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Hitomi Kasai (葛西 瞳 Kasai Hitomi) is a assistant of Professor Odagiri. She only appeared in Secret Mission Type TOKUJO.


A genius who created the Anima System to move freely around the internet. However her research was plagiarized by Odagiri, enraging her. On April 8, she prepared a medicine that would put an immense strain on Odagiri's heart condition, killing him.

She was interrogated by the Special Investigation Unit, and Shinnosuke reveals that she couldn't have been the killer. According to autopsy reports, Odagiri did not have any signs of poisoning in his system, meaning that Hitomi Kasai could not have been the killer.

Behind the scenes


Hitomi Kasai is played by Yuka Rikuna (里久鳴 祐果 Rikuna Yuka)

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