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Honami (ホナミ) is an idol singer of the group Harp+y 4 who is plagued by the ability to hear anyone's thoughts, particularly the negative thoughts of her colleagues.

Character History


Her ability is noticed by Igor and she is followed by the Hikoki Gamma Perfect, being deemed a threat when she meets Takeru, but he defeats the Gamma when it attacks her. She is possessed several times by the Sanzo Eyecon, sending Alain to another plane to train with Sanzo's three disciples. The thoughts she hears from her fellow groupmates drive her to leave, and Akari takes her place in the group, but she fakes an injury on stage to convince Honami to retake her original spot. Furious! Idol's Declaration! Learn! All the Ways!

Behind the scenes


Honami is portrayed by Makoto Okunaka (奥仲 麻琴 Okunaka Makoto) who herself is an idol, a member of the idol group PASSPO☆, as well as having previously portrayed Koyomi in Kamen Rider Wizard. Coincidentally, Koyomi's father had previously returned in Kamen Rider Ghost: Legendary! Riders' Souls!, and indeed alluded to her while fighting with Ghost. While under the possession of the Sanzo Eyecon, she is briefly voiced and co-voiced by Tomokazu Seki (関 智一 Seki Tomokazu).


  • It is unclear if her telepathy is a naturally-occuring ability or a result of the "emotion-uniting" wristbands Deep Connect developed and implemented during Harp+y4's concerts.
  • While being possessed by Sanzo Damashii, she wears Sanzo's crown and carries Sanzo's staff.


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