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Hayase (早瀬) transforms into an Another Rider (アナザーライダー Anazā Raidā) Another Wizard (アナザーウィザード Anazā Wizādo) derived from Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Style.

Character History

Hayase was the back-stage hand of a performance theater on the verge of going out of business in the year 2012. He is approached by Heure, who promises the ability to save the theater in exchange for contracting with him. Hayase accepts the contract and uses the Another Wizard powers to impress Kaori, the theater's owner (whom he is also smitten with) and keep the business going.

In 2018, Sougo Tokiwa, Geiz Myoukouin and Tsukuyomi attend one of his magic shows and ascertain that his performance is too authentic, coming to the conclusion that he is an Another Rider. Geiz aggressively confronts Hayase in the back-alley after the show and attacks him, confirming their suspicions when Hayase uses the Wizard powers to escape.

After fleeing to his household and encountering Ora, Hayase's co-worker Nagasawa arrives to warn him that not only is the theater about to close but that he is marrying Naomi after six years of proposing to her. Overcome with jealousy, Hayase transforms into Another Wizard and attacks Nagasawa, who is saved by Kamen Rider Geiz. The two end up at a warehouse, whereupon Zi-O and Tsukuyomi arrive to stop Geiz. Geiz manages to take Another Wizard down with the Faiz Ride Armor; though his efforts are for naught when Ora stops time and re-vitalizes Another Wizard. Tsukuyomi attempts to stop Hayase, but is hit with a sleep-spell. With Geiz and Zi-O now pre-occupied, Hayase goes on his way. Magic Showtime 2018


Another Wizard
KRZiO-Another Wizard

Another Wizard

―Transformation announcement[src]
  • Height: 198.0cm[1].
  • Weight: 90.0kg[1].
  • Year of Origin: 2012.
  • Position of year: 
Powers and Abilities
  • Magic Manipulation: Like the Kamen Rider he's emulating, Another Wizard is capable of performing various feats of magic by tapping the Driver on his waist.
    • Flame: Another Wizard shoots several fireballs at the enemy
    • Rewind: Another Wizard reverses any damage done to an object, restoring it to its previous state.
    • Gravity: Another Wizard alters the gravity of an object and propels it towards an enemy or alters the gravity of the target itself.
    • Defend (Land Variation): Another Wizard erects a stone barrier to defend him from enemy attacks.
    • Liquid: Another Wizard transforms himself into a liquefied state.
    • Connect: Another Wizard can open a magical portal between two different locations.
    • Sleep: Another Wizard puts his targets into a deep sleep. Unless Another Wizard is defeated, the victim will not wake up.
    • Erase: Another Wizard erases an object from existence.
    • Water: Another Wizard summons a massive torrent of water to attack the enemy.
  • Wizard Ridewatch: Although defeating Another Wizard with different Ridewatches can cancel his transformation, his Ridewatch remains intact unless the a Ridewatch with the same power is used to defeat him at the date of his creation (December 25, 2012).

Behind the Scenes



  • Another Wizard's head slightly resembles the helmet of Oni Riders as well as Gyuki's head.
  • Another Wizard's belt bears resemblance to WizarDriver, but its hand design is skeletal.
  • Hayase as Another Wizard is an opposite to Haruto Soma, in that, while Haruto fought against his despair to become a Kamen Rider in the first place; Hayase eventually gives into despair, and lashes out at Nagasawa and Naomi when his actions seem to be for naught.
    • His immediate rage after descending into despair parallels the birth of Phantoms, the very same monsters that Kamen Rider Wizard deals with in his titular series. Additionally, his mask has several crack-like designs on the face, further alluding to how Gates fall into despair.
  • He is the first Another Rider who has no relation to disappearance cases.


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