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"So you are the real me?"
"And you are the game me?
―"Hiiro" as he faces his prime reality counterpart.[src]

Hiiro of the Game World (ゲーム世界の飛彩, Gēmu Sekai no Hiiro)[1], also referred to as Another Hiiro (もう一人の飛彩, Mōhitori no Hiiro), is a character who appears in Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png.

He has the ability to transform into Kamen Rider True Brave (仮面ライダートゥルーブレイブ, Kamen Raidā Tourū Bureibu).


He was created in Eight Kirino's game world from the real Hiiro's past regret for refusing to save Eight.

He is dressed in black and can come and go between the Game World and the real world. After being defeated by Brave, Another Hiiro gives him the Galaxian Gashat, the Giant Energy Item, and the Chou Super Hero Cards. He respawned within the Game World sometime later.


Being created from the real Hiiro's past guilt, this version Hiiro constantly hinges onto said guilt so as to taunt the real Hiiro. He also serves as Eight's protector in the game world, often making decisions on his behalf. However, he is not truly evil and still possesses a code of honor, as shown when he offered the real Hiiro his reward upon defeating him. Like the real Hiiro, this Hiiro also possesses a soft spot, as shown when he was seen smiling to Eight after Eight returned to the real world.

Kamen Rider True Brave

Legacy Gamer Level 50


"Gachan! Level Up! Tadoru rekishi! Mezameru kishi! Taddle Legacy~!"
―Transformation Announcement[src]

Rider Statistics

  • Height: 203.5 cm[2]
  • Weight: 122.1 kg[2]

Ability Perimeters:[3]

  • Punching power: 65.9 t[2]
  • Kicking power: 72.1 t[2]
  • Maximum jump height: 62.7 m[2]
  • Maximum running speed: 100 m per 2.1 sec.[2]

Legacy Gamer Level 50 (レガシーゲーマー レベル50, Regashī Gēmā Reberu 50) is True Brave's default form, accessed by inserting the Taddle Legacy Gashat and pulling the lever on the Gamer Driver. In this form, the Legacy Gamer fuses with True Brave, becoming part of his armor.

Kamen Rider True Brave consists of the following parts:

  • TB Head (TBヘッド, TB Heddo) - Kamen Rider True Brave head.
    • Eye Light Scope (アイライトスコープ, Ai Raito Sukōpu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's "eyes". It can emit light for night battles and can also capture images comparable to a high- speed camera. It can also observe microscopic Bugster Virus.
    • Legacy Face Visor (レガシーフェイスバイザー, Regashī Feisu Baizā) - Kamen Rider True Brave's face visor. Its shape is based on the player character of Taddle Legacy, and it protects the head from damage while strengthen the sensors in the head.
    • Signal Marble (シグナマーブル, Shiguna Māburu) - It can capture and identify motion and set tracking markers automatically. The radar on the internal monitor shows the positions of enemies, allies and energy items.
    • Resolution Wing (レゾリューションウィング, Rezoryūshon' U~ingu) - The wing shaped crest on the face visor. Whenever True Brave takes damage, attack power is increased by 2%.
    • Guard Ride Helm (ガードライドヘルム, Gādo Raido Herumu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's helm. It is modelled after the player character of Taddle Quest and is coated with a blast-resistant coating.
    • Sender Ear (センダーイヤー, Sendā Iyā) - Kamen Rider True Brave's hearing sensors. It filters surrounding noise so Ex-Aid only hears the necessary sounds. There is also a communication function for private conversations with specific parties.
  • Grand Legacy Cuirass (グランレガシーキュイラス, Guran Regashī Kyuirasu) - The chest armor. By maximizing the power of the Demon Lord, the limits on all the suit's functions are released to forcibly bring out greater power at the cost of straining the user.
  • Sanctuary Mantle (サンクチュアリマント, Sankuchuari Manto) - The cape. The cape gives Brave the power of the hero and restore his strength over time. It also allows Brave to release healing magic and heal his allies and attack by changing its shape and quick movements.
  • True Gear Suit (トゥルーギアスーツ, To~urū Gia Sūtsu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's bodysuit. It increases the rider's physical capability by strengthening the body. The defense focused adjustments allow the user to withstand attacks while in melee combat.
  • Master Brave Shoulder (マスターブレイブショルダー, Masutā Bureibu Shorudā) - Kamen Rider True Brave's shoulder pads. They increase the power of the Gashacon Sword. They generate an energy barrier that can withstand enemy attacks for a certain period of time.
  • TB Growth Arm (TBグロウスアーム, TB Gurousu Āmu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's arms. It has a function called Gain Riser (ゲインライザー, Gein Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. The increased strength allows for powerful attacks with the Flamebell Saber (フランベルセイバー, Furanberu Seibā).
  • Cross Fight Glove (クロースファイトグローブ, Kurōsu Faito Gurōbu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's gloves. It coordinates with the Gashacon weapons to optimize attacks. It also injects a Bugster removal program when executing punches to do more damage.
  • Reversal Shield (リヴァーサルシールド, Rivu~āsaru Shīrudo) - Kamen Rider True Brave's shield. It is powerful enough to defend against attacks that can deplete 2 rider gauges. Its size and weight allows for easy defense.
  • TB Growth Leg (TBグロウスレッグ, TB Gurousu Reggu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's legs. It has a function called Gain Riser (ゲインライザー, Gein Raizā) that increases combat capabilities based on the rider's level and combat experience. Their excellent agility lets the rider to attack continuously with skillful footwork.
  • Cross Fight Shoes (クロースファイトシューズ, Kurōsu Faito Shūzu) - Kamen Rider True Brave's shoes. It enables quick footwork and powerful steps to increase attack power. It also injects a Bugster removal program when executing punches to do more damage.
  • Mech Build Guard (メックビルドガード, Mekku Birudo Gādo) - Kamen Rider True Brave's grey guard pieces. The heat resistance rises when exposed to heat, and it becomes more durable by changing the structure of parts according to the damage received.

Appearances: Chou Super Hero TaisenIcon-crosswiki.png




  • Reversal Shield - Personal shield.
  • Flamber Saber[4] - Personal Weapon. A two-sided sword weapon.


  • Hiiro Kagami - his Earth counterpart, as both Riders have fought toe to toe in person while the other heroes participating the tournament were having their matches. After being defeated by his original counterpart honorably, the alternate Hiiro granted the original Hiiro the three rare prizes, the Galaxian Rider Gashat (used by the original Hiiro as Brave Galaxian Quest Gamer), Giant Energy Item (used by Ex-Aid Maximum Gamer Level 99), and the Ultra Super Hero cards for the final battle against Shocker.

Behind the scenes


Being the Game World counterpart of Hiiro Kagami, he is also portrayed by Toshiki Seto (瀬戸 利樹, Seto Toshiki). As Kamen Rider True Brave, his suit actor is unknown.


Another Hiiro Proof.jpg

  • True Brave is similar to the Copy Makoto from the previous season, in True Brave's case, alternate self from the Game World, of their respective seasons' Secondary Rider, even their civilian identities are referred to as "Another X" (もう一人のX, Mōhitori no X).
  • Ironically, despite being a villain at first, his Rider form looks like a pure, angelic version of Brave Fantasy Gamer, which looks like an evil, demonic hybrid of a mage and a knight. Conversely, his undersuit appears to be a dulled, rusted-looking version of the original Brave's blue-colored suit.
    • However, since Taddle Fantasy is about a demon king, Kuroto may have designed the Fantasy Gamer to have a demonic appearance in the first place.
    • Apparently True Brave is not really that evil, due to having a code of honor, such as granting the heroes the rare prizes for defeating him in honorary combat.
    • Coincidentally, the Game World Hiiro wears mainly black, while the prime Hiiro wears mainly white with his doctor's coat. When prime Hiiro defected to Masamune Dan's side, his main attire being his regular business suit without his doctor's coat also parallels this.




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