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Heiji Uesugi (上杉 平次 Uesugi Heiji) is a policeman whom hosted the Level 30 Kaiden Bugster.

Character History

Uesugi lost his beloved son to the Bugster virus during Zero Day. His son's death was seemingly avenged when Genm Corp. CEO Masamune Dan was arrested for allegedly masterminding the outbreak.

Five years later, Uesugi's suspicions were raised following the disappearance of two people connected to Masamune: Kuroto Dan, Masamune's son and suceeding CEO of Genm Corp, and Kiriya Kujo, a coroner who was last seen visiting Masamune in prison. He went to interrogate Masamune himself, but received no answers from the prisoner. The frustration from Dan's silence triggered the Bugster virus which had been dormant in Uesugi's body. The doctors from CR arrived soon after, but Uesugi's desperate attempts to continue his investigation only aggravated his condition, causing an outbreak.

The outbreak was eventually contained, and Uesugi was transported to CR. After explaining his motives, the policeman was assured by Dr. Emu Hojo that he would continue investigating in his place. Eventually, the Bugster broke out again, forcing an operation. The Kaiden Bugster was removed from Uesugi's body, but left the officer in the game arena. Retreating to a hiding spot, Uesugi witnessed Kuroto Dan's monologue, learning the truth about Zero Day and the fate of the two missing individuals. He left CR soon after, determined to bring the true culprit behind Zero Day to justice.

With Kuroto's death at the hands of Parado, Uesugi's son is finally being avenged, despite the Bugsters' threats still continues.

Unfortunately when Masamune is released and revealed his true evil color after the mass production of the Kamen Rider Chronicle Gashats, Heiji's suspicion on Masamune during the latter's time in prison was right all along, as Heiji happened to be looking at the right culprit from beginning. Chasing the Mystery!

Heiji Uesugi fin

Uesugi sees Emu speaking out.

Following the demise of Masamune Dan, Uesugi was at his station when he saw Emu speak at a televised press conference by the Ministry of Health. Hearing the name of his son among the list of victims of the Game Disease struck a chord with him. Endless Game

Behind the scenes


Heiji Uesugi is portrayed by recurring guest actor Taro Suwa (諏訪 太朗 Suwa Tarō).