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Hayato Isomura (磯村 勇斗 Isomura Hayato) is the Japanese actor who plays Alain in Kamen Rider Ghost. [1]. He was affiliated with Dream Plus, before moving to BLUE LABEL.


Isomura was inspired to become an actor in middle school when he watched an independent film.

In high school, he joined a local theater company to learn acting, though his parents were highly opposed of this, saying acting would not get him anywhere and wanted him to go to college. Isomura eventually attended JF Oberlin University, but dropped out to fully pursue his acting career. He continued to act at his theater while working a part-time job to pay for lessons.

His work paid off when he was actively being cast in several TV dramas and films, and made his professional debut in Kamen Rider Ghost, since then he has appeared in several dramas and movies. He appears in the 2019 drama Scion Boys alongside Kamen Rider co-stars Ryosuke Yamamoto, Hiroki Iijima, and Yu Inaba.

Personal Life

  • Isomura is a huge fan of Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise, and has stated his portrayal of Alain was slightly inspired by him.
  • Isomura likes zombie films, especially ones directed by George A. Romero.
  • Isomura is allergic to both dogs and cats.
  • Isomura is a very good cook, having been trained by a professional chef during his part-time job. When he was a guest at the variety game show Pyramid Derby, he won most of the cooking challenges.
  • Isomura has stated that he enjoyed filming the drama Hiyokko, and highly respects the actors involved, referring to a romantic competition between his character and the character portrayed by former Kamen Rider, Ryoma Takeuchi.




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