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The Henshin Kigen (変身鬼弦 lit. "Transformation Demon String") are bracelet-like transformation devices made typically for Oni who specialize in string-based weaponry of the organization Takeshi. These are considered to be uncommon, but neither as rare as the Onibue or as common as the Onsa. Attached with 3 strings, the strings of the Henshin Kigen are the color of the ornamental strings on the Oni's armor. For example the strings on Todoroki's Henshin Kigen are red as are the ones on his armor. The other features is an Oni face similar to that of the user's forehead. Unlike the other Oni's henshin devices that carried on their belt, this is worn on left arm like a bracelet. In addition, this device can also playback the sound or video data collected by the Disk Animals.



By pulling down the attached chain, the cover with the face of the demon is opened, and three small strings appear, and by plucking the strings, he places it in front of his forehead, forming an Oni's face. Then, the body of the Oni is then covered with controlled attributes (eg: Todoroki struck by lightning), thus completing the transformation.

Disk Animals

Like Onsa and Onibue, Kigen also has functionality on Disk Animals.

  • When converting Disk Animals into animal form, Oni need to pulling down the attached chain to opening the cover. Then, they plucking the strings. The resulting special sound then reacts to the close Disk Animals, transforming them. The cover is then closed again as soon as possible.
  • TBA

List of Henshin Kigen

The Henshin Kigen - Onjou (変身鬼弦・音錠 Henshin Kigen - Onjō, "Transformation Demon String: Sound Lock") is golden Henshin Kigen, used for transformation and other uses. This device is most commonly used by String Oni. However, the color of the strings and its background are different according to its wearer:

  • Todoroki: Its background color inside is green and the color of the strings is red.
  • Sabaki: Its background color inside is red and based on the string on its armor, the strings' color is gold.

The Henshin Kigen - Onka (変身鬼弦・音伽 "Transformation Demon String: Sound Attendance") is Zanki's Henshin Kigen, used for transformation and other uses. The structure is similar to Onjou, its background color inside is green but the color of the strings is yellow.

Shuki originally had its own Henshin Kigen in the past, before her Oni's title was stripped. When Notsugo returns, she stole Todoroki's Henshin Kigen to resume her Oni form.




Henshin Kigen in Midori's laboratory.

  • There is a Henshin Kigen with other Oni's devices in Midori's laboratory.
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