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Hiden 3D System

Printer screen

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Izu standing in front of the Printer

The Hiden Intelligence Three Dimensional Printing System is a massive industrial 3D printer used by Hiden Intelligence to manufacture objects and devices for company use. The 3D Printer inside Aruto's Office can make more advanced devices to support Zero-One, which includes Drivers and Progrise Keys, based on data relayed by the satellite Zea to Zat, the Hiden Intelligence AI inside the President's office, sometimes through Izu's assistance. also has a version of it in their Daybreak Town base. Instead of Zea, this printer directly receives orders from the Ark.

Hiden Intelligence HumaGear Skin Fitting Gate System


The HumaGear Skin Fitting Gate is a larger, industrial-level version of the 3D Printer specifically made to print the skin of HumaGears based on certain specifications.

An older version of this Gate System is currently salvaged and re-purposed by Horobi to manufacture and repair HumaGears taken from scrap or from the black market.

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