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Hikaru Jō (城 光 Jō Hikaru) is the human form of the Tiger Undead (タイガーアンデッド Taigā Andeddo), the Category Queen of Clubs Undead.


Kamen Rider Blade

OOO, Den-O, All Riders: Let's Go Kamen Riders

A mishap caused by the Greeed Ankh unintentionally altered the timeline which enabled Shocker to utilize the Core Medal to create the Shocker Greeed which defeated the Double Riders and seemingly erased the legacy of the Kamen Riders from history. In 2011, after Kamen Rider New Den-O's attempt to repair the damage, he along with Kamen Rider OOO and M-Ankh awaited execution. However, it was revealed the Double Riders had their brainwashing removed by a Shocker scientist,Tiger Undead and other monsters and Kamen Riders come back,later She is seen fighting Amazon.


Human Form

While in human form, Jō possesses uncanny speed and strength.

Undead Form

Jō has great pride and fights with dignity, always defending and following the "rules" herself. Once learning the Battle Fight is fake, therefore fighting without purpose, she infiltrates BOARD, only to encounter Titan and learn of Hiroshi Tennoji's intent. Her anger at this causes her to nearly hurt Nozomi, but she was stopped by Tachibana. 

She asks Sakuya Tachibana to borrow his Rouse Absorber when she noticed that Mutsuki is undergoing a brainwashing process by Spider Undead, she later fought Mutsuki but lost after, due to having feelings for him, intentionally impaled herself on the Leangle Rouzer and taking the proper blank to seal herself.

In Mutsuki's subconscious, she and Noboru Shima encourage him to continue to fight with both light and darkness.

Video Game appearances

Kamen Rider Gabanrider


Tiger Undead card

The Tiger undead appears with other Kamen Riders and Monters in Kamen Rider Gabanrider.

Kamen Rider Riderbout


Tiger Undead as seen in Kamen Rider Riderbout

Tiger Undead appears as a playable character with the other Heisei and Showa kamen Riders in Kamen Rider Riderbout.

Rouse Card


Absorb Tiger

  • Suit: Club (♣)
  • Category: Queen (Q)
  • Effect name: ABSORB
  • Card name: Absorb Tiger (アブソーブ・タイガー Abusōbu Taigā)
  • Consumption points: EP +2000

Behind the scenes


Hikaru Jō is portrayed by Akane Hamasaki (浜崎 茜 Hamasaki Akane).


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Tiger Undead Concept Art


  • Currently, she, Noboru Shima, and the Human Undead are the only Undead to allow themselves to be defeated and sealed, something Undead would not usually do.


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