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Heure (ウール Ūru)[1], alternatively spelled Wool and Uhr[2], is one of the Time Jackers and was later turned into Another Kikai (アナザーキカイ Anazā Kikai) by Swartz.


Heure first appears in the year 2017, when he intervenes with the fate of a young basketball player, who was about to get hit by a car. Heure explained that he was fated to die at this moment in time, but said that if the young man made a contract with him, he would save his life. The basketballer agreed, and Heure declared that he would become Kamen Rider Build, placing the Another Build Ridewatch in his chest and causing him to transform into Another BuildKingdom 2068

Heure halted time when Sougo and Geiz tried to team up with Kamen Rider Build and Cross-Z, freezing their predecessors in place. Heure tells them not to interfere as it is his mission to alter time to replace Sougo with a new king. He also claims he is doing the basketballer a favor by altering time so his life is extended rather than dying by being hit by a car. Sougo rejects this as Heure is simply manipulating someone's life for his own gain and a person's fate and destiny should be their own. Heure seems intrigued by the youth's boldness and wonders what kind of future he will have now that the Time Jackers are in his timeline before leaving, with the two Riders transforming to restart time. Best Match 2017

Heure later encountered Ora, whom discussed about his failure of making a candidate of Another Build. Heure proclaims to her that it was Zi-O, but not the one from their time. Ora mentions to not worry about it as she had a candidate in mind. Doctor Gamer 2018 When Sougo attempted to travel back to 2016 to assist Geiz in battle, Heure showed up in his Captain Ghost Time Mazine to prevent him, resulting in the two fighting in their machines. Sougo triumphs and heads straight for 2016 with Heure being intrigued by his strength. No Continue 2016

Heure later discussed and bickered with Ora about their failures of crowning their respective candidates, only to be paused by Swartz. As he greeted them, Swartz offered Heure chocolate, to which the young Jacker told him to stop treating him like a child. After Swartz resumed time, Heure and Ora glare at him. Switch On! 2011 During Christmas Eve 2012, Heure paused time and approached Hayase as he saved the performer from a falling spotlight, forming a contract to make him Another Wizard. Magic Showtime 2018 Beauty & Beast 2012 At a billards room, Ora complained to Heure about his failure even after she helped him, with the youngster telling her and Swartz that he had a perfect candidate in mind - back in 2010, when Kuroto Dan was struggling, Heure offered him power to become king, thus forming a contract that turned Kuroto into Another OOO. Genm Master 2016 Hawk, Tiger, and Grasshopper 2010

At a restaurant, Woz greeted the Time Jackers as he sided with them for awhile, with Heure and Ora disgusted with appearance towards them. During 2015, Heure offered a contract to Makimura but the officer refused, being aware of how evil the Jacker was. After being crushed to death by the steel beams, Makimura gets turned into Another Ghost by Heure. When Another Ghost got defeated by Geiz, Heure paused time, reactivated the Another Ghost Ridewatch, and told Mika that her brother would die as he and Another Ghost left. Later, Heure instructs Another Ghost how to unleash his powers, causing him to release and harvest the souls he collected, making him more stronger. As Sougo and Geiz fight Another Ghost, Heure told Sougo to shut up, proclaiming the Rider to be the horrible demon king. When Heure attempted to assist Another Ghost, Sougo summoned the Kodama Suika Arms to deal with the young Jacker as the gadget shot watermelon seeds at him. As Zi-O was about to finish Another Ghost, Heure told him that if he did then Makimura would die. After Tsukasa defeats Sougo and Geiz, he told Heure and Another Ghost to head back. Ghost Hunter 2018 As Takeru went back to 2015 and undid Makimura's death, Heure told him not to interfere and summoned Gamma Commandos to get him. As Ghost and Specter finished them off, Swartz told Heure to hurry up, which had him turn Makimura back into Another Ghost, though with the added factor that the officer is no longer dead. When Sougo and Geiz travel back to 2015, along the way, Heure and Ora also appear in their Time Mazines to prevent them, resulting in them fighting. Zi-O and Geiz end up using two sets of Ridewatches to defeat them and their Mazines. GO! GO! Ghost 2015


Heure appears to be the youngest of all the Time Jackers and, as such, seemingly acts a bit childish. Beneath that childish exterior, however, lies a ruthless individual who revels at the suffering of others. He is also shown to be easily panicked as seen when he found himself unable to stop White Woz from causing a car to run into the former. Of the three, he is always bossed around by Swartz into doing their dirty work, to which he begrudgingly does, and is also constantly abused by the latter, to the point that Swartz himself uses Heure as Another Kikai's host just to see if he can produce its Anotherwatch.

However, Heure's villainy has a limit as he only focuses on creating Another Riders based on Past Riders, hence his shock after discovering Swartz creating Another Zi-O. These revelations made him goes as far to ally himself with Black Woz, as he dislikes being the latest to know the truth. Although, after Oma Day ended up in failure, Heure returns back to his villainy, for worse.

Powers and Abilities

  • Time Travel: The Time Jackers possess the ability to travel back and forth across the timeline without the apparent use of a Time Mazine.
  • Time Manipulation: Heure can freeze time. This extends to things such as people and objects as even the previous Heisei Kamen Riders are helplessly immobilized once this power is activiated. It is also shown that by freezing time, Heure can alter the course of history in certain ways, such as redirecting a car that was going to hit a person and sending it into another car. He also possesses the ability to rewind time, as shown when he shatters a mirror with a rock while time is frozen, then snapping his fingers to rewind the time. Mirror World 2019
  • Contract: It is shown that Heure can form a contract with anyone by giving him/her an Another Rider Ridewatch.


  • Swartz : Both Heure and Ora can themselves be immobilized in time by their Time Jacker superior. Switch On! 2011
  • White Woz: White Woz can override Heure's time freezing abilities by writing a foreseen event on his tablet with Heure's name written on it. Happy New Woz 2019
  • Kikai: While Heure assumes the form of Another Kikai, he, like all of the Another Riders, becomes weak to the power of the rider he is copying. Best Friend 2121


Another Kikai
KRZiO-Another Kikai

Another Kikai

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 210.5 cm.
  • Weight: 1.8 t.
  • Creator: Swartz
  • Year of Origin: 2121
  • Position of year: Left shoulder
  • Name and position: "KIKAI"; Chest.

Another Kikai is the only Another Rider whose creation doesn't need an Another Ridewatch initially. Its origin was a tree branch-like machine that hijacks a living being.

Powers and Abilities
  • Propulsion: Another Kikai can generate energy from its hands and launch itself in the air.
  • Whips: From its hands, Another Kikai can summon multitude of whips as weapons.
  • Electrokinesis: Another Kikai can generate yellow electricity in its hands to strike its opponent.
  • Electric Blast: Another Kikai can release enough electricity of pure force.
  • Missile Generation: Another Kikai can create and launch multiple missiles from its body.

Appearances: Zi-O Episodes 23-24




  • Swartz: Heure doesn't get along well with Swartz, as the latter looks down on and sees him as a mere child and worst, another guinea pig. This is shown as Swartz also doesn't mind using Heure to be the host of Another Kikai.
  • Ora: Despite being a fellow Time Jacker, Ora cares less about Heure when she used him to become the host of Another Kikai.
  • White Woz: Heure dislikes White Woz even when they first met, as White Woz almost manage to kill him by overriding Heure's time manipulation ability. White Woz refers to Heure as "boy" (少年 Shōnen) and didn't see him as a threat. After Heure and Black Woz's plan to stole White Woz power was successful, White Woz resents Heure, to the point that he stomps Heure body using his foot.
  • Black Woz: Heure and Black Woz share the same distaste towards White Woz, to the point of cooperating in order to steal White Woz power. However, after Oma Day ended, their truce ended.

Behind the Scenes


Heure is portrayed by Rihito Itagaki (板垣 李光人 Itagaki Rihito).


"Heure" is a French word meaning "hour" or "time".[3][4][5]


  • Another Kikai's motif being wood is a pun on Kikai's original motif of "machine" (機械 Kikai), as both kanji contains "wood" ( Ki).
  • Heure is the second Time Jacker to become an Another Rider, after Tid.
    • Unlike Tid, Heure is forced to become an Another Rider by Swartz.



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