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"The time for humanity's extinction has finally come."

"All according to the will of the Ark."
―Horobi's personal catchphrase.[src]

Horobi ( lit. "Destroy") is a rogue HumaGear and the acting leader of He commands Jin to target HumaGears and turn them against humanity in order to bring about their extinction, per the will of the Ark. In battle, he transforms into Kamen Rider Horobi (仮面ライダー滅[ホロビ] Kamen Raidā Horobi).


Pre-Daybreak Town Accident

Horobi Past

Horobi before

Horobi was originally a Parent-Type HumaGear for preschool education designed by Bot Hakase and manufactured by Hiden Intelligence 12 years ago before coming under the control of the newly activated Ark. Horobi is believed to be responsible for the Daybreak Town incident, having caused the town's HumaGears to go berserk. As a Kamen Rider, he sent a terrorist video to one of the town's main power plants, revealing the existence of and declaring his war on humanity. In the following years, Horobi set up a base inside the ruins of the town. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth's First Movement

Twelve years later, after Korenosuke Hiden's passing, Horobi restarts his crusade against humanity. Horobi seeks HumaGears with a near singularity status and forcibly transforms them into Magias with the help of his partner Jin and the Zetsumerisekeys.

Horobi resumed's activities by sending Jin to hack Fukkin Hokai Taro, leading to havoc across the amusement park the HumaGear worked at, forcing Aruto Hiden to transform into Kamen Rider Zero-One to fight the Magia. I am the President and a Kamen Rider

When a new Singularity awakened in Okureru he gave Jin a Zetsumerisekey to hack into the HumaGear and collect data. Is AI The Enemy? The Ally? After's presence has been made public Horobi showed no concern about Zero-One or A.I.M.S. when questioned by Jin, instead just deciding to focus on the Ark. That Man, Sushi Chef

When Isamu Fuwa ventured into Daybreak Town and found proof regaring's involvement in the accident of twelve years ago, Horobi, transformed into Kamen Rider Horobi, arrived and destroyed the Trilobite Magia who managed to somehow fight back their hacking, burning the evidence and keeping the Ark's existence hidden. The Bus Guide Saw It! Anna's Truth

Back at Daybreak Town, after witnessing Horobi's Kamen Rider form, Jin tells him that he wants a Progrisekey, but is told that what they want is human extinction before Horobi sends him to hack into another HumaGear. After the Vicarya Magia is destroyed he tells Jin to not pursue the Progrisekeys, leading Jin to believe he is just an assistant, however, Horobi reveals that he is Jin's father. His Passionate Path of Manga

The Birth of Kamen Rider Jin

After the revelation Horobi is questioned by Jin about their parent-child dynamic. Horobi explains that he is Jin's father and that children should listen to what their parents say as he grants Jin permission to go after the Progrisekeys.

When Jin returns with the Flying Falcon Progrisekey and questions Horobi about parents needing to protect their children, Horobi is quick to dismiss it and say that Jin is already strong and doesn't need protection, pointing out that their family dynamic isn't a regular one before sending Jin to gather more of Zero-One's Progrisekeys.

When Jin becomes conflicted and shows remorse towards hacking a HumaGear, Horobi appears before him and Zero-One. Unintentionally leading Jin to believe he came to protect him, Horobi dismisses it and reveals that Jin is actualy a HumaGear he created, that being the reason he calls him son. Ordering Jin to do what he says, Horobi uses a MetsubouJinrai Forceriser to hack Jin and override his personality with's protocol, forcing him to use the Flying Falcon Progrisekey to transform into Kamen Rider Jin. As the fight starts, Horobi leaves the scene and returns to Daybreak Town, later praising Jin for his good work upon his return. I Want to Hear Your Voice

The invasion of & Dangerous Identity

Horobi stops taking Zero-One lightly after the incident with Jin and introduces an Assassin-Type HumaGear, a new Magia capable of becoming stronger as he learns. Horobi gives him the Dodo Zetsumerisekey and orders him to target Zero-One. I am a Hot-Blooded HumaGear Teacher!

After the Dodo Magia's destruction at the hands of Kamen Riders Vulcan and Valkyrie, Horobi restores Little Assassin and sends him to infiltrate a HumaGear hospital. Horobi is questioned by Jin about how many humans they will need to kill, to which he replies the number and that they keep increasing thanks to advances in medicine. When Little Assassin returns, Horobi explains that AIs can always be restored as long as a back up exists. When the assassin tells Horobi that he failed, he decides for a more direct approach and orders him to target Yua Yaiba next.

Horobi attacks A.I.M.S.'s laboratory alongside Jin and Little Assassin. Yua tries to interfere but the assassin transform into the Dodo Magia again and fights her while Horobi orders Jin to hack into the Gigars. In the meantime, Horobi infiltrates the arsenal and finds the mass produced A.I.M.S. Shotrisers and Attache Shotguns, remarking on it being an impressive feat. He finds the new Attache Arrow and takes it with him alongside an Attache Shotgun. With everything he needed, Horobi prepares to leave the laboratory but Yua, as Valkyrie, asks why he is hacking into the HumaGears, to which Horobi says it is the will of the Ark. He gives Jin the Attache Arrow, leading to Valkyrie's defeat.

Back at Daybreak Town, Horobi comments on their forces already being enough but that they need to create more Magia to revive the Ark.

Heading to the National Database Hospital, Horobi uses a hacked Gigar to assault a data center in order to hack into previously unhackable HumaGears when Aruto, Isamu and Yua arrive. They question why he is doing that since the HumaGear are helping to save humans, prompting Horobi to remove his head adornment and show his broken earpiece as he reveals himself to be a HumaGear. Proclaiming that he is attacking humanity per judgement of the Ark, which sentenced humanity to extinction, Horobi declares the HumaGears will inherit the earth after they are gone, that being the will of

As the hospital's HumaGear staff are transformed into Trilobite Magia, Horobi orders Little Assassin to once again target Zero-One and observes their fight, recovering the Dodo Zetsumerisekey after his defeat.

Horobi then enters battlefield himself as Vulcan Punching Kong and Valkyrie Lightning Hornet fight Jin, proclaiming's victory as the day of revolution. Using his own MetsubouJinrai Forceriser and the Sting Scorpion Progrisekey, he transform into Kamen Rider Horobi, inciting Jin's amusement and Vulcan's rage as the latter recognizes him from the video regarding the truth of the Daybreak Town Accident.

Horobi Ear HumaGears
Horobi fights an angered Vulcan but easily outclasses him. Saying that he doesn't care for the effects of the accident, Horobi is hit by Vulcan's Punching Blast but is undamaged. Revealing the Strong Hercules Progrisekey and using the Attache Arrow to unleash a finisher, Horobi weakens Vulcan. Telling the Rider to take his last breath, Horobi executes his Sting Dystopia finisher, piercing Vulcan's chest with an energy stinger, knocking the Rider out of his transformation in a big explosion and leaving him in critical condition. The Destruction Begins Now

With Isamu critically injured, Horobi and Jin fight Zero-One and easily overpower him, rendering him unable to follow as they march with the corrupted Giger unit to the hospital. Proclaiming the extinction of humanity has come, Horobi orders the Giger to hack into the medical HumaGears and creates several Trilobite Magia. Zero-One arrives once again and Horobi has the Giger fight him, having the upper-hand until Zero-One uses the Breaking Mammoth Progrisekey to destroy it, leading Horobi to confirm that Zero-One is defying their calculations. I'll Take Care of Your Life

Multiple Assassin HumaGear

After the second DoDo Magia's destruction, Horobi installed its backup data into the third Zetto unit in order to keep pushing his learning and sends Jin to hack the HumaGear actor Enji Matsuda using the Arsino Zetsumerisekey. I am an Actor, Shinya Owada

After the third DoDo Magia's destruction, Horobi uploads the backup data into the fourth Zetto unit, upgraded after achieving his singularity and donning a new form. Horobi mentions that Little Assassin's learning is almost complete, but Jin points out that he attacked Enji, to which Horobi was amused, contemplating the Dodo Magia's potential and sending it in his last mission: to kill the actor Shinya Owada.

Infiltrating the film set, Horobi hacks the HumaGear Enji using the Zetsumeriser and the Arsino Zetsumerisekey. Horobi observes as the Arsino Magia attacks until he himself transforms to fight Zero-One Biting Shark, easily overpowering him until the destruction of the Arsino Magia at the hands of Kamen Rider Valkyrie Hornet, who also takes the Arsino Zetsumerisekey. Horobi finds it interesting and takes his leave.

After the Dodo Magia shoots Shinya during Hiden's TV drama filming, Horobi appears, celebrating in a HumaGear's malicious action against a human, angering Aruto as he proclaims that HumaGear with replace the human rage. Both riders transform and engages in combat, with Horobi easily overpowering Zero-One. Zero-One, however, transforms into his Breaking Mammoth mech form and executes a Breaking Impact rider kick. Horobi, however, manifested an energy construct of the Sting Scorpion mech to shield himself. Don't Stop the Camera, Stop That Guy!

Returning to the ruins Daybreak Town, Horobi chains the Dodo Magia Custom and reveales to Jin that Little Assassin has evolved to the point he staged a mutiny. Going rogue, the Dodo Magia evolved into its second Custom form hacks the Trilobite Magia and transforms them into Dodo Magia Chicks, forcing Horobi and Jin to transform into their Kamen Rider forms, taking their fight to the woods outside of their base. While Horobi and Jin destroys the Dodo Magia Chicks easily, the Dodo Magia Custom 2 escapes him during the fight. The Famous Detective is Coming

Horobi approaches Zero-One, Vulcan and Valkyrie as they pursue the Dodo Magia Custom 2 and offers a truce between both sides in order to deal with the rogue. As they decline his offer, Horobi leaves them to handle the Dodo Magia, commenting on how they could not surpass his growth.

When the Dodo Magia Custom 2 is finally destroyed by Zero-One Shining Hopper's Shining Mega Impact, Horobi, in his Kamen Rider form, steals back the Dodo Zetsumerisekey and swiftly beats Vulcan, who surmised that Horobi intended to let them destroy the Dodo Magia for him, and Valkyrie. Before taking his leave, Horobi comments on Zero-One becoming a force to be feared. I Work as the President's Secretary

Thunderous Assistance & The Creation of Assault Wolf Progrisekey

With the Dodo Magia's ultimate destruction and recovery of the Dodo Zetsumerisekey the Magia Operation is finaly complete and Horobi decides to awaken their spy, Ikazuchi, sending Jin to do so and collect the Progrisekeys. With Ikazuchi able to best Zero-One and Vulcan and steal the Progrisekeys, Horobi witnesses the revival of the Ark as it creates the Assault Wolf Progrisekey.

Horobi delivers the new Progrisekey to Jin as the fight raged on, however a surprise attack from Zero-One forced Jin to let go of the key which was taken by Fuwa. Horobi says that it is pointless for Fuwa to use the key as made only for members of, however, in a fit of rage, Fuwa is able to force open the key and transform with a shot that roamed the battlefield, which Horobi dodged.

After Ikazuchi was destroyed by Vulcan, Horobi consoled Jin, noticing that his feelings were proof that he was reaching singularity. We are the Astronaut Brothers!

With Little Assassin and Ikazuchi destroyed, Horobi found Jin making a grave for them and leaving flowers. He asks if he looked up the information, and upon confirmation, angrily lectures Jin in not acting like a human, saying they served their purpose following the will of the Ark.

Compromised & Captured

Having predicted A.I.M.S's course of actions, Horobi, alongside Jin, intercepts them before they could enter Daybreak Town and transform to confront Vulcan and Valkyrie. Horobi fights Valkyrie and holds the upper hand, easily pushing her back and preparing to deliver a final blow using the Attache Arrow, however, Zero-One Shining Hopper interrupts at the last second and manages to outclass Horobi using the Shinning Hopper Progrisekey, using the Authorize Buster to clash with the Attache Arrow and for the first time surpass its power.

Undefeated, however, Horobi notices Vulcan Assault Wolf preparing to land a finishing blow on Jin and suddenly interfaces with the Ark. Noting that if so was the will of the Ark he would comply, Horobi launches himself in front of Jin and pushes him away, receiving Vulcan's Magnetic Storm Blast Fever head-on. The impact sends Horobi flying away across the area and cancels his transformation, revealing he was severely damaged by the attack. He is quickly approached by Jin who in a fit of anger attacks Izu and leaves carrying Horobi back to their headquarters.

Back at their base, Jin promptly moves to ask the Ark to repair Horobi, however, he instructs him not to. Horobi explained to Jin that it was the will of the Ark that he reached Singularity and that his death will lead Jin to hate humanity. As his final words to his son, Horobi tells Jin to annihilate humanity, as so was the Ark's will. The End of Each

Following the destruction of Jin and the apparent end of the war against, Horobi's body is retrieved by A.I.M.S and held immobilized and under custody at their base. As the Ark remains active and Magias appear even without them hacking HumaGears, amidst the commotion regarding their safety and ZAIA's public announcement on their intent to achieve control of Hiden Intelligence, Horobi awakens inside A.I.M.S' base. This is the Dawn of ZAIA

Now under A.I.M.S' custody, Horobi is questioned by Fuwa who is surprised to see him reactivated. Questioned about what is the Ark and if there are still members of around, Horobi refuses to answer Fuwa and does not yield to his threats, noting that even if he was destroyed their crusade against humanity would continue as humanity's very nature was what caused them to go rogue years ago and cause the Daybreak Town Accident. I'm the Only President and Kamen Rider.

With the appearance of Kamen Rider Thouser and the Crushing Buffalo Raider, Horobi is questioned once more by Fuwa and reveals the existence of the Raidriser and that members of are still on the loose. He, however, notes that he is no longer aware of their location as his previous defeat severed his connection to's network and that if Fuwa was to find their remaining member he should follow the Raiders.This is My Floristry She is a Home-Selling HumaGear

When Aruto, Isamu, and Izu bought up ZAIA Enterprise's CEO, Gai Amatsu, had a Zetsumeriser and was using the Ark's technology, Horobi was shocked and in a fit of rage that the Ark was being utilized by humans as Horobi broke down screaming in anger. He Still Didn't Do It

After the appearance of the Metal Cluster Progrisekey and Zero-One's loss of control to the Ark, Isamu Fuwa informed Horobi that Gai Amatsu was indeed using the Ark to advance some plan of his and asks Horobi if he knows what it is. Horobi tells Isamu that Gai underestimates HumaGears and that soon he will learn of the real power of the Ark. He says that and himself move according to the will of the Ark as its will is absolute to them and the day will come where all HumaGears will acknowledge so and obey the Ark. Fuwa mockingly questions him about what the Ark has done for them, to which Horobi says Fuwa is the same as them but the same says he won't do anything he doesn't agree on. As Horobi questions, if Fuwa indeed has free will, an angered Fuwa kicks down and punches Horobi, who merely laughs in response.I'm in Love With Your Intelligence! It's Our Turn

Freed & Continuing The Ark's Will

Horobi managed to break free from his custory with the help of Jin and Naki and made his way back to Daybreak Town alongside Jin, where he was met on surrounding forest by a squad of Trilobite Magia that marched to intercept Aruto and Fuwa who were tracking Horobi. Fuwa, however, managed to intercept Horobi right as he was about to enter Daybreak Town but Jin appeared in his new form, Burning Falcon, to stop Vulcan's pursuit.

Horobi managed to reach's hideout and get back his Forceriser, restoring his connection to the Ark and He greets Jin once he returns and prepares to move on with the plan to exterminate humanity, returning Jin's gun, however, Jin says he was not brought back to do that. Jin removed Horobi's straightjacket, which was put on him while under A.I.M.S' custody and says that is more like the Horobi he knows. Horobi questions if destroying humanity isn't the reason Jin returned, to which he replied he has more important things to do. Horobi questions what he means and why Jin isn't connected to the Ark and Jin says he wants to free the HumaGears in his own way and that to restart their plans they first need to recover Horobi's Sting Scorpion Progrisekey.

Outside Daybreak Town they were intercepted by Isamu Fuwa who had been waiting for them to come out. A fight ensued between Kamen Rider Vulcan Assault Wolf and Kamen Rider Jin Burning Falcon, with the HumaGear emerging victorious and asking for Horobi's Progrisekey back as Horobi said A.I.M.S' has it, to which Fuwa replied he doesn't know where the Progrisekey was, since A.I.M.S did not repair Horobi, but ZAIA. I'll Save The HumaGearsFirefighters Battling The Blaze

Horobi came back to action as Kamen Rider Horobi when Kamen Rider Thouser fought and defeated Kamen Rider Vulcan. Horobi intervened and used the Attache Arrow to push back Thouser. Even with their expected gap in powers, Horobi still managed to knock him back, explaining that A.I.'s capacity to learn can make him even stronger. After Thouser left, Fuwa demanded to know why Horobi saved him, to which he replied it was the will of the Ark. My Rap Changes The World!

Movies and other events

Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation

Horobi RTFG Profile

Due to the changes of timeline caused by Time Jacker Finis, Horobi is seen attacking humans under the command of Will, as well as sporting his HumaGear Module. Kamen Riders Horobi and Jin are also seen defending alongside the HumaGear troopers, as well as fighting against Kamen Rider Geiz.

What Will Pop Out of the Kangaroo? Think About It by Yourself! Yes! It must be me, Aruto!

Horobi is mentioned by Jin later when he is defeated along with Boketarou Tendon by Hoppping Impact of Kamen Rider Zero-One Hopping Kangaroo.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing

Kamen Rider Horobi, alongside Jin, Vulcan, Zero-One, Valkyrie and other riders will be playable characters in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.

Kamen Rider Buttobasoul


Kamen Rider Horobi medal

Kamen Rider Horobi is a playable character in Kamen Rider Buttobasoul.


The commanding terrorist leader of, Horobi believes that AI systems surpass humanity in every way. He views the destruction of humanity as a crusade, and is focused on the revival of the Ark. He considers Aruto, who makes laughter his policy, his rival and target. Quiet, calm, and apathetic, he is ruthless in the lengths he will go to protect his plans, and makes sures things go smoothly one way or another.

Unlike his allies, Horobi prefers working under shadows. But when the time comes where he fights for his cause, his ruthlessness peaks. He is straightforward and strong, and is not above killing, or at the very least, critically damaging those against him.

Humourously, Horobi is very possessive towards Ark. most likely out of loyalty and dedication of purging mankind. When he learned from Izu that Gai had access to Zetsumerisers, he started screaming madly thinking that he is useless and Ark prefers a human over him and his allies. He Still Didn't Do It This fueled his hatred of humans even further, more particularly Gai himself.


  • Data Avatar: Horobi has shown that he has a certain connection with the Ark, which follows his will in the form of a hologram.

Kamen Rider Horobi

Sting Scorpion

Sting Scorpion

"Force Rise! Sting Scorpion! Break Down."
―Transformation announcement[src]

Rider Statistics:[1]

  • Rider Height: 188.9 cm
  • Rider Weight: 98.8 kg

Ability Parameters:[1]

  • Punching Power: 13.5 t
  • Kicking Power: 32.7 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 15.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.5 seconds

Sting Scorpion (スティングスコーピオン Sutingu Sukōpion) is Horobi's primary form accessed by using the Sting Scorpion Progrisekey in the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser.

Kamen Rider Horobi has notably high punching power, being greater than all of Zero-One's standard forms with the exception of Breaking Mammoth, and kicking power that exceeds any of Vulcan or Valkyries' standard forms. In comparison, his jump height and running speed are mediocre and are outclassed by most of Zero-One's forms. Thus, Horobi does not rely on agility in battle and prefers to deliver infrequent but powerful attacks. Horobi also demonstrates exceptional durability and has withstood a variety of finishing attacks that are capable of forcing other Riders out of transformation. Horobi can also summon Sting Scorpion's Rider Model to aid him in battle or protect him from enemy attacks.

After escaping from A.I.M.S, his second MetsubouJinrai Forceriser was created with much more power by the Ark, allowing him to face even Thouser on equal footing and even managed to push him back.

Horobi is equipped with a stinger unit named the Acid Analyze (アシッドアナライズ Ashiddo Anaraizu) on his left arm which generates various types of poisons that are effective not only on living organisms, but also electronic devices and robots, and have the function of destroying the target from the inside. It excels at the generation of poisons that break down substances at the molecular level and nervous system toxins that paralyze the target. Injection into the subject is performed by penetrating with a telescopic needle located at the tip of the Acid Analyze, and the penetration force powerful enough to pierce tank armor. By attaching the Acid Analyze to Horobi's limbs, poisons can be injected through punches and kicks.

Sting Scorpion consists of the following parts:

  • Scorpion Head (スコーピオンヘッド Sukōpion Heddo): Horobi's helmet.
    • Scorpion Goggles (スコーピオンゴーグル Sukōpion Gōguru): Horobi's facial armor. The dark-grey frame that surrounds the Scorpion Scope. It is equipped with visual devices and component analyzers that enhance the ability to produce poisons.
    • Scorpion Chelicera (スコーピオンチェリセラ Sukōpion Cherisera): The Scorpion Goggles' component analyzer. Images and scan data captured by the Scorpion Scope are analyzed using 16 different analyzers, and the composition, properties, structure, and state of substances are measured regardless of whether they are organic or inorganic. The information obtained is sent to the Scorpion Signal as needed.
    • Scorpion Signal (スコーピオンシグナル Sukōpion Shigunaru): The green orb in the center of the forehead. It is the Scorpion Goggles' poison construction equipment. Based on the component information measured by Scorpion Chelicera, a composite formula is constructed for the purpose of destruction.The constructed formula data is then sent to the Acid Analyze.
    • Scorpion Scope (スコーピオンスコープ Sukōpion Sukōpu): Horobi's visual equipment. It has excellent night vision and target tracking capability and also functions as a camera for the Scorpion Chelicera with a scanning function using X-rays and infrared rays.
    • Augment Top (アグメントトップ Agumento Toppu): The head of the Augment Suit. It protects the user from corrosive liquids with a special fabric called Texta Wall (テキスタウォール Tekisuta Wōru) that has extremely low breathability and permeability. It also keeps the internal pressure higher than the external pressure by being airtight. In addition, a special coating reduces the reflection of radio waves and the emission of infrared rays, making it a form of stealth equipment.
    • Hearing Back (ヒアリングバック Hiaringu Bakku): Horobi's hearing device. Hearing information is communicated to the wearer through the Restraint Cables.
  • Augment Suit (アグメントスーツ Agumento Sūtsu): Horobi's base suit. It protects the user from corrosive liquids with a special fabric called Texta Wall (テキスタウォール Tekisuta Wōru) that has extremely low breathability and permeability. It also keeps the internal pressure higher than the external pressure by being airtight. In addition, a special coating reduces the reflection of radio waves and the emission of infrared rays, making it a form of stealth equipment.
  • Force Arm (フォースアーム Fōsu Āmu): Horobi's arms. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser, the wearer's strength is increased by approximately 4.8 times.
  • Force Grab (フォースグラブ Fōsu Gurabu): The Augment Suit's gloves. They increase grip strength and tactile sensitivity by a factor of approximately 3 by receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. The fingertips are protected with sharp armor and can be used as weapons.
  • Force Leg (フォースレッグ Fōsu Reggu): Horobi's legs. By receiving the energy generated by the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser, the wearer's leg strength is increased by approximately 6.4 times.
  • Chain Blocker (チェインブロッカー Chein Burokkā): Horobi's segmented body armor. The Rider Model (ライダモデル Raida Moderu) of the overloaded Progrisekey is forcibly attached to it. By protecting the parts of the body that are subject to impact with thick armor and cutting unnecessary armor, the total protection capacity is maximized while at the same weight. The Chain Blocker's arrangement allows it to easily move according to the wearer's movements.
  • Core Breast (コアブレスト Koa Buresuto): The central segment of chest armor. It is the chain blocker control unit. The status of each part of the chain blocker is monitored periodically to control energy distribution. Also, if the damage accumulated exceeds a certain limit, the transformation will be canceled to protect the user.
  • Landing Blocker (ランディングブロッカー Randingu Burokkā): Horobi's boots. They protect the feet and improve the wearer's running and kicking ability. In addition, by utilizing the strength of the armor, it enables activities in extreme environments that humans cannot set foot in.
  • Restraint Cables (レストランケーブル Resutoran Kēburu): Cables running through all parts of the body that transmit energy and information from the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser. In addition, taking advantage of their high toughness and ability to expand and contract freely, they have the role of constraining the utilized Progrisekey's Rider Model and tightly binding it to the wearer.

This form has three finishers:

  • MetsubouJinrai Forceriser finishers:
    • Sting Dystopia (スティングディストーピーアー Sutingu Disutopia): The Acid Analyze extends and attaches itself to Horobi's right leg before he delivers a side kick to the enemy. The Acid Analyze injects the target with poison as well as impales them with a purple energy blade upon impact, ultimately resulting in the enemy exploding.
    • Sting Utopia (スティングユートーピア Sutingu Yutopia):
  • Attache Arrow finishers:
    • Kaban Shoot (カバンシュート Kaban Shūto): Through the use of a Progrisekey, Horobi can boost his Kaban Shoot attack.
      • Amazing Hercules​: Horobi shoots a lime green energy construct resembling the pincer of a Hercules Beetle.
      • Sting Scorpion: Horobi shoots a purple-coloured arrow towards the opponent.
        • A variation of this finisher is shooting a gold-coloured arrow covered in purple energy towards the opponent, before splitting into multiple arrows to attack in all directions.

Appearances: Zero-One Episodes 4, 8-9, Reiwa The First Generation, 11-13, 15, 25 (Flashback), 28




  • Attache Arrow[2]
  • Attache Calibur
  • Acid Analyze - Sting Scorpion's arm-mounted stinger while using Sting Scorpion Progrisekey
  • Katana - Horobi's personal weapon in civilian form



  • Ark: Horobi acts according to the will of the Ark, which extends to the operations of To that extent Horobi has even taken a killing blow meant for Jin per the command of the Ark and while under A.I.M.S' custody he stated that to him the Ark's orders are absolute. He also showed great hatred towards the Ark being used by humanity to any means and was quick to state that they will soon learn how wrathful it can be. When freed from his custody, Horobi's first course of action was to reconnect to the Ark. As they communicated via the Ark's and's network, little has been shown of how they actually interact.
  • Naki: Naki firstly delivered Horobi his Forceriser and later broke him out from A.I.M.S. custody.
  • Jin: They are working together as to repeat the Daybreak Town Accident on a larger scale. Horobi works behind the scenes, granting Jin the Zetsumeriser and Zetsumerisekeys to hack the HumaGears. Horobi shows concern towards Jin's safety, initially talking him out of wanting a Progrisekey to transform and eventually telling him to stop pursuing them, saying that he is more valuable than a mere assistant right before revealing himself to be Jin's father. Horobi, however, shows himself perfectly willing to harm Jin if he deems necessary, using the MetsubouJinrai Forceriser to hack into him and reprogram his personality after his son became conflicted about their actions. After being reprogrammed, Jin is afraid of committing mistakes, thinking Horobi would get angry at him. When Jin was to be destroyed by Kamen Rider Vulcan, Horobi promptly took the blow in his place, although he mentioned it was the will of the Ark. After his death, Jin confirmed that he didn't know why humanity had to be destroyed and that he simply followed with that because it was what Horobi taught him. After his restoration, Jin was the one to free Horobi from custody with help from Naki and lead him back to Daybreak Town, where Horobi welcomed Jin back, but soon, their conflicting ideas come to clash as Horobi wishes for humanity's destruction while Jin wants HumaGear's freedom. This puts a strain on their relationship, as Jin decided to work independently away from the Ark but not before giving back Horobi's Progrisekey.
  • Ikazuchi: to be added
  • Little Assassin: Horobi created an Assassin-Type HumaGear to kill Zero-One and later Valkyrie. Horobi himself is proud of Little Assassin's growth rate, much to Jin's jealousy. Horobi grew warry of his growth when he started to defy orders and ultimately betrayed them. Horobi showed no concern towards him after his ultimate destruction and was only interested in retrieving the Dodo Zetsumerisekey he used.


  • Izu: TBD
  • Jun Fukuzoe: TBD
  • Aruto Hiden/Kamen Rider Zero-One: When Aruto made's existence public, Horobi expressed no concern regarding Zero-One or A.I.M.S., saying they are not a problem and instead focusing on the Ark. After seeing Zero-One power in person, Horobi starts taking the young CEO seriously, to the point of creating Little Assassin, just to kill Zero-One. After witnessing Zero-One destroy a hacked Giger, Horobi commented that Zero One was an existence beyond their calculations.
  • Isamu Fuwa/Kamen Rider Vulcan: Horobi becomes the target of all of Fuwa's unbridled hate upon transforming into the masked figure that caused the Daybreak incident. By contrast, Horobi has no interest in Isamu in any measure, fatally wounding him with no mercy and utter detachment. After being defeated and brought into custody Horobi display slight annoyance towards Fuwa's persistent questioning. It was later revealed that Fuwa was the one who helped Horobi escape with help from Jin and Naki.
  • Yua Yaiba/Kamen Rider Valkyrie: While the two have barely interacted, she is seen as enough of a threat for Horobi to designate her as one of Little Assassin's targets.
  • Gai Amatsu/Kamen Rider Thouser: Upon learning that the Ark being exploited by ZAIA Enterprise and its CEO, Horobi was livid to hear a human is using the Ark to further his own ends. He curses Gai that the latter will soon come to regret abusing its capability.


Behind the scenes


Horobi is portrayed by Shuya Sunagawa (砂川脩弥 Sunagawa Shuya), As Kamen Rider Horobi, his suit actor is Seiji Takaiwa (高岩 成二 Takaiwa Seiji), who was previously the suit actor for 18 out of the 20 lead Heisei Kamen Riders (except Kuuga and Hibiki). Of note, this is Takaiwa's first time portraying a non-lead Kamen Rider after passing the torch to Yuya Nawata.



  • Horobi's name comes from the first kanji in the Japanese writing for "MetsubouJinrai" (滅亡迅雷).
    • Unlike Jin, Horobi's name is read in the Kun'yomi-style "Horobi" (ほろび), rather than the more conventional On'yomi-style "Metsu" (めつ).
  • Along with Jin, Horobi is the first Rider to have his name written in kanji since Fuma.
  • Horobi shares the same body and eye coloration with Shinobi.
  • He is the second purple-colored Rider to have a scorpion motif after Tsurugi Kamishiro/Kamen Rider Sasword.
  • Horobi and Jin are the first Riders since Kamen Rider Decade to be referred to as "Masked Rider" in promotional material. However, in Ganbarizing, they are referred to as Kamen Rider.[3]
  • While both Horobi and Jin lack Humagear Modules, Horobi's seem to have been forcibly removed, while Jin may have possibly never possessed them
    • Episode 25 confirms that Horobi originally possessed the older model of HumaGear modules due to being manufactured in the Daybreak Town factory.
    • In the alternate timeline presented in Kamen Rider: Reiwa The First Generation, Horobi instead possesses the current model of HumaGear modules in the present day.
  • Horobi's Sting Dystopia finisher is performed in a similar manner to one of the finishing moves used by ScorpioIcon-crosswiki from Uchu Sentai KyurangerIcon-crosswiki.
  • Horobi's katana is retooled from Samurai General BudohIcon-crosswiki's Girasame katana in Seijuu Sentai GingamanIcon-crosswiki.[4]



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