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The Heisei Generations Series (平成ジェネレーションズシリーズ Heisei Jenerēshonzu Shirīzu) are series of Movie War films that served as crossovers between the Riders of the Neo-Heisei Era. With the tradition of crossing over the two current riders, the films also feature the appearance of the earlier Heisei Riders as "returning legends".

Kamen Riders

*Reuse voice clips from past series

Kamen RidersHeisei GenerationsHeisei Generations FINALHeisei Generations FOREVER
Kamen Rider KuugaRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider AgitoRed XNRed XNVoice only
Kamen Rider RyukiRed XNRed XNVoice only
Kamen Rider FaizRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider BladeRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider HibikiRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider KabutoRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider Den-ORed XNRed XNGreen tickY
Kamen Rider KivaRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider DecadeRed XNRed XNVoice only
Kamen Rider DoubleRed XNRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider OOORed XNGreen tickYVoice only*
Kamen Rider FourzeRed XNGreen tickYVoice only*
Kamen Rider WizardGreen tickYRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider GaimVoice only*Green tickYVoice only*
Kamen Rider DriveGreen tickYRed XNVoice only*
Kamen Rider GhostGreen tickYGreen tickYVoice only
Kamen Rider SpecterGreen tickYRed XNRed XN
Kamen Rider NecromGreen tickYRed XNRed XN
Kamen Rider Ex-AidGreen tickYGreen tickYVoice only*
Kamen Rider BraveGreen tickYGreen tickYRed XN
Kamen Rider SnipeGreen tickYGreen tickYRed XN
Kamen Rider LazerGreen tickYGreen tickYNon-speaking role
Kamen Rider GemnDoes not transformGreen tickYRed XN
Kamen Rider Para-DXCameo, Does not transformFlashbackRed XN
Kamen Rider BuildRed XNGreen tickYGreen tickY
Kamen Rider Cross-ZRed XNGreen tickYGreen tickY
Kamen Rider GreaseRed XNCameoGreen tickY
Kamen Rider RogueRed XNDoes not transformGreen tickY
Kamen Rider Zi-ORed XNRed XNGreen tickY
Kamen Rider GeizRed XNRed XNGreen tickY


  • The Heisei Generations series is considered a "Level Up" from the original Movie War, so it breaks the trend of having a traditional Movie War title.
  • While most of the previous Movie War films followed a particular three-act format (the first act is dedicated to the previous season, the second act is a story in the current season, and the final act is the actual crossover), each of the Heisei Generations movies instead tells a singular story incorporating all involved seasons throughout the entirety of the movie, which previously had only been done in Super Movie War Genesis.
    • Despite having a continuous narrative instead of separate acts written by different writers, all three films each have two writers involved.
  • The series was created to commemorate the ending of the Heisei-era of Japan.
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