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Hiroshi Tachikawa (太刀川 洋 Tachikawa Hiroshi) is a character that appeared in a one-shot Kamen Rider Black manga. Originally a civilian who was captured by Gorgom and became Black Dummy #7.


Tachikawa was once part of a biker gang before getting captured by Gorgom for their Black Dummy experiments. He escaped and fended off the monsters chasing after him. Reuniting with his gang he encountered a mysterious motorcyclist and challenged him to a bike race, after a truck came around, He managed to jump over while Tachikawa managed to survive by using his powers as Black Dummy. Then Gorgom monsters showed up and slaughtered his gang with Tachikawa only running away. When one of his gang members, Sub, finds him and tries to convince Tachikawa to fight the Gorgom, the monsters appear and attack again. Tachikawa, now having the guts to fight transforms into Black Dummy #7 and fights the Gorgom monsters. Ultimately overpowered, Tachikawa is helped by the motorcyclist from before and reveals himself as Kotaro Minami also known as Kamen Rider Black. With help from the original, Dummy #7 reveals to Black the camp where the Gorgom was plotting his assassination and helps him in his fight.


Tachikawa is generally hotheaded and stubborn, attacking the new leader of his gang when it looked like he was inviting him back (even though he was probably didn't see Tachikawa as much). Tachikawa however cares very much for his friends and fights the Gorgom for slaughtering his gang and even helps the original Black in fighting them.


As one of Gorgom's Black Dummies, Tachikawa lacks a Kingstone to enhance his abilities but has roughly the same amont of power as the original Kamen Rider Black, even using a normal Rider Kick which can knock out Gorgom's mutants. To compensate for this he uses additional leverages such as using a brick to enhance his punching ability for a fatal Rider Punch and crashing his opponents into a wall with his Rider Kick.


  • Design wise when clothed, Black 07 resembles Kamen Rider 1, albeit with a leather biker jacket, a grey scarf and no Typhoon Belt.
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