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I Heard the Idol Otaku is Dating His Fav (ドルヲタ、推しと付き合うってよ Doruwota, Oshi To Tsukiau Tte Yo) is a romantic story special of Kamen Rider Build, featuring Kazumi Sawatari and Misora Isurugi, released alongside Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease.


It tells the story of a misunderstanding between Kazumi Sawatari and Misora Isurugi, which will eventually lead to Kazumi and the Hokuto Three Crows on a self-searching adventure.



Kazumi is gleefully watching Misora work when she suddenly asks him to go out with her. Believing it to be a date, he puts on a suit and goes shopping with her, but is heartbroken when he learns that she only wanted him to help her find a present for her dad (although she leaves him with a gift, a free carabiner they had received while shopping). Frustrated & humiliated, Kazumi and the Three Crows take an inflatable raft and go on an adventure, only to end up stranded on a remote island.

Build NEW WORLD: Grease

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Continuity and Placement

Before the events of Kamen Rider Build NEW WORLD: Kamen Rider Grease. The special places Kazumi and the trio on the island when the narrative of the film begins.


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Kazumi Sawatari
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Evolto (flashback)



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