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Hisao Kasuga

Hisao Kasuga (春日 久雄 Kasuga Hisao) is a high school student in the Kamen Rider Kuuga manga.


An additional Gegeru standard which set by Me-Badjisu-Ba himself for fun: kill Hisao's hated people in the school. As a result, Hisao think he has a superpower that can curse people to die. He started to order and force his schoolmates doing things to satisfy him. People around Hisao are afraid and begin to keep away from him. At the end, Badjisu told Hisao the truth and got ready to kill him to finish the Gegeru. However, Hisao was saved by Yusuke Godai. After being taught the correct attitude to face violence by Godai, Hisao finally decided to be a good student and never curse people anymore.

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