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"I will protect the world, even if it means laying down my life!"
―Hiromi before attemping his failed trasnformation.[src]

"I will stop you, even if it means laying down my life!"
―Hiromi before attempting his first successful trasnformation.[src]

Hiromi Kadota (門田 ヒロミ, Kadota Hiromi) is a Squad Leader of Fenix who due to his reckless actions, accidentally created the Rex Deadman and gave the Deadmans an advantage in their attack on the organization. As such, he became Kamen Rider Demons (仮面ライダーデモンズ, Kamen Rider Demonzu) out of an innate responsibility to stop Kamen Rider Evil.


Hiromi Kadota is a member of Fenix and a commander of his own squad. He was stated at a Fenix Research Laboratory where the Deadmans raided the facility and took a majority of the Proto Vistamps.

Hiromi after accidentally creating the Rex Deadman

During his Fenix commencement ceremony, the Deadmans launched a big assault on Fenix to which Hiromi and his squad proceed to combat the Giff Juniors and try to protect the civilians as they evacuated. He tried to take the Revice Driver and Rex Vistamp to transform, despite the protests by George Karizaki that he won't tame his inner demon. Instead, Hiromi manifested the Rex Deadman and caused the situation with the Deadmans to turn worse. Witnessing Hiromi failing to use the Revice Driver caused Daiji Igarashi to doubt and hesitate to use the belt himself, resulting in Ikki Igarashi successfully using the Revice Driver to become Kamen Rider Revi.

The next day, Hiromi opposed to his superior, Yujiro Wakabayashi, with the idea of letting Ikki using the Revice Driver. Because he refused to admit his blunders, Wakabayashi silenced him and Hiromi was relieved from his position of commander and demoted to captain after causing multiple mistakes. He was also harshly criticized by George Karizaki, who supported his demotion.

However, despite receiving such treatment, it didn't falter Hiromi's sense of justice as he bravely fought on the frontlines against the Deadmans as a squad leader, and remained focused on the mission. He would continue to lead his troops against the Megalodon Deadman and the Kong Deadman Phase 2, both were defeated by Kamen Rider Revi and Kamen Rider Vice.

One night while contemplating his demotion, Hiromi continued on and ambled in the Fenix base. Suddenly, an unknown Fenix captain broke into the vault and snatched the Lion Vistamp. After Revice managed to subdue the Lion Deadman and claim the Vistamp, they returned it back to Fenix where Daiji suggested to draw out the traitor. With Ikki Igarashi agreeing to join in their stakeout, Fenix stood outside the warehouse while Revice fought against the Deadmans generals. While Hiromi led his squad on standby await to make their move, he gets distracted by one of his troops tripping over debris. He and his squad get suddenly ambushed by Kamen Rider Evil and Hiromi is knocked out to the floor.

Hiromi as he begins to transform into Demons for the first time.

A couple of days later, Hiromi had grown suspicious towards Daiji over his sleeping episodes and odd demeanor. His suspicions were correct once he learned from Wakabayashi and George confirmed that Daiji was the one who apparently stole the two Vistamps. Deciding that he must put a stop to Daiji, Wakabayashi and George authorized Hiromi to use the Demons Driver, along with a Spider and Batta Vistamp. Hiromi would later arrive to Revice's battle against the Cheetah Deadman and Kamen Rider Evil. After delievering the Jackal Vistamp to Ikki, he personally held off Evil by transforming into Kamen Rider Demons for the first time. Demons managed to overwhelm Evil in battle, but the mysterious Rider managed to make a hasty retreat.


Hiromi is a determined and serious member of Fenix who's dedicated to protect people. Although his sense of justice is genuine, Hiromi can be prone to making mistakes and reckless choices. This led him to be demoted from commander back to captain status over his failures to prevent the Vistamp raid and accidentally creating the Rex Deadman. Despite these setbacks, he was nevertheless willing to comply to his superiors and continues to cooperate with Ikki Igarashi in stopping the Deadmans.


Spider Genome

Spider Genome

"Decide up! Deep. (Fukaku) Drop. (Ochiru) Danger. (Kiki) (Kamen) Rider. Demons!"
―Transformation announcement

Rider Statistics[1]

  • Rider Height: 202.3 cm
  • Rider Weight: 109.8 kg

Ability Parameters[1]

  • Punching Power: 19.2 t
  • Kicking Power: 42.1 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 42.5 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.4 seconds

Spider Genome (スパイダー ゲノム, Supaidā Genomu) is Demons' spider-based primary form accessed by using the Spider Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

Stat-wise, Demons has higher punching power, kicking power, jumping height and running speed. He was able to keep up with Kamen Rider Evil, who had the highest stats, and can shoot webs from his hands and belt to hold a target in place.

Spider Genome consists of the following parts:

  • Demon Geno Head (デモンゲノヘッド, Demon Geno Heddo): The helmet.
    • Demon Face Tringer (デモンフェイストリンガー, Demon Feisu Toringā): The face armor. The spider's unique ability is armed from the genetic information of the Spider Vistamp.
    • Geno Muscle Met (ゲノマッスルメット, Geno Massuru Metto): The helmet's alloy. A part of the "Demons Genomic Suit", the artificial muscle "Geno Muscle" that draws infinite power by receiving energy supply wraps around the head. In addition, by stimulating the brain from the device on the back of the head, it is possible to bring out the potential of the transformed person up to 99%.
    • String Eye (ストリングアイ, Sutoringu Ai): The eight visual sensors.
    • String Crusher (ストリングクラッシャー, Sutoringu Kurasshā): The oral cavity. It has high resistance to poisons, and the poisons taken in are quickly detoxified regardless of the condition. In addition, it is equipped with a discharge port for the adhesive special fiber "Demon String", and can release toxic substances to the outside of the body at the same time as the demon string.
  • Demon Breast Ringer (デモンブレストリンガー, Demon Buresuto Ringā): The chest armor. The unique ability engraved with the symbol mark makes the user a spider warrior. In addition, the R-Factor incorporated into the Spider Vistamp was developed exclusively for the Demons System and is based on the Spider Genome, which has excellent control.
  • Demons Genomic Suit (デモンズゲノミックスーツ, Demonzu Genomikku Sūtsu): The reinforced suit. Deployed at the same time as the Decide-Up (ディサイドアップ, Disaido Appu), it uses the enormous energy supplied by the "Demons Driver" to maximize the potential of human physical abilities.
  • Demon Geno Arm (デモンゲノアーム, Demon Geno Āmu): The arms. The artificial muscle "Geno Muscle" (ゲノマッスル, Geno Massuru) that draws infinite power by supplying energy from the "Demons Driver" is stretched around the whole body, strengthening the athletic ability of the user to the utmost limit.
  • Demon Geno Hand (デモンゲノハンド, Demon Geno Hando): The gloves. It has an outlet for the special adhesive fiber "Demon String" (デモンストリング, Demon Sutoringu). The demon string is highly elastic and has both excellent strength and heat resistance. Taking advantage of this feature, it can be widely used as an offensive and defensive sword, such as capturing a target or fixing or moving the body in the air. In addition, a plurality of such outlets are provided throughout the body.
  • Demon Geno Leg (デモンゲノレッグ, Demon Geno Reggu): The legs. The "Demons Genomic Suit" is equipped with a mechanism to arm each part based on the ability obtained from the genetic information possessed by the Vistamp. As a result, by exchanging armaments according to the battlefield, a wide variety of tactics are possible and high responsiveness is demonstrated.
  • Demon Geno Foot (デモンゲノフット, Demon Geno Futto): The boots.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Revice Episodes 7-







Behind the Scenes


  • Hiromi Kadota is portrayed by Junya Komatsu (小松 準弥, Komatsu Junya). As Kamen Rider Demons, his suit actor is Takuma Komori (小森 拓真, Komori Takuma).


  • The origin of Demons' name is the plural form of the word "demon", an evil spirit.


  • According to series writer Hanta Kinoshita, Hiromi was originally intended to die after his failed transformation with the Revice Driver in Episode 1. However, Kinoshita was impressed with Komatsu's splendid audition and rewrote him to be included as a main cast member and eventual Kamen Rider.[2] Additionally, Kinoshita had stated that this decision was made before the script submission deadline.[3]
  • As with most Deadmans' contract holders, Hiromi Kadota serves as an antithesis to the actual main user of the Rex Vistamp, Ikki Igarashi. While Hiromi failed to tame his inner demon, inadvertently creating the Rex Deadman, he was eager transform with the Revice Driver. Ikki in contrast was able to tame the devil Vice and succeeded in transforming with the Revice Driver, but was initially hesitant to become a full-time Kamen Rider.
  • Kamen Rider Demons’ Spider motif, along with Kamen Rider Evil's bat motif, is part of the recurring bat/cobra/spider trio in the Kamen Rider franchise, a tribute to the first two Shocker monsters as well as the first monster to be upgraded.
  • Kamen Rider Demons is the first Spider-themed Rider in the Reiwa Era.

The side view of Demons' helmet

  • Similar to a spider, Demons has six additional “eyes” on the sides his helmet for a total of eight.
  • Demon's color scheme could be a reference to spider man.




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