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"Hawk Gatlinger!"
―Summoning announcement[src]

―Power-Up attack announcement[src]

"100! Full Bullet!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

"Ready? Go! (Hawk/Kikanhou) Finish! Ciao!"
―Summoning announcement via Evol-Driver[src]

The Hundred Rapid-Fire Hawk Gatlinger (百発連射 ホークガトリンガー Hyappatsu Rensha Hōku Gatoringā) is a weapon invented by Sento Kiryu for the Gatling Fullbottle, and later completed for the HawkGatling Best Match. It is available to him in any form that uses the Taka[1] or Gatling Fullbottles.


  • Third Eye Hawk (サードアイホーク Sādo Ai Hōku): An aiming sensor in the shape of a hawk's eye mounted on the side of the gun. This apparatus can lock on to 100 enemies simultaneously. It's also responsible for surrounding the enemies in a white energy chart when Build uses Full Bullet.
  • Six Gun Muzzle (シックスガンマズル Shikkusu Gan Mazuru): The gun's muzzle. It can automatically adjust its own aim based on the aiming sensor's reading. The bullets that come out of it contain something called the Bullet Erasers (バレットイレイザー Baretto Ireizā), and explode on impact with the enemy.
  • Revol-Magazine (リボルマガジン Riboru Magajin): The gun's chamber. This is the part that gets spun between one and ten times to boost Build's attack.
  • Vortex Trigger (ボルテックトリガー Borutekku Torigā): The gun's trigger. Once pulled, the bullets are launched at high speeds.
  • Bray Grip (ブレイグリップ Burei Gurippu): The gun's grip. The motion detecting system within it optimizes the gun's own behavior at the time of the attack by analyzing the enemy's behavior, and the user's own habits.

Special Attacks

Build can perform a powerful rapid blast attack depending on how many times the Revol-Magazine has been spun, increasing in strength and duration from one to nine spins.

  • 20: Build spins around while shooting at the enemy.


The Hawk Gatlinger's finisher is the Full Bullet (フルバレット Furu Baretto): Spinning the Revol-Magazine ten times causes the gun to surround the target with a spherical white energy graph, trapping them inside. Build then charges the Hawk Gatlinger with orange energy before firing at them with bullets that take the form of energy hawks. This attack can be used against one enemy or multiple

Build can combine the Hawk Gatlingers’s finisher with the Build Driver's to perform a powerful attack.

  • HawkGatling Hazard Form: Build performs a series of blasts with the Hawk Gatlinger while flying around the enemy with the Solstall Wings.

  • HawkGatling Hazard Form: Build delivers a upward kick covered in purple energy that launches the enemy into the air. Build is surrounded by dark purple energy while the enemy is suspended in the air within a cloud of the same energy. Build then fires a barrage of purple energy blasts at the enemy, resulting in an explosion with a purple energy shockwave.

Evol can combine the Hawk Gatlingers’s finisher with the Evol Driver's to perform a powerful attack.



  • The Hawk Gatlinger was initially seen incomplete and unnamed due to Sento not having found the Best Match pairing for Gatling, until Ryuga stepped in.
    • When naming it, Sento briefly mused "Taka Gatlinger" before deciding "Hawk Gatlinger" sounded better.
  • The Hawk Gatlinger is mechanically similar to the Gashacon Parabragun as both require the user to perform an action ten times to unleash its full potential.
  • Similar to the Musou Saber, this weapon can count up to 100, though it does so by units of 10, as well as doing so with English wording.



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