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"I'll lay down my life, if it means protecting the world!"
―Demons' pre-transformation catchphrase[src]

"I'll lay down my life, if it means to stop you!"
―Demons' proclamation to stop Kagero[src]

"I'll lay down my life, if it means to crush you!"
―Demons' proclamation to defeat the Chameleon Deadman[src]

Hiromi Kadota (門田 ヒロミ, Kadota Hiromi) is a 28-year-old Fenix commander who was demoted as a field captain after recklessly using the Revice Driver. However, his sense of justice was recognized and he became the first user of the Demons Driver, transforming into Kamen Rider Demons (仮面ライダーデモンズ, Kamen Rider Demonzu).



Hiromi with Chigusa and Tatsuhiko during their Cadet days.

Hiromi Kadota was born on September 15, 1993 to his parents Katsuya and Takako Kadota and grew up in the Miyagi countryside. During his childhood, he was often bullied and had no role models, thus inspiring Hiromi to become a "hero" to save the lives of people someday.

Hiromi then enrolled into Fenix during his adulthood and underwent its cadet training program with Chigusa Yamagiri and Tatsuhiko Tabuchi. While he initally struggled, he was encouraged by Yujiro Wakabayashi to work harder. After graduating top of his class, Hiromi worked his way up the ladder and within three years, became a commander of his own squad.

The Deadmans Crisis

Hiromi after accidentally creating the Rex Deadman

When the Deadmans emerged, Hiromi was stationed at a Fenix Genome Laboratory where the Deadmans raided the facility and took a majority of the Proto Vistamps. During the Fenix commencement ceremony to unVail the Revice Driver, the Deadmans launched a big assault where Hiromi was prepared to wield the Revice Driver despite George Karizaki. Instead, Hiromi accidentally manifested the Rex Deadman and the situation got more worse. This caused Daiji Igarashi to hesitate using the belt himself, leading to Ikki Igarashi being the one who use the Revice Driver.

Hiromi initally protested to his superior, Yujiro Wakabayashi, about letting Ikki using the Revice Driver. Because he refused to admit his blunders, Wakabayashi silenced him and Hiromi was demoted to captain status after causing multiple mistakes. Despite receiving such treatment, it didn't falter Hiromi's sense of justice as he bravely fought on the frontlines against the Deadmans as a squad leader, remaining focused on the mission.

Becoming Kamen Rider Demons

Hiromi as he begins to transform into Demons for the first time

Following the theft of the Lion Vistamp and Daiji Igarashi's strange behavior, Hiromi would learn that his co-captain had became Kamen Rider Evil. Hiromi was authorized by Wakabayashi and Karizaki to use the Demons Driver and is deployed to become Kamen Rider Demons. Demons managed to overwhelm Evil in battle, but the mysterious Rider managed to make a hasty retreat.

Demons battles Evil at the back of the ryokan

Hiromi would continue to fight alongside Revice once they managed to get Daiji back into his senses. As Kamen Rider Demons, he would join the battlefield to combat the Deadmans threat. After the Fenix Skybase was raided by the Deadmans, Karizaki suspected Commander Wakabayashi is a traitor. Despite Hiromi vehemently denying these claims, he nevertheless engaged in a stakeout with Daiji and Karizaki to catch Wakabayashi in the act. Hiromi broke down in tears after learning that the Chameleon Deadman had murdered and impersonated Wakabayashi.

Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations

Hiromi and Karizaki becoming aware of Diablo

After the Deadmans reawakened Diablo, Hiromi would become aware of the existance of this new threat. This led to Fenix's Kamen Riders and the Sword of Logos joining forces. They would also encounter time-displaced Shocker scientist Ryunosuke Momose, who sought to make amends with Hideo, his young son he left behind in 1971, who is now an adult man in 2021.

Fenix's Kamen Riders and the Sword of Logos

Hiromi goes to Alaska with Reika and Ryoga Shindai to battle the Deadmans. He would soon cross paths with the Chameleon Deadman, who caught him in the chokehold. As the final battle approaching, Kamen Rider Demons would join forces with Sabela, Durendal, and Calibur to battle the Giff Juniors.

Dismatling the Deadmans' Operations

Fenix was still recovering after the Chameleon Deadman seized the Giff Stamp while disguised as Commander Wakabayashi. After Kagero disclosed the location of the Deadmans' base, Hiromi led his squad to raid Giff's ceremony. He would carry on to fight as Kamen Rider Demons to prevail against the Chameleon Deadman and shut down the Deadmans' operations. Due to his instrumental actions, Hiromi would become promoted as Fenix's head commander.

Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery

After Revice fought the Orangutan Deadman, Hiromi joins Ikki as they follow its trail to Pension Nijitenka. He would meet its proprietor Suzu Saionji, who he developed a crush on but seemed fixated on Ikki instead. While trying to search for the Vistamp holder amoung its lodgers, Hiromi is stringed along for a murder mystery when one of the suspects ends up dead. While Ikki and Genpachiro Otta investigate the lodge, Hiromi tries to get closer with Suzu.

However, Hiromi ends up being assaulted by the Sword Roidmude and falls unconsious. Despite his poor condition, he manages to apprehend the Snake Orphnoch, Naoya Kaido. However, the true culprit behind the monster attacks was revealed to be Suzu, much to Hiromi's disappointment. To further push his anguish, she ordered the attack on him earlier because she wanted Revice, not Demons. Hiromi nevertheless aids Kamen Riders Revice and Accel in the final battle against Oblivian, while still saddened that he was rejected in the end.

The Demons Driver Dilemma

Hiromi discovers the Demons Driver's sentience

As Hiromi continues to oversee Fenix as its head commander, he began to suffer from frequent discomforts. After receiving a report from Chigusa, whom he sent undercover into the Deadmans, he learnt that she had defected over. He would also learn that the Demons Driver is sentient and harbors a demon. However, Orteca forcibly transforms Chigusa into a Gifftarian, and Hiromi transforms to avenge her despite warnings from Akemi Mikoshiba. Fortunately, Ikki employed a Rider Kick to stop the Demons Driver from completely eating away his life.

Hiromi confronts Orteca, the new Demons.

Growing concerned with Fenix's questionable actions, he resigns from the organization. While leaving, Hiromi witnesses Orteca being released by director Hideo Akaishi. Having been discovered, the Skybase is compromised and Hiromi is forced to commandeer the ship from crash landing. When he arrives to the battlefield to confront Orteca, the new Kamen Rider Demons, Hiromi is eventually blown off a cliff by Orteca after warning the Igarashi siblings of Fenix's treacherous actions. Since then, Hiromi was declared missing and his body was nowhere to be found.

Returning Home

Following his fierce battle with Orteca, Hiromi survived the fall but lost all of his confidence in being a hero. This caused him to return back to his hometown in the Miyagi countryside and reunite with his mother. He began to fake having amnesia, even turning away Ikki and Daiji when they both came to visit him. After being encouraged by his mentor's spirit to persevere, Hiromi decided to tell his mother the truth, but found that she had collapsed. [DEAR GAGA] [Crank In! Memory of Hiromi!]


Hiromi is a determined and serious member of Fenix who is dedicated to protecting people. Although his sense of justice is genuine, Hiromi can be prone to making mistakes and reckless choices; this was duly noted by George Karizaki, who remarked that Hiromi was unable to tame his own inner demon. This led him to be demoted from commander back to captain status over his failures to prevent the Vistamp raid and accidentally creating the Rex Deadman. Despite these setbacks, he was nevertheless willing to comply to his superiors and continues to cooperate with Ikki Igarashi in stopping the Deadmans.

Despite his strong sense of justice, Hiromi also hides a highly sensitive side, as his pride can be easily broken. This trait was revealed by Vice, who had entered his mind to discover that his inner personality was crying helplessly. This may also be one of the innate factors driving Hiromi's sense of responsibility, by wanting to do as much as he can to make up for the mistakes he has made. After the battle with Orteca, Hiromi's pride was broken so much to the point he ran back home and faked having amnesia.

As noted by Akemi Mikoshiba, Hiromi has a preference for black coffee.

Hiromi has several variants of the same catchphrase that begin with "I'll lay down my life..." (我が命をかけて..., Waga inochi o kakete...) and end with:

  • "...to protect the world!" (...世界を守る!, ...sekai o mamoru!)
  • "...to stop you!" (...貴様を止める!, ...kisama o tomeru!)
  • "...to protect this child!" (...この子を守る!, ...kono ko o mamoru!)
  • "...to crush you!" (...お前を潰す!, ...omae o tsubusu!)
  • "...to defeat you!" (...貴様を倒す!, ...kisama o taosu!)
  • "...to save Chigusa's soul!" (...千草の魂を救う!, ...Chigusa no tamashī o sukuu!)
  • "...and I will protect this ship!" (...この船は俺が守る!, ...kono fune wa ore ga mamoru!)
  • "...and I will protect Daiji!" (...大二は俺が守る!, ...Daiji wa ore ga mamoru!)
  • "...to protect you!" (...あなたを守る!, ...anata o mamoru!)
  • "...and I will protect Miss Suzu!" (...鈴さんは俺が守る!, ...Suzu-san wa ore ga mamoru!)
  • "...and entrust my feelings!" (...想いを託して!, ...omoi wo takushite!)



  • Expert Combatant: Hiromi as Demons is capable of engaging in unarmed combat against the Deadmans and Kamen Rider Evil.
  • Skilled Marksman: As a Fenix member, Hiromi is accustomed to firearms during combat.


  • Physical Deterioration: Hiromi's prolonged usage of the Demons Driver has resulted in his body deteriorating. While he physically appears young, his internal organs and bodily functions have weakened to the point where continued transformations will eventually cost him his life.


Spider Genome

Spider Genome

"Decide Up! Deep (Fukaku). Drop (Ochiru). Danger (Kiki). (Kamen) Rider. Demons!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[1]
  • Rider Height: 202.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 109.8 kg
Ability Parameters[1]
  • Punching Power: 19.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 42.1 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 42.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.4 seconds

Spider Genome (スパイダーゲノム, Supaidā Genomu) is Demons' spider-based primary form accessed by using the Spider Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

All of Demons' statistics exceed that of Revi and Vice's standard forms. Compared to Kamen Rider Evil, Demons has higher punching and kicking power but lower jumping height and running speed. Demons can fire string from his hands to restrain an enemy or suspend himself from a surface with webbing produced from his belt. He can also create a red energy web to protect himself from enemy attacks.

The demon inside of the Demons Driver steals some of Hiromi's life force every time he transforms. As a result, his health deteriorates over time, culminating in his organs and bodily functions resembling those of an 80-year old. Eventually, continuing to transform puts Hiromi's life at risk. Attempting to use several Genomixes at the same time seemingly accelerates this process, forcing Hiromi out of his transformation.

Spider Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Demon Geno Head (デモンゲノヘッド, Demon Geno Heddo): The head.
    • Demon Facetringer (デモンフェイストリンガー, Demon Feisutoringā): The special face armor. It is armed with spider's characteristic abilities from the genetic information of the Spider Vistamp.
    • Geno Muscle Met (ゲノマッスルメット, Geno Massuru Metto): The helmet. Part of the Demons Genomic Suit, the head is wrapped in Geno Muscle, an artificial muscles that draws out unlimited power by receiving an energy supply. In addition, up to 99% of the user's potential can be drawn out by stimulating the brain from a device on the back of the head .
    • String Eye (ストリングアイ, Sutoringu Ai): The six visual sensors. Six are lined up on the left and right like a spider, with two beautifully shining large ones at the center. Each functions independently to secure a nearly 360 degree field of vision without gaps. Conversely, by cutting off all vision, it is possible to sharpen the senses and acquire a super sense.
    • String Crusher (ストリングクラッシャー, Sutoringu Kurasshā): The oral cavity. It is highly resistant to poisonous substances, and poisons that are taken in are quickly neutralized regardless of condition. In addition, it is equipped with a discharge port for the adhesive special sticky fiber Demon String, and can release poisonous substances outside of the body at the same time as the Demon String.
  • Demon Breastringer (デモンブレストリンガー, Demon Buresutoringā): The special chest armor. It is armed with spider's characteristic abilities from the genetic information of the Spider Vistamp. In addition, the R-Factor incorporated into the Spider Vistamp was developed exclusively for the Demons system and is based on the Spider Genome, which has excellent control.
  • Demons Genomic Suit (デモンズゲノミックスーツ, Demonzu Genomikku Sūtsu): The reinforced suit. Deployed at the same time as the Decide Up, it uses the powerful energy supplied by the Demons Driver to expand the potential of human physical abilities to the utmost limit.
  • Demon Geno Arm (デモンゲノアーム, Demon Geno Āmu): The arms. Geno Muscle (ゲノマッスル, Geno Massuru), an artificial muscle that draws infinite power from energy supplied by the Demons Driver, is stretched around the whole body, strengthening the physical ability of the user to the utmost limit.
  • Demon Geno Hand (デモンゲノハンド, Demon Geno Hando): The hands. It is equipped with a discharge port for the adhesive special sticky fiber Demon String (デモンストリング, Demon Sutoringu). The Demon String is highly elastic and has both excellent strength and heat resistance. By making use of this feature, it can be widely used for offense and defense, such as capturing a target and fixing in place or moving the body in the air. In addition, multiple such discharge ports are provided throughout the body.
  • Demon Geno Leg (デモンゲノレッグ, Demon Geno Reggu): The legs. The Demons Genomic Suit is equipped with a mechanism to arm each part based on the ability obtained from the Vistamp's genetic information. As a result, switching armaments according to the battle situation enables a wide variety of tactics and demonstrates high responsiveness.
  • Demon Geno Foot (デモンゲノフット, Demon Geno Futto): The feet. By receiving the operation of the Demons Driver and gathering high-density energy on the underside, the finishing move Demons Finish that converts the Vistamp's genetic information into an attack can be activated.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Demons Driver finishers:
    • Demons Finish (ディーモンズフィニッシュ, Demonzu Finisshu): This finisher has three variations.
      • Demons jumps into the air and produces crimson energy from his body as he floats in place. Eight red energy constructs of mechanical spider legs then emerge from his back and curl forward, gathering their pointed ends in front of Demons' foot as he performs a flying kick covered in red energy. The kick produces red and purple energy upon impact before causing the enemy to fly along with Demons until the two crash through a wall.
      • From his hand, Demons fires string that wraps around the enemy and restrains him. He then pulls the string, causing the enemy to be launched through the air towards him. Demons jumps towards the enemy with his hand covered in crimson energy before delivering a punch that produces a large red shockwave upon impact.
      • Demons covers his leg with red energy before performing a side kick motion. Eight red energy spider legs are then generated from Demon's leg and crush the enemy. Afterward, the enemy is covered with red energy end electricity. A crimson energy web then appears around the opponent shortly before they explode.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice Episodes 7-12, Kamen Rider: Beyond Generations, 15, Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery, 17, 20

Batta Genomix

Demons Batta Genomix

"Dominate Up! Batta! Genomix!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

Batta Genomix (バッタゲノミクス , Batta Genomikusu) is Demons' grasshopper and Kamen Rider 1-based form accessed by using the Batta Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

In this form, Demons' legs transform to resemble the hind legs of a grasshopper, granting him enhanced jumping and kicks.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Demons Driver finishers:
    • Batta Demons Requiem (バッタデモンズレクイエム, Batta Demonzu Rekuiemu, Grasshopper Demons Requiem): Demons leaps into the air and curls his body into a ball, performing a series of mid-air somersaults before performing a flying dropkick with both grasshopper legs. The kick briefly collides with the target before knocking them back.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice Episode 8

Mogura Genomix

Demons Mogura Genomix

"Dominate Up! Mogura! Genomix!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[2]
  • Rider Height: 202.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 111.5 kg
Ability Parameters[2]
  • Punching Power: 24.8 t
  • Kicking Power: 42.1 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 42.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.6 seconds

Mogura Genomix (モグラゲノミクス, Mogura Genomikusu) is Demons' mole and Kamen Rider Amazon-based form accessed by using the Mogura Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

Compared to Spider Genome, this Genomix grants Demons higher punching power at the cost of lower running speed, while his kicking power and jump height are unchanged. In this form, Demons is armed with the Demon Digzon (デモンディグゾン, Demon Diguzon) on his arm, which acts as a drill by generating spinning green and red energy in order to attack the enemy or burrow underground.

Mogura Genomix adds the following part:

  • Demon Digzon (デモンディグゾン, Demon Diguzon): The forearm special armament. It is armed with the mole's unique ability from the genetic information grasped by the Dominate Up of the Mogura Vistamp, and can be deployed on either the left or right arm. By rapidly rotating the ultra-hard blade at high speeds with the artificial muscle Geno Muscle (ゲノマッスル, Geno Massuru), a tremendous drilling force is generated to pierce everything. It also functions as a propulsion device when digging underground. In addition, the finishing move Demons Requiem with the mole's power can be activated by receiving the operation of the Demons Driver.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Demons Driver finishers:
    • Demons Finish (ディーモンズフィニッシュ, Demonzu Finisshu): This finisher has two variations.
      • Demons covers the Demon Digzon with spinning green and red energy like a drill before running up to the enemy and stabbing them with it. The Demon Digzon produces more green and red energy and Demons keeps it embedded in the enemy while the spinning energy continues damaging them. After a final burst of the energy, the enemy is ejected from the Demon Digzon and explodes.
      • Demons launches his body forward while holding the Demon Digzon in front of him. The Demon Digzon is covered in spinning green and red energy an destroys everything in Demons' path.
    • Mogura Demons Requiem (モグラデモンズレクイエム, Mogura Demonzu Rekuiemu): Demons forms an energy construct of the Demon Digzon around his leg and performs a flying kick surrounded by spinning green, orange, and blue energy. The attack crashes through enemy projectiles before striking the target. The Demon Digzon construct then impales the enemy, causing them to explode.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice Episodes 9-10, 12, Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery, 20

Condor Genomix

Demons Condor Genomix

"Dominate Up! Condor! Genomix!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[3]
  • Rider Height: 202.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 110.7 kg
Ability Parameters[3]
  • Punching Power: 20.6 t
  • Kicking Power: 44.9 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 56.3 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 4.5 seconds

Condor Genomix (コンドルゲノミクス , Kondoru Genomikusu) is Demons' condor and Kamen Rider Joker-based form accessed by using the Condor Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

Compared to Spider Genome, this Genomix grants Demons a significantly increased jump height along with slightly higher punching and kicking power, but at the cost of a much lower running speed. In this form, Demons can fly using the wings on his back and perform kicks covered in purple energy.

Condor Genomix adds the following part:

  • Demon Rumblejoker (デモンランブルジョーカー, Demon Ranburujōkā): The back special armament. It is armed with the condor's unique ability from the genetic information grasped by the Dominate Up of the Condor Vistamp. Deploying it enables flight and even enhances space combat ability. In addition, the finishing move Demons Requiem with the condor's power can be activated by receiving the operation of the Demons Driver.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Demons Driver finishers:
    • Demons Finish (ディーモンズフィニッシュ, Demonzu Finisshu): Demons flies into the air and uses the Demon Rumblejoker wings to fire eight bladed feather projectiles, which embed themselves in the enemy. He then performs a flying dropkick with both feet covered in purple energy, completely destroying the opponent upon impact.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice Episode 11, Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery

Scorpion Genomix

Demons Scorpion Genomix

"Dominate Up! Scorpion! Genomix!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[4]
  • Rider Height: 202.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 114.1 kg
Ability Parameters[4]
  • Punching Power: 19.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 42.1 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 41.8 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.1 seconds

Scorpion Genomix (スコーピオンゲノミクス , Sukōpion Genomikusu) is Demons' scorpion and Kamen Rider X-based form accessed by using the Scorpion Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

Compared to Spider Genome, this Genomix grants Demons a moderate increase in running speed at the cost of a slightly lower jump height, while his punching and kicking power are unchanged. In this form, Demons is equipped with a large scorpion tail that he can use to attack the enemy.

Scorpion Genomix adds the following part:

  • Demon Ridolstinger (デモンライドルスティンガ, Demon Raidorusutingā): The waist special armament. It is armed with the scorpion's unique ability from the genetic information grasped by the Dominate Up of the Scorpion Vistamp. It can be freely manipulated like a third arm, and can pierce the target with its needle-like tip and inject high-voltage energy to destroy them from the inside. In addition, the finishing move Demons Requiem with the scorpion's power can be activated by receiving the operation of the Demons Driver.
Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice Episodes 15






  • Tatsuhiko Tabuchi: A fellow Fenix Captain and close friend of Hiromi since their cadet days. Since Hiromi became Demons, Tatsuhiko had been aware of the Demons Driver's side effects and continued to care for his friend's well being.
  • Chigusa Yamagiri: A fellow Fenix member and close friend of Hiromi since their cadet days. Hiromi had sent Chigusa to the Deadmans as an undercover agent, but became distraught to discover that she had defected to Orteca's side. With Tatsuhiko's encouragement, Hiromi attempted to get Chigusa back to her side, but ended having to avenge her death when she is turned into a Gifftarian by Orteca.
  • Yujiro Wakabayashi: Hiromi's mentor during his early cadet days who encouraged Hiromi to continue at Fenix. Ultimately when Hiromi discovered that the Chameleon Deadman had murdered his beloved teacher, he was heartbroken.


  • Ikki Igarashi/Kamen Rider Revi: Initially looking down on Ikki because he is just a civilian, but getting demoted stopped him from doing so. Hiromi would eventually put his trust to Ikki to handle the job which was given to him.
  • Daiji Igarashi/Kamen Rider Live: Hiromi is good friends with Daiji and supported his friend whenever the latter seemed to be down. Hiromi even shared his feelings about how much it hurt him to be demoted, but not giving up as long as there was a chance to serve for the greater good. Hiromi is shown to be greatly relieved once Daiji regained control of his inner body, and became Kamen Rider Live.
  • Lovekov: During the Fenix Skybase raid, Hiromi defended Lovekov from being attacked by a mob of Giff Juniors despite not having his driver with him.
  • George Karizaki: Hiromi respects him as his superior, although at times the two would have their own disagreements due to their conflicting personalities. George himself is also shown to care about Hiromi's wellbeing, to the point of giving the Giff Stamp to the Chameleon Deadman to save Hiromi. However, when Hiromi discovers that the Demons Driver had side-effects that George failed to disclose, his trust in him faltered greatly.


  • Kagero/Kamen Rider Evil: They don't interact much as Kagero does not have any interest in him. Hiromi sees Kagero as a dangerous threat to the point where he made up his mind to eliminate him even if it implied doing the same to Daiji at the same time. Secretly, this caused him a lot of grief, as revealed when Vice entered his inner mind.
  • Chameleon Deadman: Hiromi's archnemesis. After discovering that the Chameleon Deadman had murdered his teacher, Yujiro Wakabayashi, Hiromi suffered a mental breakdown but later came to personally avenge him.
  • Orteca: Orteca sought to take the Demons Driver from him, knowing how it's affecting his life and unfit to use its power. Successfully he did, after Hiromi resigned from FENIX. Hiromi tries to save Daiji and his siblings, but Orteca ends up blasting him off a cliff before his final words.

Behind the Scenes


  • Hiromi Kadota is portrayed by Junya Komatsu (小松 準弥, Komatsu Junya). As Kamen Rider Demons, his suit actor is Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma).


  • The origin of Demons' name is the plural form of the word "demon", an evil spirit.


  • According to series writer Hanta Kinoshita, Hiromi was originally intended to die after his failed transformation with the Revice Driver in the first episode. However, Kinoshita was impressed with Komatsu's splendid audition and wrote him to be included as a main cast member and eventual Kamen Rider.[5] Additionally, Kinoshita had later clarified that this was before he had began writing the scripts and no version of them included Hiromi's death.[6]
    • Kinoshita revealed a scrapped plot point that Hiromi was to have a younger sister who'd also be a member of Fenix and stationed under Daiji's squad.[7]

For trivia, see Kamen Rider Demons#Notes.




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