This article is about a/an device used by Special Investigation Unit in Kamen Rider Drive.
Heavy Acceleration Particle Measuring Device In Ep1

The Heavy Acceleration Particle Measuring Device (重加速粒子測定器 Jūkasoku Ryūshi Sokuteiki) is a backpack/metal-detector-like devices developed by Rinna Sawagami for the Special Investigation Unit's use to detect presence of Heavy Acceleration particles in a certain area that affected by Heavy Accelerations. This gadget is otherwise known as Pikopiko (ピコピコ lit. Blinky) due to the blinking noises it made. So far, only two of these are seen in the show, both used by Shinnosuke Tomari and Kiriko Shijima.

Rinna later created an upgraded version of the Heavy Acceleration Particle Measuring Device which was equipped into Booster Tridoron. This upgraded version is capable of detecting the faintest particles in a much wider radius, even in the sky. Why Were the Families Targeted?


  • Due to its design, most police officers initially joked the equipment as a form of cosplay, until they fully sees the importance after Drive's association to the Unit had been revealed.
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