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"Zero-Two Driver!"
―Activation announcement[src]

"(Looping electronic beat) Let's give you power!"
―Transformation standby announcement[src]

"Zero-Two Rise! Road to glory has to lead to growin' path to change! One to two! Kamen Rider Zero-Two! It's never over."
―Transformation announcement with Zero-Two Progrisekey[src]

"Zero-Two Big Bang!"
―Finisher announcement with Zero-Two Progrisekey[src]

"(Bit/Byte/Kilo/Mega/Giga/Tera) Rise!"
―Progrisekey empowerment announcement[src]

"Zero-Two (Bit/Byte/Kilo/Mega/Giga/Tera) Big Bang!"
―Empowered finisher announcement with Zero-Two Progrisekey[src]

"Error Rise!"
―Announcement when attempting to transform without authorizing[src]

The Transformation Belt Hiden Zero-Two Driver (変身ベルト 飛電ゼロツードライバー Henshin Beruto Hiden Zerotsū Doraibā), or simply the Zero-Two Driver, is the succeeding upgrade to the Hiden Zero-One Driver, created by Aruto Hiden and Izu to allow the user to transform into Kamen Rider Zero-Two. It is primarily used by Aruto, but was used by Izu during the events of Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME to stop him from killing S and later fight alongside him against the traitorous Behru and a group of Kamen Rider Abaddon.


The Hiden Zero-Two Driver is composed of the following parts:

  • Zero-Two Slot (ゼロツースロット Zero-Tsū Surotto): Slot for exclusive use of Zero-Two Progrisekey. By loading the expanded Zero-Two Progrisekey, it will be connected to the internal connection terminal "Rise Port" and transformation will start.
  • Zero-Two Rise Reactor (ゼロツーライズリアクター Zero-Tsū Raizu Riakutā): The Hiden Zero-Two Driver's reactor. The Artificial Intelligence Zea adds the thoughts and memories of the highly matched data as a catalyst to the process of reacting to the driver's system with the data image Rider Model of the biological species built in the conventional progress key. As a result, the affinity between the human body and artificial intelligence can be increased and the interaction can be converted into a form that maximizes the interaction. The surplus energy generated at that time becomes photons, and by filling the inside of the furnace, a chamber effect is created and the reaction is further accelerated.
  • Authorizer (オーソライザー Ōsoraizā): Hiden Zero-Two Driver's input device. During transformation, a user can release the power of the finisher by up to 6 levels by authorizing a Progrisekey. The output release level at each stage has been adjusted to be 80% higher than the Hiden Zero One Driver.
  • Zero-Two Liberator (ゼロツーリベレーター Zero-Tsū Riberētā): Hiden Zero-Two Driver's starter. As an ignition, the Hiden Zero-Two Driver will be put into a transformation stand-by state by being deployed by the appropriate person. After that, the Zero-Two Rise Slot is loaded with the Zero-Two Progrisekey to open the Zero-Two Rise Reactor and perform transformation.
  • Quantum Equipper (クォンタムエクイッパー Ku~ontamu Ekuippā): Quantum molding machine with Hiden Zero-One Driver. Using a special lens developed on the front, it has the role of irradiating and mounting various equipment quantized by the modeling beam to the fitter. Its processing accuracy is about 222 times higher than that of the Hiden Zero-One Driver.
  • Back Radome 02 (バックレイドーム02 Bakku Reidōmu 02): Hiden Zero-Two Driver's communication device. As a ground station, it incorporates various communication devices such as satellite communication devices for connecting to artificial satellites, enabling mutual communication with all external devices. In addition, this device has 42 types of firewalls as countermeasures against hacking, which enhances the security of the Zero-Two system.
  • Hiden Linker 02 (ヒデンリンカー02 Hiden Rinkā 02): Hiden Zero-Two Driver's connection band. When the driver is set on the waist, biometric authentication is used to refer to the registrant information, and if the information matches, the stored band is expanded and the Zero-Two Driver is fixed to the waist of the matching person. This allows the wearer's brain and Zea to be connected using a quantum neural network, thus constructing a human-machine interface that integrates artificial intelligence and humans.
  • Rise Loader (ライズローダー Raizu Rōdā): A device used to read Progrisekeys. It reads the inserted Key's Rider Model and sends data directly to the Rider's bodysuit.



Aruto initiates the transformation by opening the unfolded unit and activating the Zero-Two Progrise Key. Two Rider Models based on grasshoppers appear, alongside a holographic projection of Zea, with the satellite forming the Quantum Tecter, the yellow-colored Rider Model converting to armor similar to Rising Hopper, and the red-colored Rider Model adding accents to the remaining portions, completing the transformation.


Main article: Finisher (Zero-One)

To activate a finisher, Zero-Two presses the Progrisekey again.

For a boosted attack, Zero-Two holds another Progrisekey near the Authoriser before pressing on the Key in the belt. He can do this up to 6 times with the resulting boosts being as follows:

  • 1x: Bit
  • 2x: Byte
  • 3x: Kilo
  • 4x: Mega
  • 5x: Giga
  • 6x: Tera

After the Progrisekey is pressed or authorized to make a Bit - Tera Attack and then pressed, the Zero-Two Driver activates a Big Bang attack.

Users (chronological order)

User Kamen Rider Episode Obtained Description
Aruto Hiden
Kamen Rider Zero-Two
Towards My Dream And Mine Alone After Aruto and Izu visited Zea for advice, they realized that Zero-One was no longer capable of updating. After several simulations regarding Ark-Zero's defeat of Aruto and his allies, Izu created the Zero-Two Driver alongside Aruto based on his sketches.
Kamen Rider Zero-Two
Kamen Rider Zero-One: REAL×TIME Izu acquired Aruto's Zero-Two Driver after S destroyed the Thinknet stadium with the Hellrise-imbued Thousand Jacker. After merging with the original Izu's memories, she used it in order to stop the rampaging Aruto from killing a helpless S, later fighting alongside each other near the end of the Eden crisis.


Zero-Two Driver Unit

  • Unlike the in-show Zero-Two Driver which is an entirely new belt, the DX Zero-Two Unit is sold as a standalone unit that attaches itself to the already existing DX Zero-One Driver. This is similar to the CSM G Den-O Belt, which is formed from attaching an additional buckle faceplate to the Den-O Belt.
  • The red portion of the Zero-Two Driver in its closed state resembles the number "2".
    • After transformation, the Zero-Two Driver resembles a grasshopper, with the end of the Zero-Two Progrisekey forming the head and the opened Zero-Two Unit forming the body.
  • The Zero-Two Driver parallels the design of the Rising Arcle from Kamen Rider Kuuga as both DX versions are simply the base device with additional pieces.
  • When used by Izu, the Zero-Two Driver uses a different authorization sound.



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