming Penguin, Scouting Panda
    • Zetsumerisekeys in MetsubouJinrai.net's possession: Berotha, Kuehne, Ekal, Neohi, Onycho, Vicarya, Gaeru, Mammoth, Dodo
    • Zetsumerisekeys in Gai Amatsu's possession: Arsino
  • Kamen Rider Thouser is mentioned in this episode.
  • This is the only time in-series where Zero One uses an augmented "Impact" finisher

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