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"History has changed. From this moment on, you're Kamen Rider (Rider name)."
―Heure turning a person into an Another Rider[src]

―Heure's last words after being stabbed by Ora[src]

Heure (ウール, Ūru)[1], alternatively spelled Wool and Uhr[2], is a former member of Time Jackers who was turned into Another Kikai (アナザーキカイ, Anazā Kikai) by Swartz.



Heure originated from an alternate timeline and was recruited by Swartz to join the Time Jackers with Ora. They traveled to different years within the Heisei era to create Another Riders by taking away the history and the powers of the Kamen Rider from each year and granting them to other people whom the Time Jackers will manipulate. Heure was led to believe they are crowning a new ruler to replace Ohma Zi-O.

The History Heist

Heure first appears in the year 2017, when he intervenes with the fate of a young basketball player who was about to get hit by a car. Heure explained that he was fated to die at this moment in time, but said that if the young man made a contract with him, he would save his life. Heure creates the Build Anotherwatch and turns him into Another Build, slowly erasing Kamen Rider Build from existence. Heure also made his presence known to Sougo, revealing his intentions to manipulate fate of people to replace Ohma Zi-O.

Alongside Ora and Swartz, Heure procceeded to crown more individuals to become Another Riders. He later becomes responsible for the creations of Another Wizard, Another OOO, and Another Ghost. Heure would often engage with the Kamen Riders using his Captain Ghost Time Mazine, while intrigued by Zi-O's ambitions and strength.

Following Sougo Tokiwa's decision to give up the Ziku-Driver after his encounter with his future self, the Time Jackers were free to do whatever the desired. However, the Time Jackers attempted to have Sougo eliminated to ensure nothing will disrupt their intentions. While Sougo finds the resolve to become Zi-O again, Heure tried to engage the Kamen Riders once more in his Time Mazine with Ora, only to be defeated in battle as they vacated their vehicles. However, the decision for Sougo to temporarily give up the Ziku-Driver began to diverge the timeline to new outcomes.

The Divergent Paths

After the new year had begun, Heure and the Time Jackers became aware that the original timeline had changed caused by Sougo's actions. Swartz led the Time Jackers to create Another Riders based on the Future Kamen Riders. Heure becomes responsible for the creation of Another Shinobi after being given an Anotherwatch by Swartz. In addition to the changes to the timeline, it also manifested another Woz, aptly to referred as White Woz, who recovers their powers as Kamen Rider Woz.

Following the defeat of Another Quiz, Swartz confided with Heure that White Woz's appearance has caused them a lot of trouble lately. While Heure is seemingly throwing rocks at a mirror and reversing the damage just to throw it back again, Swartz questioned what he was doing. Heure revealed that he is trying to unlock the Mirror World from the information that Tsukasa Kadoya had shared to him, allowing him to meet with Dark Shinji inside the Mirror World to offer him to become Another Ryuga.

When Another Kikai appears in the city, the Time Jackers do not know where or when it comes from. Swartz intends to harvest its powers, by turning it into an Anotherwatch. After Zi-O destroys Another Kikai for the second time, Swartz catches the "bug", which is the catalyst for its power, and forces it onto Heure, causing him to become Another Kikai himself. White Woz eventually harvest the Kikai Miridewatch successfully, and manage to destroy Another Kikai once and for all, freeing Heure.

As Oma's Day was approaching, Swartz decided to create Another Zi-O. This made Heure distraught, even growing paranoid in the possibility that Swartz may have a hidden agenda. Having been troubled with his encounters with White Woz, Heure later collaborates with Black Woz to take him down. He and Another Zi-O attempt to steal the powers of Kamen Rider Woz and once White Woz tried to take back his powers, his poor word choices allowed Black Woz to take the Beyondriver and Woz Miridewatch for himself. White Woz would later beat up Heure for this, having been angered by Heure's part in losing his powers.

The Grand Obstacle

During Sougo's quest to gather the remaining Ridewatches, Heure and the other Time Jackers continued to gather the Kamen Riders' powers to create Another Riders. But instead of stealing and erasing the Kamen Riders' powers, they instead replicated their powers from present day to create Another Riders in 2019 instead. Heure was responsible for the creations for Another Hibiki and Another Kabuto.

Eventually, Sougo managed to acquire the nineteen Ridewatches, resulting in the creation of the GrandZi-O Ridewatch and the presence of Kamen Rider GrandZ-O. Although this appeared to be a major setback on the Time Jacker's side, this only became a stepping stone on Swartz's mysterious agenda.

The Royal Revelation

Sometime after Sougo acquired the power of GrandZi-O, Swartz contracts with Hiryu Kakogawa once more to become Another Zi-O II, creating a reality where he ruled the world with an iron fist. Heure and the other Time Jackers stood beside Hiryu as an advisor to his kingdom. However, he grows suspicous towards Swartz after learning that he and Tsukuyomi were siblings. When Swartz turns on his accomplices and tries to take Ora's powers, only for Heure to save her at the last minute. While being pursued by the Another Riders, Heure and Ora were saved by the Kamen Riders and in a show of gratitude, the defected Time Jackers returned the stolen GrandZi-O Ridewatch back to Sougo, allowing him to defeat Another Zi-O II and restore the world back to normal.

Heure and Ora were still on the run being pursued by Swartz, with him sending out Another Drive to eliminate them. Sougo eventually finds them and in a sense of good gesture, invites the two stay at 9 5 DO. Although Heure questioned of getting close with his enemy, Sougo was recognized he was lost and never had a home to himself, trying to bring himself closer to the young Time Jacker. The next day, Ora went apparently missing and he went out to the city to search for her, but gets immediately attacked by Another Drive. However, he is shocked to discover Another Drive's host appears to be Ora.


The revelation of Ora being Another Drive had broke Heure emotionally, but still tried to search for her. While being confronted by Another Drive again, the real Ora appeared and he learned that the Paradox Roidmude assumed Ora's appearance the entire time. While he was happy that his friend didn't betray him, the real Ora ended up piercing Heure with an red energy beam. When Sougo arrived to witness the whole ordeal, he rushed to his aid and begged him to hang on. Unfortunately, Heure dies in Sougo's arms having been betrayed by the one who he thought he was his friend, yet held by his former enemy who showed him kindness.

New Timeline

In the new timeline, Heure, Ora, Tsukuyomi and Geiz were restored as ordinary people attending Hikarigamori High School in September 2018 with Sougo. Heure began to admire his senior, Sougo, and supported his dream to become king. Everyone began to running to school, rush to school in joy in this new brighter world.


Heure appears to be the youngest of all the Time Jackers and, as such, seemingly acts a bit childish. Beneath that childish exterior, however, lies a ruthless individual who revels at the suffering of others. He is also shown to be easily panicked as seen when he found himself unable to stop White Woz from causing a car to run into the former. Of the three, he is always bossed around by Swartz into doing their dirty work, to which he begrudgingly does, and is also constantly abused by the latter, to the point that Swartz himself uses Heure as Another Kikai's host just to see if he can produce its Anotherwatch.

However, Heure's villainy has a limit as he only focuses on creating Another Riders based on Past Riders, hence his shock after discovering Swartz creating Another Zi-O. These revelations made him goes as far to ally himself with Black Woz, as he dislikes being the latest to know the truth. Although, after Ohma Day ended up in failure, Heure returns back to his villainy, for worse.

Unfortunately for him, Swartz considers he and Ora as mere obstacles in his path to become the king, to the point of betraying the two, stealing their powers and making the Another Riders go after them to kill them.


  • Time Manipulation: Heure can freeze time. This extends to things such as people and objects as even the previous Heisei Kamen Riders are helplessly immobilized once this power is activiated. It is also shown that by freezing time, Heure can alter the course of history in certain ways, such as redirecting a car that was going to hit a person and sending it into another car. He also possesses the ability to rewind time, as shown when he shatters a mirror with a rock while time is frozen, then snapping his fingers to rewind the time. Mirror World 2019


  • Swartz: Both Heure and Ora can themselves be immobilized in time by their Time Jacker superior. Switch On! 2011
  • Future Note: White Woz can override Heure's time freezing abilities by writing a foreseen event on his tablet with Heure's name written on it. Happy New Woz 2019
  • Kikai: While Heure assumes the form of Another Kikai, he, like all of the Another Riders, becomes weak to the power of the rider he is copying. Best Friend 2121

Another Kikai

Another Kikai

Another Kikai

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 210.5 cm.
  • Weight: 1.8 t.
  • Creator: Swartz
  • Year of Origin: 2121
  • Position of year: Left shoulder
  • Name and position: "KIKAI"; Chest.

Another Kikai is the only Another Rider whose creation doesn't need an Another Ridewatch initially. Its origin was a tree branch-like machine that hijacks a living being.

Powers and Abilities
  • Propulsion: Another Kikai can generate energy from its hands and launch itself in the air.
  • Whips: From its hands, Another Kikai can summon multitude of whips as weapons.
  • Electrokinesis: Another Kikai can generate yellow electricity in its hands to strike its opponent.
  • Electric Blast: Another Kikai can release enough electricity of pure force.
  • Missile Generation: Another Kikai can create and launch multiple missiles from its body.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 23-24




  • Swartz: Heure doesn't get along well with Swartz, as the latter looks down on and sees him as a mere child and worse, another guinea pig. This is shown as Swartz also doesn't mind using Heure to be the host of Another Kikai. The relationship gradually worsens after Swartz steals Ora's powers to become Another Decade.
  • Ora: Despite being a fellow Time Jacker, Ora cares less about Heure when she used him to become the host of Another Kikai. Despite that, after Swartz betrays them both and takes Ora's time powers, Heure immediately moves to protect her from Swartz and they both escape. Unfortunately for him, Ora killed him in an act of betrayal.
  • White Woz: Heure dislikes White Woz even when they first met, as White Woz almost manage to kill him by overriding Heure's time manipulation ability. White Woz refers to Heure as "boy" (少年, Shōnen) and didn't see him as a threat. After Heure and Black Woz's plan to stole White Woz power was successful, White Woz resents Heure, to the point that he stomps Heure body using his foot.
  • Black Woz: Heure and Black Woz share the same distaste towards White Woz, to the point of cooperating in order to steal White Woz power. However, after Ohma Day ended, their truce ended.
  • Sougo Tokiwa: Originally enemies, Heure manages to gain Sougo's friendship after he was betrayed by Swartz. When Heure was killed by Ora, it greatly enrages Sougo as he mercilessly defeats Another Drive. Sougo was later mourning for him as Heure succumbed to his wounds. After Sougo as Ohma Zi-O reset the world, Heure attend the same school as Sougo, and later fell for him.

Behind the Scenes


Heure is portrayed by Rihito Itagaki (板垣 李光人, Itagaki Rihito).


"Heure" is a French word meaning "hour" or "time".[3][4][5]

His name is also a reference to a brand of Swiss Watches called "TAG Heuer"

Concept Art

Another Kikai concept art

Another Kikai was designed by Tamotsu Shinohara (篠原 保, Shinohara Tamotsu).


  • Heure is the second Time Jacker to become an Another Rider, following Tid.
    • He is also the second Time Jacker to be killed following Tid.
  • He is the only Time Jacker who turned good and still retained his temporal abilities even after Hiryu Kakogawa's altered reality was reset.



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