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Hitomi Maki (真木 仁美 Maki Hitomi) is Kiyoto Maki's late older sister.


When Hitomi was first introduced through Kiyoto Maki's flashbacks she was kind and loving. However, this was revealed to be a mental block Maki created after her death. Hitomi was actually cruel and disgusted with her brother despite his affections, to the point of giving him a doll called Kiyo-chan to use as a substitute for her due to his extreme difficulty of speaking to others. Her primary belief was that something's worth could only be known after it ended, a belief that would continue with her brother.


Hitomi lived with her brother Kiyoto, whom she treated cruelly. Sometime in her life she became engaged and was to be married and would leave the house she and her brother lived in, giving Maki Kiyo-chan as a surrogate for her. That night, Maki killed Hitomi by using candles to start a fire in her room to test his sister's belief. The trauma caused Maki to suppress all memories of that night and made him believe the fire was an accident and that Hitomi was kind until they resurfaced years later.


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