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"(2 klaxon alarm blares) Limit Break!"
―Finisher announcement in Flame Mode[src]

"(Fire truck-like warning blares) Limit Break!"
―Finisher announcement in Fire Extinguisher Mode[src]

The Fire Module Hee-Hackgun (ファイヤーモジュール ヒーハックガン, Faiyā Mojūru Hīhakku Gan) is the main weapon of Kamen Rider Fourze when in Firestates, accessed through the 20th Astroswitch, the Fire Switch. It first appears in episode 9.


Fourze Firestates wielding Hee-Hackgun.

The Hee-Hackgun is a firearm-like Module resembling a fire extinguisher that enables Fourze to either use it as a fireball launcher/flamethrower in Flame Mode (火炎モード, Kaen Mōdo) or shoot fire-dousing foam in Fire Extinguisher Mode (消火モード, Shōka Mōdo).

Fire Extinguisher Mode is accessed when Fourze attaches the Hee-Hackgun via the Attach Holder (アタッチホルダー, Atatchi Horudā) to his belt, then pulls on it to get the front half to extend out via the High Pressure Tube (ハイプレスチューブ, Hai Puresu Chūbu) tubing to switch the shots to fire-dousing foam. The Hee-Hackgun's muzzle, known as the Spread Muzzle (スプレッドマズル, Supreddo Mazuru), is made of Astronium with exceptional rigidity to protect the Hee-Hackgun's muzzle from deterioration and damage over time, even after repeated flame radiation and high-pressure expulsion.

By setting the Fire Switch into the Hee-Hackgun's Switch Slot (スイッチスロット, Suitchi Surotto) located on the bottom of the Hee-Hackgun's Energy Chamber (エナジーチャンバー, Enajī Chanbā), Fourze can initiate one of two Rider Shooting Limit Breaks depending on the weapon's mode.

  • Flame Mode: Rider Exploding Shoot (ライダー縛熱シュート, Raidā Bakunetsu Shūto), where Fourze absorbs nearby thermal energy before releasing it in a powerful fiery blast from the Hee-Hackgun.
  • Extinguisher Mode: An unnamed Limit Break where Fourze releases a powerful blast of water that puts out the surrounding fires.[1]


During his fight with Gokai RedIcon-crosswiki.png, Fourze assumed Firestates and was matched by his opponent's Gokai ChangeIcon-crosswiki.png MagiRedIcon-crosswiki.png. Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen


  • The Hee-Hackgun's first two kana can either refer to "fire" (, Hi) or "heat" (ヒート, Hīto).
  • On the toy Hee-Hackgun's box, it oddly refers to the different modes (in English letters) as "Flame Gun Mode" and "Quench Gun Mode".


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