This article is about a/an communication device and Rider Machine in Kamen Rider Zero-One.

"Keita Rise! Hiden Rise Phone!"
―Phone announcement in phone mode[src]

"Moto Rise! Rise Hopper!"
―Bike Mode change announcement[src]

"Aruto! You Got Message!"
―Message announcement for Aruto[src]

"You Got Message!"
―Default message announcement[src]

"Changing to super bike motorcycle mode."
―Announcement when scanned w/ Hiden Zero-One Driver[src]

The Hiden Risephone (飛電ライズフォン Hiden Raizufon) is Kamen Rider Zero-One's personal smartphone that can also summon the Rise Hopper from the satellite Zea after scanning it on the Authoriser of the Hiden Zero-One Driver. It was produced by Hiden Intelligence.

A mass-produced variant without the motorcycle functionality is used by the general populace.


Originally owning the silver mass-produced version of the Risephone, Aruto Hiden is later given the "President-exclusive" Hiden Risephone after taking over as president of Hiden Intelligence and taking up the mantle of Kamen Rider Zero-One.


  • ID: An ID app. It generates hard light silhouette (hologram) of Identification Cards flashing out of the Risephone.
  • Mail: An Email app. Usually used to read messages sent to the phone and announces a message has come with the retro phrase "Aruto! You Got Mail!".
  • Bike: An app that is used to call for Zero-One's personal Rider Machine from the satellite Zea. If pressed on the Rise Hopper in its Risephone mode, it turns into a bike.
  • GPS: An app in the mass-production versions that is located on where the Bike App is saved on the President's Exclusive Risephone.

Rise Hopper

Main article: Rise Hopper


  • This is the second time a smartphone is connected to the Rider Machine, the first instance being the Build Phone and its ability to transform into the Machine Builder.
    • In addition, the DX Hiden Risephone reuses the bike engine and bike attack noises from the DX Build Phone/Machine Builder.[1]
    • Unlike the Build Phone, the Hiden Risephone and Rise Hopper are two separate items, with the Risephone's bike app sending a signal for the Rise Hopper to be beamed to the user's location.



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