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Hikaru Ushijima (牛島 光, Ushijima Hikaru) is a member of Weekend who invited Sakura Igarashi to join the organization. As the threat with Giff grew rampant, Hikaru became Kamen Rider Over Demons (仮面ライダーオーバーデモンズ, Kamen Raidā Ōbā Demonzu).



Hikaru Ushijima is a member of Weekend tasked to monitor the Igarashi family under Masumi Karizaki's orders. Along with fellow members Tasuke and Kimiko Ushijima, they posed as a family and regulars of the Happy Spa. Hikaru joined the same karate dojo as Sakura Igarashi.

The Deadmans Crisis

The Ushijima family and Irabu witnessing Kamen Rider Revice

Hikaru and his family attended Daiji's appointment ceremony at Fenix with the Igarashis, where the event gets attacked by the Deadmans. While the Giff Junior started to attack people, the Ushijimas and Shozo Irabu hid behind to witness Ikki Igarashi's first transformation into a Kamen Rider.

When the Igarashis went on a family vacation to a ryoukan inn, the Ushijimas appeared to coincidentally be there as well. Offscreen, however, Hikaru is involved with his parents eavesdropping on them, creating a disturbing atmosphere shows a sign that the Ushijimas are not just an ordinary family. When Sakura ran away from home, he invited her into his residence, but she felt disturbed by the emptiness inside the residence.

Welcome to Weekend

One night, the Ushijimas invited Sakura to their home. Although she was suddenly attacked, Sakura ran into the basement and entered the Weekend base. Hikaru and his family introduced to her about their organization and their intent to fight against Fenix. In their capacity as members of Weekend, the Ushijimas anonymously sent the Libera Driver to Sakura, who used it to fight as Kamen Rider Jeanne.

Since then, he became Sakura's bodyguard as Giff's presence was growing near. His presence causes George Karizaki to grow suspicious with the Ushijima family, eventually learning that Masumi Karizaki is alive. While Hikaru continued to solicit Sakura to Weekend, she suspected that Tasuke and Kimiko weren't his parents, which Hikaru slightly confirmed. Due to the threat of Giff becoming rampant, Sakura would join Weekend with Hikaru teaching her the ropes.

Becoming Kamen Rider Over Demons

While Hikaru remained by Sakura's side, Aguilera decided to challenge the latter in a decisive battle. Although Hikaru was skeptical, this was a chance for her to be free from her inner demon. But due to Sakura's partnership with Lovekov faltering, the Libera Driver was destroyed. While he brought the damaged belt to Masumi for repairs, Hikaru requested George Karizaki for assistance to upgrade Kamen Rider Jeanne to seperate Aguilera from her inner demon. Along with Go Tamaki, they watch as Sakura happily play together with the former Aguilera, now Hana Natsuki.

Hikaru after becoming Kamen Rider Over Demons

Although he could remain in a support position for Sakura, Hikaru expressed a desire to become a Kamen Rider when the Igarashi siblings were overrun by director Hideo Akaishi, but was denied by Tasuke. While training on his own, Hikaru was motivated by Go Tamaki to follow through his desire. The next day, he asked George Karizaki to give him the refined Demons Driver. As the Igarashi siblings were overwhelmed by Giff's presence, he transformed into Over Demons to blaze through the Gifftarians and escape with the siblings.


Initially, Hikaru displayed a personality rather typical of a young teenaged man his age. After he was outed as a member of Weekend, he became more mysterious yet professional towards Sakura in his attempts to recruit her. However after having been her bodyguard since she became Jeanne for so long, Hikaru began to be overprotective of her when it came to her safety. It ultimately accumulated into him wanting to become a Rider so he can fight by her side.

Furthermore, Hikaru finds it hard to suppress his real emotions for the sake of professionalism, elaborating that his feelings for both Tasuke and Kimiko as parents later grew to be genuine after developing the desire for a real family from watching the Igarashis.


Kuwagata Genome

Kuwagata Genome

"Delete Up! Unknown. (Michi) Unrest. (Konran) Unlimited. (Koeru) Kamen Rider Over Demons!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[1]
  • Rider Height: 200.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 112.5 kg
Ability Parameters[1]
  • Punching Power: 20.9 t
  • Kicking Power: 45.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 49.7 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.1 seconds

Kuwagata Genome (クワガタゲノム, Kuwagata Genomu)[2] is Over Demons' stag beetle-based form accessed by using the Kuwagata Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

The statistics of Over Demons' Kuwagata Genome are slightly higher than those of the original Demons' Spider Genome. This form also also incorporates data from Kamen Rider Vail. Due to the modified Demons Driver drawing power from the user's inner demon rather than the demon Vail, Over Demons does not have any harmful side effects. By activating the wing-like O Wingal Shade (Oウインガルシェード, O Uingaru Shēdo) on the shoulder, Over Demons is able to fly through the air at high speeds. The O Wingal Shade can also be used to perform blue energy slashes.

Kamen Rider Over Demons consists of the following parts:

  • O Demons Head (Oデモンズヘッド, O Demonzu Heddo): The head.
    • Stag Top (スタッグトップ, Sutaggu Toppu): The head armor. It incorporates the Geno Muscle (ゲノマッスル, Geno Massuru) artificial muscle that draws out mighty power by receiving an energy supply, drawing out the potential of the user. In addition, the exterior is reinforced by the Stag Module special armament on the shoulder.
    • Stag Antennae (スタッグアンテナ, Sutaggu Antena): The antennae. They are equipped with a satellite communication device possessing communication strength that can handle all types of jamming and an ultra-high-definition radar that can search 120 km around it.
    • Stag Crusher (スタッグクラッシャー, Sutaggu Kurasshā): The special armament. It is an armed version of the stag beetle's unique ability, and has the role of increasing rushing power by deploying energy at high density.
    • Over Demons Eye (オーバーデモンズアイ, Ōbā Demonzu Ai): The compound eyes. When used as the sight of a held armament, they boast unmatched accuracy. In addition, they are equipped with a very good night vision device and can clearly capture the outline of an object even in the dark.
  • Stag Module (スタッグモジュール, Sutaggu Mojūru): The shoulder special armament. It is armed with the stag beetle's unique ability from the genetic information of the Kuwagata Vistamp and has the ability to strengthen the armor of the whole body. It is also capable of flight by deploying an energy field on the O Wingal Shade (Oウインガルシェード, O Uingaru Shēdo) at the bottom.
  • Stag Breast (スタッグブレスト, Sutaggu Buresuto): The chest armor. The Stag Leg (スタッグレッグ, Sutaggu Reggu) energy path directly connects to the Stag Module shoulder special armament and the Demons Driver, extremely speeding up the energy supply to each part of the body. In addition, it can extend and contract in an emergency to secure and transport people requiring rescue when leaving battle.
  • Demons Genomic Suit (デモンズゲノミックスーツ, Demonzu Genomikku Sūtsu): The reinforced suit. Deployed at the same time as the Delete Up, it expands the human physical ability by using the powerful energy supplied from the Demons Driver.
  • Over Demons Arm (オーバーデモンズアーム, Ōbā Demonzu Āmu): The arms. The Geno Muscle artificial muscle that draws out mighty power from energy supplied by the Demons Driver is stretched around the whole body to strengthen the physical ability of the user.
  • Over Demons Hand (オーバーデモンズハンド, Ōbā Demonzu Hando): The hands. They have acquired tremendous grip strength by gaining the power of the stag beetle's large mandibles to crush everything.
  • Over Demons Leg (オーバーデモンズレッグ, Ōbā Demonzu Reggu): The legs. The Demons Genomic Suit is equipped with a mechanism to arm each part based on the ability obtained from the Vistamp's genetic information. As a result, switching armaments according to the battle situation enables a wide variety of tactics and demonstrates high responsiveness.
  • Over Demons Foot (オーバーデモンズフット, Ōbā Demonzu Futto): The feet. By receiving the operation of the Demons Driver and gathering high-density energy on the sole, it is possible to activate the finishing move Demons Finish, which converts the Vistamp's genetic information into an attack.

This form has the following finishers:

  • Demons Driver finishers
    • Demons Finish (デモンズフィニッシュ, Demonzu Finisshu): Over Demons extends four cable-like mechanical appendages from his back and uses the manipulators at the ends to grab four bystanders. He then activates the wing on his shoulder and flies away from the battlefield while producing a trail of cyan energy and pulling the people along with him.
Appearances: Revice Episodes 35, 37-40, 43

Mogura Genomix

Over Demons Mogura Genomix

"Dominate Up! Mogura! Genomix!"
―Transformation announcement[src]
Rider Statistics[3]
  • Rider Height: 200.2 cm
  • Rider Weight: 114.2 kg
Ability Parameters[3]
  • Punching Power: 27.0 t
  • Kicking Power: 45.3 t
  • Maximum Jump Height: 49.7 m
  • Maximum Running Speed: 100 m per 3.1 seconds

Mogura Genomix (モグラゲノミクス, Mogura Genomikusu) is Over Demons' mole and Kamen Rider Amazon-based form accessed by using the Mogura Vistamp in the Demons Driver.

Compared to Kuwagata Genome, this Genomix grants Over Demons higher punching power while his leaving his other statistics unchanged. In this form, Over Demons is armed with the Demon Digzon (デモンディグゾン, Demon Diguzon) on his arm, which acts as a drill by generating spinning green and red energy in order to attack the enemy or burrow underground.

Mogura Genomix adds the following part:

  • Demon Digzon (デモンディグゾン, Demon Diguzon): The forearm special armament. It is armed with the mole's unique ability from the genetic information grasped by the Dominate Up of the Mogura Vistamp, and can be deployed on either the left or right arm. This is adjusted by the Demons Driver, and although the continuous operation time is 1/3 compared to when used by Kamen Rider Demons, the burden on the user is greatly suppressed. In addition, the finishing move Demons Requiem with the mole's power can be activated by receiving the operation of the Demons Driver.
Appearances: Revice Episodes 37




  • Weekend:
    • Masumi Karizaki: Hikaru's superior in Weekend.
    • Tasuke Ushijima: Hikaru's fake father and his direct superior at Weekend. Tasuke is extremely strict on rules and expects Hikaru to understand why they must follow them. Over time, Hikaru began to view Tasuke as a father on a more personally emotional level, one that is implied to be reciprocated when Tasuke takes the hit for Hikaru from Akaishi's attack.
    • Kimiko Ushijima: Hikaru's fake mother and superior at Weekend. Over time, Hikaru began to view Kimiko as a mother on a more personally emotional level, one that is implied to be reciprocated.
    • Sakura Igarashi/Kamen Rider Jeanne: Hikaru's friend whom he spied on as a potential recruit for Weekend. He's concerned of her interaction and connection with Aguilera. Hikaru also acts as Sakura's bodyguard, but felt entirely left out and unneeded following Giff and Akaishi's appearance. This would ultimately drive Hikaru to become Over Demons and fight by her side as fellow Rider.
    • Hana Natsuki/(Kamen Rider) Aguilera: Hikaru tries to protect Sakura from her at one time.
    • Go Tamaki: Both kept a look out for Sakura and Hana, acting as their bodyguards. He eventually joins Weekend in his trial.
  • George Karizaki: As the son of his superior, Masumi Karizaki, George suspected him and how his father was still alive. When dealing with Giff and Fenix, George helped them create a new Vistamp for Jeanne to free Hana of her demon. And when he was wounded by Akemi who got turned into a Giffdemos, Hikaru transforms into Over Demons in his place.
  • (Kamen Rider) Vice: After Hikaru lost Kimiko, Vice felt bad for him and hugged him.
  • Ikki Igarashi/Kamen Rider Revi: to be added
  • Daiji Igarashi/Kamen Rider Live: to be added
  • Genta Igarashi/Kamen Rider Vail: to be added
  • Yukimi Igarashi: to be added

Behind the Scenes


  • Hikaru Ushijima is portrayed by Tomoya Oku (奥 智哉, Oku Tomoya). As Kamen Rider Over Demons, his suit actor is Takahiro Yoneoka (米岡 孝弘, Yoneoka Takahiro).


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