This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

A robotic insectoid monster whose heat manipulation abilities caused an immense heat wave which caused Ferbus to fall ill. Heliotoid does this by getting its energy from the sun in which Count Dregon hopes that Heliotoid will become strong enough to destroy Masked Rider. To counteract with Count Dregon's plot, Hal started inventing the Quantum Cooler to help make things cooler. To keep it from being complete and thwarting Heliotoid, Nefaria and the Maggots were sent to make sure it isn't completed which doesn't go well for the Maggots. When Heliotoid has gathered enough energy, Count Dregon has Nefaria send Heliotoid to attack. Dex detected Heliotoid attacking the power plant and transforms. Upon fighting him and two Skull Reapers, Dex fought them alongside Magno and Combat Chopper. Upon fighting Heliotoid, Dex transformed into his Super Gold form where Heliotoid's solar attacks wouldn't work on him. Heliotoid locked his arms around Masked Rider so that the sun could weaken him. Masked Rider broke free and destroy Heliotoid with his Ecto-Ray. Fits the category of Cyclopter's monsters.

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