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The Human Undead (ヒューマンアンデッド Hyūman Andeddo) is the winner of the previous Battle Fight and ancestor of the entire human race (though his origins previous are unknown). Though released, he was willingly sealed by the Black Joker in the form of Chalice, serving as the Spirit Human card that provides both Hajime's human form and part of his persona. Through his influence and by having his form taken by Joker so often, Joker eventually developed a passion for protecting humanity. The Human Undead can also communicate with humans via telepathy.

Character History

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Though little has been revealed about the Human Undead's personality, it is shown that he is a benevolent figure in general, a trait not shared with most other Undeads. Having compassion for all life, the Human Undead willingly forfeited from the new Battle Fight, so as to save every mortal creature from extinction.

When conversing with Kenzaki and his friends, the Human Undead spoke in a calm and polite tone, revealing to his descendants of the Battle Fight's true nature.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Undeads, the Human Undead is an immortal being, not susceptible to sickness or aging. Furthermore, in spite of his nature as a lower class Undead, the Human Undead has shown himself capable of human speech, conversing with others through telepathy. Similar to the Spider Undead, the Human Undead has shown himself capable of influencing his host's personality, curving the Joker Undead's bloodlust.

Behind the Scenes



  • He is the only Undead to perfectly resemble a member of his modern day species counterparts, all others being humanoid monsters. Though unstated, this may be due to his victory in the previous Battle Fight.
    • Likewise, his ability to speak the human language despite being a Category 2 Undead can be attributed to this as well.
  • It is currently unknown what would happen if the B.O.A.R.D Riders were to use the sealed Human Undead's powers, since the Spirit Human card's only use on-screen was changing the Joker Undead into Hajime Aikawa.
  • Considering his benevolent nature, it is questionable how he was able to win the previous Battle Fight; his methods go unaddressed during the series.
    • Oddly enough, it has been hinted that the Human Undead's physical strength is below most Undeads in general, as Aikawa Hajime can barely hold his own against such foes without using another Undead's form and powers.
  • His card being the "Spirit" card is a pun, as he literally allows Hajime to see and appreciate the "Human Spirit".
    • It is also the only Rouse Card to name only the ability of the card under the image, as all others name both the ability and Undead's species.
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