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The Hokuto Three Crows (北都三羽ガラス Hokuto Sanbagarasu) were a group of warriors hailing from Hokuto. Rider Wars Start



Indebted to Kazumi after he helped save the life of his grandmother, Massugu Ubukata wished to join him and the Crows in their crusade in Touto. To that end, he crafted a set of dog tags for all five of them. However, he was declined by Kazumi. Kamen Rider Build: Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease!

The Hokuto Three Crows interrupted a fight between Grease and Cross-Z Charge, only for Kazumi to state that they broke the rules of engagement and relinquish the Kuma and Televi Fullbottles to Ryuga as his penance. Having followed Kazumi to Touto, Massugu tracked the Touto Riders to nascita and, in an attempt to earn Kazumi's favor by reclaiming the Fullbottles, used a Smash Bottle to expose himself to Nebula Gas and transform into an Ice Smash. Though he was ultimately defeated by Sento Kiryu, Sento came to understand his story thanks to Televi-san, and returned the Kuma and Televi Fullbottles to Grease while suggesting to Massugu that he would to better to return to Hokuto and continue supporting his grandmother. Left with Massugu, Kazumi realized that he was still holding on to the dog tags he had made for him and his comrades and chose to finally accepted them, claiming that the jingling sound Massugu made when he walked irritated him. Kamen Rider Build: Birth! KumaTelevi!! VS Kamen Rider Grease!

New World

New Akaba, New Aoba and New Kiba

After Evolto's demise and Sento fuses the two worlds together, All members of Hokuto Three Crows are alive and seen entering Nascita with their boss Kazumi. When Kazumi is passed out because of a meeting with Misora, the group carries him out of the cafeteria.



  • The group's name comes from the Japanese term sanbagarasu (三羽烏), referring to a famous trio.
  • Unique among Smash, not only do they use Fullbottles to change, but the Fullbottles remain present on their left arms in a small divot on the surface, and also become the Smash Hazard versions of themselves.