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The Human Liberation Army's flag.

The Human Liberation Army (人間解放軍 Ningen kaihō-gun) is a guerilla resistance group of anti-Orphnoch freedom fighters exclusive to Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost that has gathered the remaining human survivors in the dystopian future to combat Smart Brain and its own paramilitary wing, the Riotroopers. Aside from sheltering civilians at their own refugee camp, they directly oppose any Orphnoch, even those on their side. As a result of Smart Brain's efforts and the superior number of enlisted soldiers, the liberation army has been fighting a losing battle and relies primarily on infiltration tactics, hoping to steal the legendary "Emperor Belts" to finally have an advantage in the war.



  • Shuji Mihara is the only main Rider who isn't a member of the Human Liberation Army. [1]

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